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Senior Project - Nissan Marketing Plan


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Senior Project - Nissan Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 1 5/6/12 9:37 AM
  2. 2. Top Row: Sheyla Simpson, Research Director; Dennis DizonGarcia, Account Supervisor and Creative Director; Sylvie Belinga, Media Buyer; Middle Row: Barry Bringas, Business Manager; Jenny Yu, Art Director; Elmo Lopez, Art Director; Bottom Row: Amanda Fuller, Account Executive; Brenda Almaraz, Copywriting Director; Marissa McDonald, Media Director. a • gô • rah <Greek> a lively marketplace noun:. the devotion to learn the needs and wants of the market Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 2-3 5/6/12 9:37 AM
  3. 3. i ii T h e A g o r a T e a m Executive Summary Amanda Fuller Account Executive Amanda is a senior at SJSU, graduating this sememster. She is the Advertising Director for the Spartan Daily, SJSU’s student-run newspaper. She aspires to become an Account Supervisor for a full-service ad agency in Los Angeles in the near future. Sheyla is a graduating senior at SJSU, working on a degree in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. She is a currently a member of the Marketing Association. She aspires to work in Marketing as a Brand manager, Marketing director, or Research director future. Elmo is a full-time student at SJSU, and he is working full time at a marketing research company. He is a senior and will be graduating with a B.S. in Advertising, and he hopes to work in as a creative in an advertising agency working with top clients. Brenda is currently a full time student at SJSU. She is a senior and will be graduating with a B.S. in Advertising. She hopes to work in an ad agency working with top clients in the near future. Sheyla Simpson Research Director Elmo Lopez Art Director Brenda Almaraz Copywriter Marissa McDonald Media Director Sylvie Belinga Media Buyer Barry Bringas Business Manager Marissa is a graduating senior at SJSU, working on her B.S. in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. She enjoys a challenge and loves to learn new skills. As a professional, she aspires to be a market- ing director for an advertising agency. Sylvie is a full-time student at SJSU. She is a senior working on her B.S. in Advertising and plans to graduate by fall 2012. She aspires to work in a TV network as national sales manager, but she will also consider the business side of advertsing. Barry is a full time student at SJSU. He is a senior and will be graduating in Fall of 2012 with a B.S. in Marketing and a minor in Advertising. He wants to someday work with the Marketing department of a sports franchise, hopefully in the NFL. Jenny is a graduating senior at SJSU. She is majoring in Advertising and minoring in Business Management. After graduating she hopes to land a full-time marketing position where she can utilize both her creative advertising skills and business skills. Dennis Dizon Garcia Account Supervisor / Creative Director Dennis is a graduating senior in SJSU working on a degree in Advertising. He owns a wedding photography company called Studio Dizon. He hopes to integrate his photography skills with his marketing smarts to grow his business and broaden his career oppurtunities. Jenny Yu Art Director Nissan’s current sales within the MC (Multicultural) Millennial market are behind compared to top competitors. In the 2013 fiscal year, Nissan is looking to gain more of the MC Millennials within the Chinese, Hispanic, and African-American niches. Because the purchasing potential of Millennials will be 2.45 trillion by 2015, Nissan has a promising growth in sales by reaching out to this target effectively. Agora understands how important it is to know who these targets are, what they purchase, how they purchase, and when and where they find information before they purchase. Price, gas mileage, and car features define Millennials’ purchasing decision when searching for new vehicles. But, above all, falling in love with a vehicle is what truly sells to Millennials. After carefully studying these specific MC Millennial niches, Agora has decided to go bold. While we feel that Nissan’s existing theme of “Innovation for All” is an effective means to showcase Nissan’s top of the line vehicles, such models may be out of the Millennial consumer price range. With an averageincomeof$43,000,Millennials may be limited to buying cars under $20,000. It is crucial to consider the purchasing limita tions of Millennials and to tailor a campaign that turns these limitations in selling opportunities. We have decided to dedicate this specific marketing budget of $100 million to implement a Millennial marketing plan. This campaign will focus