Dennis White- How To Get Free Website Traffic


Published on I show how anyone with no skills can build free website traffic with out lifting a finger

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Dennis White- How To Get Free Website Traffic

  1. 1. Dennis White Teaches How You Can Get FREE Website Traffic WWW.THESLIDESHARESECRET.INFO Without people coming to your web site you won't be growing your huge list of prospects. So this traffic is literally the life flow of your business. The great part about this is there are many different ways to get more web site traffic for free, which I'll be revealing here. Marketing goal number one is driving more web site traffic.After this you must quickly identify the subscribers from your traffic, qualify the buyers on your list, and begin re-marketing to your customers and new subscribers. Targeted traffic should produce a 10-50% opt-in rate. You will find that some sources will be a high rate of 30-50% while others will only give you a 1-10% opt in rate. Here's what I found to be the top strategies for more web site traffic:
  2. 2. The worlds largest web site, is a place where you can put free Ads in cities across the United States and generate more web site traffic for free. According to its ranked the 60th most visited web site in the world. What does that mean; majorly serious traffic for your business. The key to directing visitors to your web site is by simply placing classified Ads on that site. Advertise under the 27 major cities within the U.S., and that's the secret to getting more web site traffic from Craigslist. The latest cutting-edge technologies and the hottest internet trends are online video sites like YouTube. Posting online videos on these sites is a very cost effective way to get your message out in front of thousands of people. There couldn't be a better time to capitalize on this massively growing trend. Here is a gold nugget: click on Traffic Geyser to get
  3. 3. instant access to the most powerful video marketing service. After utilizing this service you'll find your videos getting Top 10 Google listings within minutes! Optimized press releases will be our next strategy we will be talking about for producing more web site traffic. Optimized press releases can be done for pennies or in most cases for absolutely free. This is a great way to generate more web site traffic and a large amount of leads if you are Building On A Budget. Not only is creating optimized press releases very easy to do, you reap the benefits for a long period of time from simply doing the work once. The secret to having the search engines list your optimized press releases on the search rankings many times in the Top 10 is to write your optimized press releases with certain keywords.
  4. 4. Another way is to actually get traffic from the submission services themselves. By having good content in your optimized press releases and using certain keywords your releases will be listed by the submission services on their site. It will be placed there for others to read, search for, and use for their own promotions, and you will be getting massive exposure and more web site traffic for free. A press release is simply an announcement or explanation of your product or service. They typically average between two paragraphs to one and a half pages in length containing a link to your site at the bottom. A blog is also a valuable long-term asset that every business must have. Having a blog is what will help you continue to get more high rankings in the
  5. 5. search engines and get a ton of exposure from other high traffic blogs. It will also open up multiple channels of traffic that you can convert into customers for your business for life.