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Zenity rwjf health data challenge


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Zenity rwjf health data challenge

  1. 1. Zenity “Building Healthy Communities”Submission for RWJF Games to Generate Data Challenge
  2. 2. Three Levels of Engagement • Beneficial - to wellness of individual users • Fun – drives goal achievement using gamification conceptsUser Focused • • Personalized – tailors challenges to user’s current level Encouraging – using latest concepts from positive psychology • Simple - Easy to use, quick, and non-intrusive Social • Belonging - Users can build small 3-9 member teams by inviting friends and family to join. Small teams are shown to Support discourage defecting. • Positive -Teams encourage members through guided positive Teams reinforcement • Competition - Communities compete with each other throughCommunity anonymous reporting of scores and achievements • Rewards - Community level rewards for top scores and best trendsCompetition • Data – Makes use of existing RWJF data and drives cusomizable insight to benefit all users and communities
  3. 3. Application Core Concepts EncourageEngage Users community by providing a wide wellnessuseful, positive, throughmotivating App competition and rewards Empower Health Care Providers by enabling customizable health studies
  4. 4. Application Concept WELCOME SCREEN CHECKING IN Friendly, Check-inencouraging allows “Agent” collection of useful Visible , wellness data wearable based on rewards user goals and Progress Healthcare metrics Provider Data Capaigns
  5. 5. Application Concept SOCIAL ENCOURAGEMENT PROGRESS Individual progress based on “Agent” user suggests challenges positivefeedback to View socialdelivered to feedbackother users from friendswithin social circle Monitor community competitions
  6. 6. Data Collection and Use• User Challenges are Dynamic based on: • User profile and health goals (s/a weight loss, User Current diabetes control, etc) HCP Profile & • Campaigns initiated by Health Care Providers Campaign Goals • Monitor community health trends • Probe into emerging trends • Ex: Spread of flu symptoms Check-in questionnaire• “Check In’s” collect data • Algorithmically pick check in questions • Unobtrusive to the user (3-4 questions) RWJF Other Data Data • Automatic collection of geoloc, date/time, etc• Delivery of new challenges and New user recommendations “challenges” and • Based on RWJF and other data sources recommendations
  7. 7. Advanced Data for Public Health• Track trends by location • Chronic disease warning signs • pre-diabetes • heart disease • obesity • Weight and BMI • Drug and alcohol use • Fitness• Creation of “Campaigns” for tailored research • Customized survey questions allows health care researchers to customize the data collected and create campaigns targeted to answer specific questions • Dashboard style web portal for analyzing data
  8. 8. Web Portal Concept Data Campaigns Collected Data EasilyInitiated through Web Viewable Through Portal Dashboard Views
  9. 9. About Us• Zenity Health • Founded in 2012 • Extension of Successful Product Development Business• Founder: Dennis Merrill • Bachelor Science Electrical Engineering • Masters in Business Administration • University of Wisconsin • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) • 16 Years of Product Development Experience • > 15 combined Hardware/Software Products to Market • Android / iOS / Full Stack Website Development • Growing team of 3 rock star developers • Passionate about pushing mHealth “Forward”