on promoting three key vehicles that are not only affordable but have a youthful, hip, very Millennial appeal: the Nissan Versa, the Nissan Cube, and the Nissan Juke. We will give these specific cars their own brand identity as vehicles coveted by Millennials. We will repackage these three vehicles into their own micro-campaign. Agora has come up with a campaign that intends to bank on this idea of love. We want to reinforce the connection of finding that one that you love, that one that you trust, that one that you can feel proud to have, to finding a Nissan that will invoke the same deep feelings. This idea is specific to Millennials because this target is at the age in which they idealize falling in love. Each ad will feature a male and a female that represents each target demographic, with the catchphrase “There’s a Nissan out there for everyone. Find yours.” With this message we directly reference the sense of longing for finding your love. We will use a mix media approach to reach the target demographic in order to communicate our Millennial message. To customize this message to the specific MC targets, we will create ads, spots and other promotional materials in a way that resonates to each MC Millennials: i.e. in- language media to target Hispanics and Black media outlets to promote Nissan to African-Americans. We will promote heavily on TV using spots featuring three different cars with actors that resonate with each specific target MC Millennials. Much of the budget will go to TV and Internet not only because these are the most millennial-saturated media, but also because research shows that these two mediums have the most recall with MC Millennials when it comes to discovering new vehicle models. We will be using other forms of tradi- tional and new media to expand campaign reach. Sales Promotions and PR efforts will stimulate purchase and create buzz about the new more Millennial-friendly Nissan brand. Agora will carry out the message of “Find yours” from the TV ad, to the PR events, all the way to the Nissan dealerships. We will develop point-of-pur- chase items that emphasize the campaign theme. For media scheduling, Agora will be using a one month off, two months on schedule; this way we stay in the consumers mind throughout the duration of the campaig without overwhelming them with a full 12 months of advertising. We will reach out to our targets with PR right before the summer months to take advantage of the graduation and end-of-school-year hype. Overall, every move within this campaign is to target Nissan’s specific audience of MC Millennials within the Chinese, Hispanic, and African-American segments. And a campaign that gives Nissan a relatable human-touch is a step towards capturing those Millennial eyeballs THE BIG IDEA MEDIA *Agora is a well rounded group of marketers who work as a team and have skills beyond their titles Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 4-5 5/6/12 9:37 AM
  4. 4. iii iv a b u l l s e ye approach to marketing, a d vertising& s u c c e s s Situation Analysis Agora Analysis Target Market Marketing & Advertising Creative Brief Television Print Outdoor Radio Online Presence Digital Experience Media Plan Sales Promotion & Public Relations Budget Allocation & Scheduling Post-Evaluation References Notes Credits 1-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11 12-17 18-24 25-26 27 28-30 31-33 34-37 38-41 42-45 46 47 48 49 Table of Contents Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 6-7 5/6/12 9:37 AM
  5. 5. 1 2 Brief Overview Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in 1933 in Yokohama City, Japan. since then, Nissan has been a worldwide, full-line, Japanese car manufacturer whose vision is “Enriching people’s lives.” Nissan’s mission includes providing unique and innovative automotive products to its stakeholders. Nissan’s core values are safety, dynamic performance, life onboard, and the environment. The Four P’s S i t u a t i o n A n a l y s i s Nissan manufactures automobiles and creates products and services in the automotive industry. The Nissan brand in North America has vehicles in every segment: sedans, sports cars, SUV’s, crossovers, trucks, a minivan, a 100% electric vehicle. The top vol- ume-driving vehicles are the Altima, Rogue, Sentra, Pathfinder, and Versa. Nissan U.S.A. vehicle pricing ranges from about $10,000 to $100,000. The Nissan Versa Sedan is the low- est priced vehicle starting as low as $10,990, while the GT-R is the highest priced vehicle starting from $96,820. Nissan currently manufactures vehicles in 20 countries and areas around the world, and offers products and services in more than 160 countries and areas worldwide. In 1959, Nissan came to North America. Headed by Yutaka Katayam, Nissan