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Personalized Landing Pages for Multi-channel Campaigns using Lightweight Marketing Automation


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Boingnet CEO Dennis Kelly, on behalf of Agile Education Marketing presented "Landing Pages, the Key to Higher Conversion" where he describes what landing pages are, why they are useful, the 3 most common types of landing page, and what makes landing pages successful or not. Included in the review is an overview of URL naming, showing the differences between "Friendly" and "Unfriendly" URL's and also the new trend in email marketing, Personal URL's or pURL's. Personalized content on landing pages can now easily be created with marketing automation platforms that generate pURL's with content that can be defined by variables. A discussion of the multi-channel and cross-channel nature of landing pages is next, and how marketers are discovering that the same attributes that have lead to extensive usage for online PPC and SEM campaigns make landing pages for offline campaigns great solutions. A discussion of why Home Pages aren't landing pages ensues, with a Super Bowl commercial featuring Samuel L Jackson involved. Finally, Dennis reviews several submitted landing pages and points out the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches used, and how Boingnet would think about modifying the page to optimize the landing page conversion metrics.

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Personalized Landing Pages for Multi-channel Campaigns using Lightweight Marketing Automation

  1. 1. E-mail • Direct Mail • Digital Marketing • Sales Tools • Funding Data • Creative Services May 22, 2014 Landing Pages: The Key to Higher Conversion
  2. 2. Today’s Speaker Dennis Kelly CEO Use the Chat Panel for questions, or Tweet questions & comments #landingpagequestions
  3. 3. Today’s Talk • Landing Pages – What are they and why are they important? • Landing Page 101 – The Fundamentals • Landing Page Review – Submitted Landing Pages critiqued • Q&A
  4. 4. What is a Landing Page? • Web Page Designed to Convert • Clear & Consistent Headline & Subhead • Single Call To Action • “Message Match”
  5. 5. Why use them? The Numbers Don’t Lie • Landing Pages Convert • Closed Environment • Speed & Cost • Measurable • “Liquid” vs. “Locked Down”
  6. 6. A Quick Word on 3 URL types Unfriendly! Friendly URL Personal URL or pURL
  7. 7. 3 Types of Landing Pages • Click-Through LP o Friendly URL o Designed to facilitate click o Single & easy to find CTA
  8. 8. 3 Types of Landing Pages • Lead Generation o Friendly URL o Highlighted Form o Offer of Value
  9. 9. 3 Types of Landing Pages • Personalized o pURL and Friendly o Profile driven content o Can be form or click- through based
  10. 10. What are they used for? • Selling – ecommerce • Lead Generation • Lead Nurturing • Events • Promotions/Sales • Product/Service Launches
  11. 11. Landing Pages 101 • Home Pages aren’t Landing Pages • Message Match – How to keep your job • Landing Page Channels & Examples
  12. 12. Your Home Page Isn’t a Landing Page! ▪ Multiple Messages ▪ 7 Calls to Action • Designed to help you navigate • Designed for SEO
  13. 13. Home Pages vs. Landing Pages • Convert vs. Navigate • Single CTA vs. Many CTA’s • Designed to Convert vs. designed for SEO
  14. 14. Message Match – Super Bowl Ad
  15. 15. Message Match – Quicksilver Card?
  16. 16. Landing Pages are Multi-Channel • Online o SEM/PPC o Display Ads o Social • Email Marketing • Offline o Direct Mail o TV/Radio/Print Ads
  17. 17. Online Channels – Lead Generation
  18. 18. Email Marketing – Selling & Nurturing
  19. 19. Offline Marketing – Direct Mail
  20. 20. Personalization & Relevancy • 100%-300% higher conversion vs. control (DMA) • Profile Driven Content
  21. 21. Most Important Channel - Mobile • 20-50% of Landing Page Traffic Mobile • Smartphone & Tablets • 300% higher conversion
  22. 22. The New Mobile – Responsive Design • Build Once – run anywhere • One set of code • Automatically resizes for desktop, tablet & smartphone
  23. 23. Thank You Pages – Nice & Smart • Good Manners! • 2nd CTA’s o Social o Newsletter o Suggested Content
  24. 24. Landing Page Reviews • 4 submitted landing pages • A range of types & styles
  25. 25. Landing Page Review Time! 12 Nav Links 2 Headlines, 2 CTA’s Fighting for Attention
  26. 26. DICOER - Before Pretty Good, Friendly URL
  27. 27. DICOER – After
  28. 28. EduGuide – Click-through LP Simple, Friendly URL No Nav or CTA Distractions Clear Call to Action Redesign?
  29. 29. Curriculum Associates – Click Thru with Geo Personalization Friendly URL Light-box pop up Simple, clear & helpful Strong Headline Nice CTA button! Kill or push down the Footer content
  30. 30. A Quick Word on Boingnet Lightweight Marketing Automation Landing Pages, Microsites, Email, Text & Direct Mail Campaigns
  31. 31. Thank You! Time for Q&A Questions for Dennis? Send them Using the Chat Panel Dennis Kelly CEO, Boingnet t: 781.421.6291 e: w: