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Critical Leadership Initiatives


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Critical Leadership Initiatives

  1. 1. Dennis H. Lominac<br />Manufacturing & Operations Management<br /> …Specializing in Lean Manufacturing, TPM, and World Class Manufacturing Methodologies<br /><ul><li>Over a decade of mastering and implementing continuous improvement programs
  2. 2. Total contributions to Productivity, Quality, & Waste elimination exceeding $150 million
  3. 3. Industry proven expertise on bottleneck identification to resolve delivery performance issues
  4. 4. Business minded decision maker relentlessly focused on bringing quality and cost to world class levels
  5. 5. Hands-on mentor and coach for everyone at every level
  6. 6. Production & Maintenance background
  7. 7. Expertise for entire business enterprise; budgets, engineering, facilities, manufacturing, etc…
  8. 8. Tactical & savvy when breaking down barriers and leading crucial change initiatives
  9. 9. BSA; Lawrence Technological University
  10. 10. Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt; Villanova University</li></ul> <br />
  11. 11. …Strengths required to help organizations compete and succeed in challenging markets against increasingly tough competition<br />Leadership: “I have always led by example when motivating groups of people or organizations towards achieving a common goal. Delivering honest support, meaningful coaching, recognition, and continual reinforcement of the objectives, proves to be successful, time and time again.”<br />Creativity: “I analyze situations and promote “Out of the Box” thinking for myself and others around me. The best solution is not always the most obvious or even the most popular. I am open to new ideas and suggestions. I prefer to bounce ideas around in groups to trigger the thoughts of others and promote optimal business solutions.”<br />Team Player: “I strive to make everyone in the organization feel valued, with every opportunity I get. This occurs during informal conversations, business meetings & presentations, and even during disciplinary events. I am always trying to build self-esteem in others, while inspiring them to perform at their best for the greater good of the organization.”<br />Intuition: “I have always been fortunate enough to make good, sound decisions. I put a lot of thought into the decisions I make. I prefer to base my decisions on quality input, data, or experience, but when those luxuries were not available and a decision had to be made, I relied heavily upon my own rationale and common sense, which ultimately served me well.”<br /> Dennis H. Lominac<br />
  12. 12. Manufacturing & Operations Manager<br />…Specializing in Lean Manufacturing, TPM, and World Class Manufacturing Methodologies<br /> <br />Manufacturing & Operations Manager with extensive lean manufacturing implementation experience. Accomplished leader of operational excellence and continuous improvement programs. Long history of orchestrating substantial performance leaps and cost reductions in numerous manufacturing facilities across North America. Business minded decision maker relentlessly focused on bringing quality and cost to world class levels. Highly dedicated team builder revered for leading crucial change initiatives while simultaneously winning employee loyalty and trust. Thorough knowledge of all lean manufacturing & total productive maintenance processes, methodologies, and applied best practices. Demonstrated success in turnaround and crisis management, with experience in “right-sizing” operations to improve P&L scenario.<br />Manufacturing Management<br />Executive Leadership & Supervision<br />Lean Manufacturing<br />Six Sigma – DMAIC Methodology<br />Turnaround & Crisis Management<br />Theory of Constraints & Constraint Analysis<br />Cost Reduction Strategies<br />Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)<br />Quality Control & Quality Assurance<br />Team Building & Training<br />Continuous Process Improvement<br />Process Mapping & Productivity<br />Creative Problem Solving & Root Causation<br />MS Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc…)<br />
  13. 13. Critical Leadership Initiatives:<br />100% resolution of misfiring cylinder heads with total warranty costs of $1 million per month. For six years, engines were being returned to dealerships for sputtering or misfiring cylinders. A new cylinder head would be installed at the dealership at a cost of approximately $1500 per incident. For years, many quality experts and black belts diligently attempted to resolve the issue, with no success. The misfiring cylinder was caused by run-out in any one of the cylinder head intake or exhaust valve seats. Upon joining the Plant Manager’s staff, I was informed of the issue during a monthly quality review. Due to the magnitude of the issue to both the customer and plant, I notified plant staff that I would begin analyzing the problem. While reviewing the valve seat tooling, I determined that the tool body was built with three inserts set at different angles, to machine the proper geometry of a valve seat. I became suspicious of a potential unbalanced condition caused by the varying angles of the inserts. I reviewed the machining station which consisted of two box spindles sitting side by side. I formed a hypothesis that balance could be achieved by simply clocking the orientation of each pair of spindles 180º from each other. I orchestrated a design of experiments by simply removing the spindle belt and testing quality at different spindle orientations. By rotating the tooling keyways 180º from each other (to maximize the offsetting of forces), the machine operators reported better than ever quality levels. I instructed local management to apply the same approach across all stations, as well as create a visual aid for proper spindle orientation. To ensure sustainment, I instructed the quality department to add the improvement to the area layered process audit. All warranty issues and claims ceased, thus realizing a savings of $1 million per month for the plant and corporation. <br />
  14. 14. First TPM Manager in Chrysler’s history to lead an entire plant to TPM checkpoint #4; the highest level in the corporation. The successful achievement of checkpoint #4 was certified by an outside governing body. The governing body ruled that 100% of the skilled trades & production teams within the plant understood, applied, and sustained maintenance best practices. The proper maintenance of equipment is crucial to maintaining high quality standards, reliability, and competitive operating costs. The scope of the program covered all high precision manufacturing equipment, facilities equipment, and supporting operations. It was my responsibility to facilitate the implementation of the entire program to all plant teams, personnel, and support groups. This included; training, coaching, process development, building employee trust & loyalty, monitoring progress, breaking down barriers, ensuring standards, and providing expertise in TPM.<br />Promoted to executive level position on Plant Manager’s staff responsible for implementing lean manufacturing across two plants totaling 2.2 million square feet. Designed a new business model for lean manufacturing setting personalized team budgets at the forefront of all continuous improvement activities. Coached teams to prioritize issues having the greatest impact on financial budgets. Buy-in was achieved thru continual reinforcement of the objective to financially compete against increasingly tough foreign & domestic competition. Developed standardized DMAIC processes for improving all metrics; including, performance charting, top issue identification, problem solving, and master planning. Led IT efforts to develop corporate website for managing business model processes. The budget based business model was recognized by Ron Harbour in the 2007 Harbour Report. Successful implementation helped win the Harbour award for best in class HPU. Within one year, the new business model drove scrap costs down by more than 50% across both plants.<br />Critical Leadership Initiatives (continued):<br />
  15. 15. Focused Career Search/Areas of Interest:<br />Primarily pursuing plant operations positions in the manufacturing industry. Open to positions in other industries that are in need of a strong manager with a great deal of transferable skills. Desire organizations in need of a strong change agent to drive real operations improvements, while increasing efficiencies and reducing overall costs. Must be committed to operational excellence and economic viability.<br />Targeting positions located in southern Michigan & northern Ohio. Not interested in relocating at this time, but open to daily commutes up to 1.5 hours one way. <br />Visit to view my profile & recommendations.<br />Reply To:<br /><br />