formed the U.S. subsidiary, Nissan Moto Corporation U.S.A. Nissan North America’s current advertising agency is TBWQ/Chiat/ Day. Nissan is currently in the process of moving their slogan from “Shift” to “Innovation for All.” The “Innovation for All” marketing platform was intro- duced in August 2010 to display a uni- fying theme of innovation that Nissan has in its line of products. According to Advertising Age (2011), Nissan is responding to increasing gas prices by pushing the message that they are fuel-efficient. Most recently, Nissan has started the 2013 Nissan Unveiling campaign, highlighting the release of the new Altima. PRODUCT PRICE PLACE PROMOTION Current Presence The social sites include posts and/or videos that are not accessible through other, more traditional forms of media. Nissan currently has Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest accounts. Facebook has the strongest following and the most interactivity. This is in part because the majority of posts Nissan places on Facebook require an action from the viewer, whether that is to watch a video or leave a comment. On Facebook Nissan is currently promoting the new Altima, and is the first thing seen on the page. The main Facebook page had 616,570 Likes on February 20, 2012 and by April 14, 2012 Likes went up to 814,605. Other than the main Facebook page there is also the Nissan Innovation for Endurance page. This page is focused towards the Leaf. It is not as popular as the main site and is mostly used for people trying to win the Leaf. Nissan’s Twitter page is not as popular as their Facebook, and it is growing at a slower rate. As of February 20, 2012 there were 60,703 followers on Nissan Twitter, and by April 14, 2012 there were 70,290 followers. Nissan is now holding a “2013 Nissan Altima Reveal Contest” via Pinterest. Nissan also uses QR codes, and has local offers and events regu- larly. Nissan is also placing emphasis on their Nissan NOW event. Press kits and releases are alsoavailable on Nis-, highlighting the latest news for Nissan. Nissan’s current community and chari- table sponsorships are Heisman, NCAA Foot- ball Habitat for Humanity, and fitness program “Innovation for Endurance.” In 2014, Nissan is scheduled to launch the Nissan NV200, the “Taxi of Tomorrow,” in New York City. Nissan has celebrity appearances at new car revealing. Nissan has a Nissan Academy PS3 video game. Nissan uses traditional media such as radio, TV and print. Modern media includes social media, internet advertising, and mobile. SOCIAL MEDIA SALES PROMOTION PUBLIC RELATIONS MEDIA USAGE The current market segments identified include the multicultural segments (Hispanic , Chinese, and African American) which are non-age specific, and young Baby Boomers (45 yrs old and up). Young Baby Boomers are the current target market for Nissan’s newer model of the Leaf launched in 2009. Current Target Market Source: Nissan North America Case Study 2012 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 8-9 5/6/12 9:37 AM
  6. 6. 2010 NISSAN OVERALL MARKET SHARE IN US 8.83 % NON-MULTICULTURAL MARKET SHARE 8.23 % MULTICULTURAL MARKET SHARE CHINESE 8.39 % HISPANICS 13.66 % AFRICAN-AMERICANS 13.74 % 3 4 S i t u a t i o n A n a l y s i s Nissan’s Current Numbers C O M P E T I T O R S TOTAL MARKET SHARE IN US - YTD 2011 (%) P O S I T I O N I N G Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. 14.2 Toyota is appealing to the Millennial tech-savvy market by using a number of modern mediums. In 2011Toyota used QR codes, Toyota Shopping Tool mobile apps, and augmented reality to promote the launch of their 2012 Corolla and to increase their drive traffic to the Toyota website. Toyota also started using SnapTag’s, an emerging technology similar to QR codes, that allows a consumer to snap an image with their mobile phones to access brand and vehicle communications. Recently, Toyota has developed an integrated marketing campaign, “The Game of Life with Pruis c,” targeting city-dwelling Millennials for the new Prius C. American Honda Motor Co, Inc. 10.1 Honda’s 2011 campaigns include the “Good Reasons from Honda” campaign, and the “To Each Their Own” campaign, which promote the Civic. “To Each Their Own” campaign directly targets Millennials. According to Honda, “Since the target personalizes everything in their lives from social media to fashion, the all-new Civic is positioned to be the latest canvas for personalization.” Most recent advertisement was its national Super Bowl 2012 commercial featuring Mathew Broderick in his famous Ferris Beuler role. According to Adweek, Honda’s Super Bowl ad created so much buzz that it generated $11 million in free media impressions. Chevrolet / (GM) Corp 19.4 Chevy’s current campaign “Chevy Runs Deep” has gotten a lot of criticism on its resonation with Millennials. According to Bruce Hamlin, who owns Guaranty Chevrolet in Santa Ana, Calif., said, “In the West, we’ve lost brand consideration. