Dennis Tierney Technology Tools You Can Use


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This Power Point describes the CMS technology components as well as additional tools that may be of use to the students.

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Dennis Tierney Technology Tools You Can Use

  1. 1. Online Technology Tools You Can Use Virtual Sites Blogs Social Networking Smart Phones Discussion Forums Chat Rooms Drop Box Communication Mobile Collaboration Feedback Podcasts Blackboard Information E-mails Sharing Voice Threads
  2. 2. What types of technology do you use on a daily basis? We will be using many of these tools for our online learning course.
  3. 3. What are some advantages of online learning? • Information • Participation • Collaboration • Feedback • Distribution How can you use your technology tools to address these advantages?
  4. 4. What can you expect from our “Web-facilitated learning? We will be online for about 25 % our Internet Literacy course. The rest of our activities will take place in our traditional classroom setting. We will be using a Course Management System called Blackboard to guide us in our Web activities.
  5. 5. What in the world is Blackboard? Blackboard is a Course Management Systems that allows students to use computers to enter an electronic classroom. Once online you will be able to: • Find announcements, assignments, deadlines, and grades. • Locate information and resources connected to our project. • Use the discussion board to communicate with other students inside and outside the classroom. • Ask the teacher questions. • Update projects, anytime, anywhere - 24/7. • Use the Dropbox to submit assignments.
  6. 6. Here are some other tools we will use in addition to Blackboard
  7. 7. Blogs Blogs are simply online journals, diaries, or interactive logs. They can also be used to report fact-based stories. Blogs may contain text, graphics, photos, audio, video, and other elements. The term “blog” is a combination of two words: Web + log = Weblog This was shortened to “blog.”
  8. 8. Voice Threads A Voice Thread is a student-created slide-show that allows you to talk about and share images, documents, and videos. Other students can navigate your personalized slide-show and leave comments through Facebook or other means. Digital Storytelling Just Got Easier!
  9. 9. Podcasts The word podcast is a play on the word iPod (a type of MP3 player) combined with the word broadcast. Here you can create and share your own audio content on the Internet. Pod + cast = Podcast
  10. 10. Technology Tools Connecting People, Information, and Ideas
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