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How Landing Pages can protect your Direct Mail Campaign from Google


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Joine Boingnet CEO Dennis Kelly and learn how landing pages can help direct marketers drive more conversions out of the direct mail campaigns. Google has created an environment where marketers are losing direct mail leads to online research "distraction". Landing Pages and Microsites provide a "Safe Place" for marketers to direct their direct mail targets to without the distraction caused by Google's AdWords product.

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How Landing Pages can protect your Direct Mail Campaign from Google

  1. 1. Landing Pages: The Key to Direct Mail Success OR – HOW TO SAVE YOUR CAMPAIGNS FROM GOOGLE!
  2. 2. Today’s Speaker Dennis Kelly Boingnet CEO Use the Chat Panel for questions, or Tweet questions & comments #landingpagequestions
  3. 3. Agenda • Direct Mail, Online Research & Google – How they all are related • How Landing Pages can solve the Google issue for Direct Mailers • Direct Mail & Landing Page Examples
  4. 4. Direct Mail Drives Online Behavior • “34% of consumers search online for more information about a product when receiving direct mail from a brand they’re interested in” – Direct Marketing Association • “Direct mail influences 76% of Internet users to buy a product or service online” – ExactTarget • “59% of consumers say that they are more likely to visit the insurance company’s website than call the company after receiving direct mail, with 32% turning to search engines to start research” – AIS Media
  5. 5. Google – The 800 lb Gorilla “Google holds a staggering 67.6% of the U.S. search engine market share” comScore April 2014 “Google now processes 40,000 search queries every second on average, over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year” Internet Live Statistics
  6. 6. Your Direct Mail Google Strategy? All of your direct mail targets are using Google every day No amount of great creative, CTA, database targeting can help you avoid it Smart mailers bake Google into their campaign strategy. A good strategy starts with some questions:
  7. 7. Google AdWords – What Google Really Cares about 1.) In 2013, Google officially surpassed $50 billion in total advertising revenue. This comprised 85% of their total revenues for 2013. 2.) Of that $50 billion in ad revenue, Google reported $12.9 billion in net income for 2013. 3.)Total paid clicks on Google and Google Display Network sites were up 31% over the year prior and 13% over the third quarter of 2013.
  8. 8. What happens when consumers research using Google?
  9. 9. What is Google doing to your campaign?
  10. 10. What’s the Best Strategy to Maximize Direct Mail Conversions? Ignoring what consumers want to do won’t work Defeating Google’s momentum is not possible
  11. 11. Direct Marketing Jiu-Jitsu Use the overwhelming force to your advantage in 2 ways: 1. Redirect consumers in your Direct Mail by giving them what they want in a “safe space” 2. Link AdWords campaigns to your Direct Mail
  12. 12. Landing Pages & Microsites – The “Safe Places” for consumers to go online A controlled environment that lets you give consumers what they want without distraction Low cost, easy to set up & embed in Direct Mail & Google AdWords Especially useful for higher priced products with longer sales cycles
  13. 13. Best Strategy – Point them in the right direction Prominently feature a URL and QR Code in the Headline, Copy and Envelope of your Direct Mail Develop a landing page or microsite with information consumers want – features, benefits, reviews – that YOU control If you don’t give a URL– Google will fill the vacuum with AdWords
  14. 14. Embedded URL’s – 3 Simple Steps to Bypass Google Step 1 – set up a “Friendly URL” that is easy to read and type with personalization features. Step 2 – Set up a landing page that matches the creative of your direct mail piece Step 3 – download a file with URL’s & QR’s to your variable print equipped printer
  15. 15. 2nd Strategy – Set up AdWords for your Campaign Set up a Campaign in Google AdWords to correspond with your Direct Mail Campaign Bid on keywords that are related to your offer (tip – make sure to buy the brand name!) Link those keywords to landing pages that use the keywords in the URL, the title and copy
  16. 16. What Makes a Good Landing Page? Web Page Designed to Convert Clear & Consistent Headline & Subhead Single CallToAction “Message Match”
  17. 17. Use Responsive Design for Mobile • 20-50% of Landing PageTraffic Mobile • Smartphone &Tablets • 300% higher conversion
  18. 18. Your Home Page Isn’t a Landing Page! ▪ Multiple Messages ▪ 7 Calls to Action • Designed to help you navigate • Designed for SEO
  19. 19. Case Study – Bose Speaker Direct Mail Offer Received triple folded letter from Bose 90 Day Risk Free Offer Need to unfold for CTA
  20. 20. Case Study – Bose Speaker Direct Mail Offer
  21. 21. Case Study – Bose Speaker Direct Mail Offer
  22. 22. Case Study – Bose Speaker Direct Mail Offer
  23. 23. Case Study – Bose Speaker Direct Mail Offer
  24. 24. Case Study - Johnson State College
  25. 25. Case Study - Johnson State College
  26. 26. Case Study - Johnson State College
  27. 27. Case Study - Johnson State College
  28. 28. Case Study - Johnson State College www.madelinekelly.jsc/summerpreview
  29. 29. Case Study – Vector Summer Job
  30. 30. Case Study – Vector Summer Job
  31. 31. Case Study – Vector Summer Job
  32. 32. Case Study – Vector Summer Job
  33. 33. A Quick Word on Boingnet Lightweight Marketing Automation Landing Pages, Microsites, Email,Text & Direct Mail Campaigns Affordable, flexible options
  34. 34. ThankYou! Questions – Use the Chat Panel or #landingpagequestions Or get in touch: Dennis Kelly T: 781-421-6291