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Kia -- the kids think these are cool brands. Cars are an extension of the person. With ‘Chevy Runs Deep,’ they seem to be building some national consideration, but does it resonate with only older, but not younger people?” Chevy has, however recently been succeeding in positioning the company towards the millennial car buyers, starting with several spots in the Super Bowl and online viral videos. Ford Motor Company 16.2 Ford Motor Company uses many social media tools to reach the Millennial market. In their 2010 Fiesta campaign Ford gave away 100 consumers cars and asked them to document a six month long experience with the Ford completing a different mission every month. The consumers used YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter to share their experiences. This user generated content created a lot of buzz for Ford. In October 2011, Ford used Instagram to hold a contest where new consumers would upload pictures with hashtags that Ford would designate weekly. The final prize for best photos would win a Ford Fiesta. Competition Sources: See Reference page Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 10-11 5/6/12 9:37 AM
  7. 7. A g o r a A n a l y s i s Nissan is superior to other car manufacturers because of their dedication to superior quality, innovation, and fuel-efficient vehicles. However, our research has shown that Nissan can use a stronger brand identity with the MC Millennials. Agora distributed online surveys asking questions about Nissan and their direct competitors to gain a qualitative impression of how Nissan rates among millennials. The following quesions reveals much about Nissan’s brand identity. Q U E S T I O N C O M M O N R E S P O N S E S First word that comes to mind when you hear “Nissan?” Speed, Edgy, Reliable Whatever, Ordinary, Nothing Which Nissan vehicles do you know? Altima and Sentra Nissan has many opportunities to grow in the fiscal year of 2013 by reaching out to the Millennials. The millennial generation is larger than the Baby Boomers and three times bigger than Generation X. Reseach from Harris Interactive and Deloitte have estimated that Millennials will be spending $2.45 trillion by 2015. Nissan also has room to grow with the increase spending of Multicultural consumers. By 2016, the Multicultural (MC) consumer segment is projected to contribute $14 billion to the auto industry. KEY SURVEY QUESTIONS Nissan Word Association Out of 200 respondents, we saw no pattern of response to this question. Words like “speedy, edgy, reliable” show that some Millennials recognize Nissan’s stregths, while other words like “whatever, nothing, and ordinary” suggest a lack of Nissan brand recognition. Furthermore, not one millennial we surveyed described Nissan as “innovative.” This suggests that Nissan’s current advertising campaign of “Innovation for All” is not resonating with the target demographic. Nissan Vehicle Recognition The Nissan vehicles Millennials mentioned were the Altima and Sentra. This finding is significant because it shows that Millennials do not recognize the many Nissan vehicles in the market. This brings much oppurtunity for Nissan to focus on promoting other vehicles in their line that will resonate with Millennials. 5 6 How do you first find out about a new car? What do you look for in a car? What is your preferred brand of car? Which 4 features are most important to you in a car? First word that comes to mind when you hear “Toyota?” First word that comes to mind when you hear “Honda?” First word that comes to mind when you hear “Nissan?” Which Nissan vehicles do you know? Would you purchase a Nissan? GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES Some forces to be aware of that may pose problems for Nissan’s objectives are Generation Y frugality, economic downturn, and competition reaching out to the same target market. Agency Diagnosis HURDLES TO OVERCOME Research Agora created a survey that was completed by 200 respondents, to gather a sense of how Millennials think and feel about car preferences and Nissan as a brand. The complete list of questions are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. SURVEY ANALYSIS Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 12-13 5/6/12 9:37 AM
