Root Canal Treatment


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Root Canal Treatment

  2. 2. ABOUT USAggarwal Dental Clinic is a leading dental centre inDelhi, our specialized prosthetic, laser, implant andcosmetic dental practice specializes in functional andcosmetic dental procedures and treatment. We offer acongenial and pain free treatment experience to our longterm clients as well as overseas visitors and people on ashort term visit seeking medical/dental care. The hallmark of our services is a high level of commitment,empathy and expertise. Our ever efficient and warm team,of doctors and staff are dedicated to make your experiencean enjoyable one.
  3. 3. Root Canal Root Canal therapy also known as Endodontictherapy is a sequence of treatment for the pulp of a tooth which involves the elimination of infection and protection of the decontaminated tooth from future bacterial problems. Rootcanals and their associated pulp chamber are the physical hollows within a tooth that are naturally inhabited by nerve tissue, blood vessels and other cellular entities.
  4. 4. Root canal involves the removal of these structures, the subsequentshaping, cleaning, and decontamination of the canal shaped hollows with tiny files and irrigating solutions, and the obturation of the decontaminated canals with an inert filling suchas gutta percha and typically a eugenol- based cement.
  5. 5. The Procedure Tooth infection is one of the most feared dentalconditions because of the ferocity of the pain. It is better to get it diagnosed early but when a tooth is considered so threatened (because of decay, cracking, etc.) that future infection is considered inevitable, a pulpectomy or aremoval of the pulp tissue, is advised to prevent the infection. It is usually found that some inflammation and/or infection is already present within or below the tooth.
  6. 6. Root canal treatment consists of several steps that take place over several office visits, depending on the situation. These steps are: First, an opening is made to access the damaged pulp. After the removal of the diseased pulp, the pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned, enlarged and shaped for filling. Sometimes, a temporary filling is made to protect the tooth between dental visits..
  7. 7. Root Canal Procedure: Drilling, cleaning and filling of the infected teeth.
  8. 8.  The temporary filling is removed and the pulp chamber and root canal permanently filled and sealed into place. Sometimes structural supports are given with a metal or plastic rod.. Finally, a crown is placed over the tooth to restore its natural shape and appearance. Once treated, teeth with Root Canal Treatment can function almost like normal teeth and last really long depending on the care taken.
  9. 9. Innovations in the field been great In recent decades, there haveinnovations in the art and science of root canaltherapy. Dentists now must be educated on thecurrent concepts in order to optimally perform aroot canal. Root canal therapy has become moreautomated and can be performed faster, thanks to advances in automated mechanical instrumentation of teeth and more advanced root canal filling methods.
  10. 10. Dentists also possess newer technologies thatallow more efficient, scientific measurements to be taken of the dimensions of the root canal that must be filled. Many dentists use dental loupes to perform root canals, and the consensus is that root canals performed usingloupes or other forms of magnification are morelikely to succeed than those performed without them.
  11. 11. Our EquipmentsWe at Agrawal Dental Clinic boast of the latest State-of-the-art facilities and equipments which ensure first class treatment of ourclients. Our facilities have provided smiles to many of our patients and safe, secure and efficient.
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