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ComfortWay MVNO (part 3)


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ComfortWay RSP platform for MVNO/

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ComfortWay MVNO (part 3)

  1. 1. IMPROVE YOUR MOBILE DATA QUALITY WITHOUT INVESTMENTS PROBLEM: 50+% of mobile subscribers face the problem of poormobile Internetregularly. SOLUTION: Give yourcustomers an opportunityto buy data bundlesfromotherlocal MNOs inone click.It allows a subscriberto stay online everywhere. HOW IT WORKS: 1. Whenthe mobile Internetqualityispoor,a subscribercanbuy a data planof another local MNO viamobile app. 2. The selectedplanisdownloadedontothe OperatorSIMcard “over-the-air”accordingto the newGSMA standards called“Remote SIM Provisioning”. 3. The subscriber’sSIMcard isregisteredinthe selected mobile network. 4. The subscriberstaysonline withhighquality. 5. Whenthe bundle isover,the SIMcard connectsback to the Operatornetwork. COMPETITIVEADVANTAGES:  Better quality:a subscribercanswitchto anothermobile networktemporary.  Easy management:one clickinthe mobile app  Affordable prices:roamingagreementsare not required. BENEFITSFOR THE OPERATOR: 1. Increase satisfaction and loyalty of the subscribers. 2. Additional revenue onmobile servicesprovidedbyother MNOs. 3. Much betterqualityprovidessignificantcompetitive advantage andattracts millionsofnewcustomers. 4. No “cannibalization”. DatabundlesfromotherMNOsare more expensive comparingtoownplans. 5. The solutioniscoupledwith global coverage at local prices. 6. New “Premium” tariffplans for subscriberswithincluded operator-agnosticdatatrafficathome and in150+ countries. 7. Very easyto start: just adda ComfortWayapplet tothe OperatorSIMcard. CONTACTS: ComfortWay Oleg Pravdin (CEO)