  8. 8. T a r g e t M a r k e t MC Millennials are a unique generation that likes brands to speak to them and are dissuaded by gimmick advertisements. Overall, MC Millennials identify with their culture and prefer people that represent their ethnicity to be in advertisements. They are a generation that is optimistic and hold their loved ones close to them and consider them a priority. They are a passionate generation that considers their personal lives to be very important. They are price conscious, yet still trendy and are known to be tech-savvy. Millennials are looking for a vehicle that is efficient, high quality and affordable. See the following charts for details: 7 8 • Busy lifestyles • Values individualism • Socially conscious • Self-reliant, independent • Diversely intgrated • Highly influenced by peers • Technologically advanced • Family oriented • Positive and optimistic • Demand gratification • Evironmentally concious • Adventurous • Purchases with passion and emotion • Utilizes social media to showcase purchases • Researches the web before making purchases • More likely to buy based on peer recommendations • Drawn in by sales and promotions • Word of mouth plays a big role in decision making • Frugal; only seek to live within their means • Purchases based on self-expression Who are the Millennials? Multicultural Millennials CHINESE-AMERICANS AFRICAN-AMERICANS HISPANICS • California • New York • Texas • Hawaii • New Jersey • Washington • Louisiana • Georgia • Maryland • South Carolina • California • New York • Texas • Florida • Arizona Gender : Male/Female Education : Bachelors+ Age : 18-29 Ave Income : $68,780 Occupation : Students & Young Professional Gender : Male/Female Education : HS Diploma+ Age : 18-29 Ave Income : $36,191 Occupation : Student & Young Professional Gender : Male/Female Education : HS Diploma+ Age : 18-29 Ave Income : $50,000 Occupation : Student & Young Professional This group is all about being practical. They make buying decisions based on quality and value. They are heavily brand-conscious who spend a lot of time shopping. They are savvy consumers who see past manipulative advertising. They prefer practical cars. This group of Millennials are trendsetters, fashion savvy, and identify with the urban market. They are “want” purchasers who love larger, fully-loaded vehicles. They are strivers who are brand aware and loyal consumers of their favorite brands. This group of Millennials are sports enthusiasts. As consumers, they are early adopters who may be influenced by hispanic popular culture. They are emotional purchasers and are more willing to spend more money to get the car that they want. Chinese-American Millennials use internet more than any other MC segment. Overall they do not resonate with in-language media. They have strong social media presence and they use digital services such as Pandora and YouTube as well as smart phone games and applications. Of all MC Millennials, African-Americans have the highest presence in social networking, especially Twitter. They trust Black media over other forms of media and are persuaded by ads targeted to the Black culture, with casting that depict Black actors. They are heavy consumers of cable TV and radio. Hispanic Millennials consume media in both English and Spanish. They are large consumers of in- language media. They are heavy users of cable TV and pop-culture magazines. They trust magazine ads and find them to be entertaining. They have some presence in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. PSYCHOGRAPHICSBUYINGHABITS Research 52.2 % of surveyed Millennials find out about new cars via TV ads and spots. GEOGRAPHYDEMOGRAPHICSPSYCHOGRAPHICSMEDIACONSUMPTION Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 14-15 5/6/12 9:37 AM
  9. 9. M a r k e t i n g & A dv e rt isi n g Develop a $100 million campaign to help Nissan capture the African-American, Hispanic, and Chinese millennial (ages 18-29) market in the United States from April 2013 to March 2014. The objective to achieve by the end of the 2013 fiscal year is to increase the reported 2010 MC market share of 13.04% to 16%. Marketing Objective Marketing Strategy Agora has devised a fully-integrated marketing communications plan designed for the MC Millennial target market. Though this campaign will focus on MC Millennials, we will create a campaign that can easily integrate with the present and any future Nissan campaigns. Advertising Strategy Agora will heavily promote the Nissan Versa, Nissan Cube, and Nissan Juke as the Millennial vehicles. We will spend the entire marketing budget to create a campaign that promotes only these vehicles because they are priced within the average Millennial budget. Agora will be communicating each vehicle’s key benefit while giving the campaign a youthful feel to attract our target audience. 