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Rising Above the Data Chaos – Enabling Agile Development for Self-Service BI.


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Data Virtualization use case at Ultra Mobile. This was the customer keynote, delivered by Kalpesh Vyas, Director of Analytics, Ultra Mobile, Inc. at Fast Data Strategy Roadshow, San Francisco Bay Area.

Watch the Ultra Mobile case study video here:

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Rising Above the Data Chaos – Enabling Agile Development for Self-Service BI.

  1. 1. DV-PAC San Francisco Data Virtualization at Ultra Mobile, Inc. 9.12.2017
  2. 2. About Ultra Mobile, Inc. Ultra Mobile, Inc. is a family of companies dedicated to creating innovative, authentic mobile communication experiences around the globe. Flagship brand - Best value for customers who regularly call internationally - Supported in English, Espanola and Mandarin - Primarily sold through ‘Mom and pop’ retailers Fastest Growing Brand - Best domestic mobile plan price - Emphasizes reduced costs for bulk purchases - Sold exclusively Online Youngest Brand - Focus on international students - Sold via overseas agents, Universities
  3. 3. Innovative Rapid Growth Competitive Market By Snaily - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Data chaos is a given
  4. 4. Our logical view of Chaos Reporting Services 1 2 4 5 3 Analytics off Operational Systems Slow time to Market for HDFS - - Mart Creation Inbox overload Bottle-necked by Data SME Continual Change is Source Systems
  5. 5. Our modernized platform Operational data is abstracted through virtualization Marts are virtualized Reports are online/mobile. Information is pulled vs. pushed Data SME repurposed for Governance / Monetization Back-end change is abstracted by Denodo layer DataVirtualizationandGovernance 1 2 4 5 3
  6. 6. Benefits achieved through the Denodo platform Reduced time to market for intensive BI projects from months to weeks
  7. 7. Benefits achieved through the Denodo platform Model once, re-use multiple is now a reality (Governance) Denodo Virtualization
  8. 8. Benefits achieved through the Denodo platform TBs to ‘Speed of Thought’ Dashboards (Performance via Caching) Decision Historical Timely
  9. 9. Benefits achieved through the Denodo platform Abstraction of Infrastructure and Application Changes - In the past 6 months we have - Stood up a new brand through acquisition - Sunset an existing brand - Moved major systems from SQL Server to Aurora - Replaced our CARE ticketing and IVR systems All without outages or impacts to business reports!
  10. 10. What made this effort successful? - It worked – POC environment morphed into Production - Up and running in hours, stable in days, delivering immediately - Both Denodo (and Looker) teams were outstanding to work with - Be it SQL Server or Aurora or Impala – ZERO integration challenges - Performance and time to market speak volumes - Price points for every size organization
  11. 11. Mike Burkes Vice President, Enterprise Information Management (949)273-2867 KP Vyas Director, Data Analytics (949)356-6281