9 10 Value, practicality, and efficiency are important buying factors for Chinese-American Millennials. Of all Nissans, the Versa is the most affordable vehicle offered by Nissan starting at $10,990. The Versa is also fuel-efficient. Together these features make the Versa practical and economical. The Cube will be heavily promoted towards the African-American Millennials because African-Americans like bigger, fully loaded, and customizable cars. The Cube has all these features and starts at $14,980, which is affordable for the target. African-Americans are also fashion savvy and trendy, which relates to the Cube’s unique, stylish exterior. The Juke is a compact crossover with 188 hp, starting at $19,990, with a disticnt muscular curvature look. Hispanic Millennials lead a very adventurous, active lifestyle. They are also the least price conscious and willing to spend more on a vehicle than the other target demographics. This is why we chose the Juke to be marketed toward the Hispanics. the NISSAN VERSA - Chinese-American the NISSAN JUKE - Hispanics the NISSAN CUBE - African-American Advertising Objective To increase Nissan’s brand awareness and build lasting favorability among the Millennial consumers within the African-American, Chinese, and Hispanic segments, and ultimately lead them the dealership. Advertising Tactics This campaign will use a mix media approach in order to reach every niche target with a message that appeals to the target consumers’ wants and needs. MIX MEDIA NICHE MARKETING Since we know that MC Millennials respond to ads and marketing efforts that are relatable to them, this campaign will promote Nissan in media outlets that are heavily niched. Each website, magazine, TV program, PR efforts, and even product positioning will focus on developing a much more personalized experience for each one of the three MC Millennial segments. The use of mix media will ensure that the campaign’s message will reach each MC Millennial target. We will distribute ads using traditional media, such as, TV, print, and radio in order to solidify the campaign’s theme and message. We will further utilize new media such as online ads, social media and various other digital outlets in order to maintain continuous and engaging conversation with Nissan’s, tech-savvy target consumers. Agora will use the theme of “Find yours” in the entire marketing mix, from advertisements to PR visits in order to keep the campaign unified. It is an emotional appeal that plays to the societal needs and wants of finding love. this is a perfect message for Millennials as they are in a time of their lives where they idealize falling in love. This phrase also delivers a direct call-to-action response. EMOTIONAL APPEAL Research 0% of the surveyed Millennials relate Nissan with its existing tagline of “Innovation for All.” This lead to our decision to focus on creating a new campaign that will resonate better with Millennials. We do not advise for Nissan get rid of their existing tagline, but rather to integrate our campaign with the Nissan’s existing promotional and marketing efforts. W H Y T H E S E M O D E L S ? Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 16-17 5/6/12 9:37 AM
  10. 10. C R E A T I V E B R I E F Objective Agora aims to influence the target audiences to believe “that’s the car for me.” The objective is to make Nissan Versa, Nissan Cube and Nissan Juke have a more “youthful” feel in order to build a connection with the MC Millennials, without abandoning the need to showcase each one of the promoted vehicle’s key consumer benefits. Strategy “Find yours” is the unifying theme and tagline of this campaign. This will present a clear call to action to the target audience. Our basic strategy is to relate to the social want and need of finding love. In order to do this we will give the Versa, Cube, and Juke individualized personalities using human attributes. These attributes will directly refer to the key selling features of each vehicle. The theme prompts the target to desire a Nissan because the idea proposes that there is a “Nissan out there for everyone” just as if there is a “person out there for everyone.” T E L E V I S I O N To develop a truly niched campaign, we have created three storyboards, each featuring one of the three chosen vehicles. Though each spot features a different vehicle, the execution will be similar to create a unified campaign. The placement of these spots will be determined by their specific target audeince. The campaign will focus on creating a distinct personality for each chosen vehicle that relates to each demographic. Based on research, the Nissan Versa best identifies with Chinese-Americans, the Cube with African-Americans, and the Juke with Hispanic-Americans. The ad copy will have a conversational tone with age-appropriate jargon and fonts and graphics that are “humanistic. Each vehicle-specific ad will promote three highlighted features that will be paralled with human attributes important for each demographic. SPECIFIC TARGET KEY VEHICLE FEATURE HUMAN ATTRIBUTES Chinese-American Millennials • Price • Fuel Efficiency • Spacious • Practical • Efficient • Gives Space African-American Millennials • Uniqueness • Safety • Loungey seats • Unique/Stylish • Security • Comfort Hispanic-American Millennials • Speed • Masculine Curvature • Powerful Compact • Adventurous • Muscular • Short, but powerful VERSACUBEJUKE KEY FEATURES PERSONIFIED 11 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 18-19 5/6/12 9:38 AM
  11. 11. T V N i s s a n C u b e Male VO: “When I saw her...” Music: Quirky/romantic instrumental starts Male VO: “I knew she was mine.” Male VO: “I mean look at her... her style, her shape...” Male VO: “ ...Her sexiness.” Male VO: “She is like no one else. She is unique.” (Pause) “But it’s not all about looks...” Music: Romantic music stops SFX: Car horns, screeching brakes Music: Romantic music continues after SFX Male VO: “She’s always there to make me feel safe.” Male VO: “But the most important thing is...” SFX: Nature sounds Male VO: “...she makes me feel comfortable.” SFX: Ocean Male V.O: “We can just layback and chill... it’s like we were made for each other.” Male V.O: “That’s why I love my Nissan Cube.” Narrator: “Fall in love with Style...” Narrator: “...Safety...” Narrator: “...and Comfort. The all new 2013 Nissan Cube.” Narrator: “There’s a Nissan out there for everyone. Find yours.” 13 14 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 20-21 5/6/12 9:38 AM
  12. 12. T V N I S S A N V E R S A Female VO: “I fell in love with him because...” Music: Romantic/quirky instrumental Female VO: “...he’s practical. He accomplishes so much...” Female VO: “...he’s efficient...” Female VO: “...and never runs out of energy.” SFX: Car door shuts Female VO: “He’s smart.” Female VO: “I mean, he’s always looking for value.” Female VO: “But don’t get me wrong...” Female VO: “..he never settles for less.” Female VO: “Another reason why I love him.” Female VO: “Sometimes I need a lot of space...” Female VO: “...and he is thoughtful enough to give me plenty of room.” Female VO: “That’s how I knew the Nissan Versa was for me.” Narrator: “Fall in love with fuel efficiency...” Narrator: “...spaciousness...” Narrator: “...and affordability. The all new 2013 Nissan Versa.” Narrator: “There’s a Nissan out there for everyone. Find yours.” 15 16 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 22-23 5/6/12 9:39 AM
  13. 13. T V N I S S A N J U K E P R I N T To compliment the three television spots for each vehicle promoted, we have created three print ads that communicate the same message, promote the same key benefits, and target the same consumer segments as the TV spots. These ads will reinforce the theme of “Find yours” in a visually arresting way using a fold- out layout. V I S U A L S A U D I O ( E n g l i s h ) A U D I O ( S p a n i s h ) Open with soccer field. We see that it is very sunny. SFX: Cheers, ball being kicked SFX: Cheers, ball being kicked Cut to a dreamy-eyed Hispanic girl. Cut to a short stature male running across the field with the ball really fast. In the background we see a Juke speeding down a windy road as the guy scores a goal. Female VO: “The First time I saw him in action his speed impressed me. It was exciting. It was adventurous.” Female VO: “La primera vez que lo vi en acción, su velocidad me impresionó. Fue emocionante. Fue aventuroso. Y fue deportivo.“ Cut to over-the-shoulder of girl with car still in the background. We see a male blowing a kiss to the same girl. Takes of his shirt, we see that he is very muscular. SFX: Car (high pitch) + background noise of supporters (low pitch) Female VO: “His smooth, muscular build is what turns me on.” SFX: Car (high pitch) + background noise of supporters (low pitch) Female VO: “Su conjunto muscular liso es lo que me excita.” Cut to male running down the field with the ball toward the goal again, get blocked by tall defensive player from the other teams, but gets around him and scores a goal. Female VO: “He may be short, but his power and performance are undeniable.” Female VO: “El puede ser pequeño, pero su poder y funcionamiento es innegable” Cut to girl. Girl looks directly at the camera. Female VO: “Thats how I knew the Nissan Juke was the car for me.” Female VO: “Así es como yo sabía que el Juke era el carro para mí” Wide shot of girl entering a Nissan Juke as the camera pans away for an arial view of the car driving away. Male Narrator: “Fall in Love with...” Male Narrator: “Enamorarse...” Cut to a revolving studio shot of the Nissan Juke, showing each feature mentioned by the narrator using creative graphic design elelments. Male Narrator: “... 188 HP Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. Masculine look, sporty silhouette, and muscular curvature of this powerful compact sport cross- over. The all New 2013 Nissan Juke.” Male Narrator: “Un motor con 188 caballos de fuerza con turbo de 4 cilindros. Mi- rada mascular, línea deportiva con una curvatura muscular deportiva crossover compacto de Nissan Juke.” Cut to Nissan Logo with the new tag line from this “Find Your’s” cam- paign. Male Narrator: “There’s a Nissan out there for everyone. [pause] Find yours.” Male Narrator: “Hay un Nissan para todos. [pause] Busca el tuyo” Detailed Nissan Juke Script in English and Spanish 17 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 24-25 5/6/12 9:39 AM
  14. 14. T H E R E ' S A N I S S A N O U T T H E R E F O R E V E R Y O N E . THAT'S WHY I LOVE MY NISSAN VERSA Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 26-28 5/6/12 9:39 AM
  15. 15. M a g a z i n e P r i n t In this Nissan Cube print ad, we followed the same format as the Nissan Versa print ad. But our goal for the Nissan Cube is to showcase its stylish build, uniqueness and comfortable reclining back seats. We used language relatable to African-American Millennials and hired models within this specific target demographic. The font choices are has a much more urban look-and-feel. Our creatives considered every tactical decision carefully to avoid offending and/or stereotyping our target demographic, while ensuring to create a message that communicates directly to this demographic. Nissan Cube (on this spread) The goal for the Nissan Versa magazine print ad is to communicate the “practical” nature of the Nissan Versa in a fun and entertaining way. At first glance, the ad looks like a dating ad, with the girl on the left seemingly smittened with her smart, practical, and efficinet boyfriend. As you open the fold-out, the reader discovers that she was really talking about her beloved Nissan Versa, which happens to have the same endearing qualities as her boyfriend. The campaign tagline follows: “There’s a Nissan Out There For Everyone” ending with the call to action to “Find yours.” Nissan Versa (see previous spread) This magazine print ad follows the same fold-out layout as the Nissan Vesa print ad seen in the previous spread. 21 22 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 29-31 5/6/12 9:39 AM
  16. 16. M a g a z i n e P r i n t The Nissan Juke will be marketed towards Hispanic Millennials. This demographic is known to respond well to in-language advertisements, which is why this print ad execution is in Spanish and portrays models who are of Hispanic descent. Our goal is to create an emotional interest for the fast and sporty Nissan Juke. Hispanic Millennials purchase cars with emotion and are willing to spend more money on a car they love rather than need which makes this attractive corssover a perfect vehicle to market to Hispanic-American Millennials. Nissan Juke ENGLISH TRANSLATION (left to right) Inside spread: • He may be short, but he is strong and powerful! • His muscules drive me crazy! • His speed impresses me! Outside Spread: • Muscular lines and sporty attitude! • A compact crossover with 188 horse power! • Very fast with a turbo engine! Like the Cube and Versa print ads, this fold- out reinforces the campaign’s humanist approach in describing Nissan vehicles. 23 24 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 32-33 5/6/12 9:39 AM
  17. 17. O u t d o o r S T R A T E G I C B I L L B O A R D P L A C E M E N T Heavy traffic areas To take full advantage of the high billboard reach and visibility. Near college towns To directly attract MC Millennial consumer targets. Hispanic Neigborhoods To increase in-language presence among Hispanic Millennials Continue the recurring theme of “Find yours” in order to work in an outdoor billboard format to catch the target audience on busy highways with lots of traffic. Strategy Having this billboard in Spanish (see below) and in Enlgish ensures that Nissan connects to the Hispanic Millennials on a more per- sonal level. To communicate the “Find yours” campaign to the target that are already on the road. Objective While the tagline “Find yours” is still the theme for this billboard, rather than promoting one car, per billboard, we decided to combine all three vehicles into one. This reinforces that message that there is indeed a “Nissan fort everyone.” We personified each vehicle to match a particualr human personality trait to distiguish the fact that each car fits a specific type of person. Rather than listing the names of each vehicle, we kept only the “nicknames” to intice interest for the Nissan Brand. Tactics Billboards 25 26 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 34-35 5/6/12 9:39 AM
  18. 18. nn R A D I O O N L I N E P R E S E N C E Having a strong online presence is essential to reaching the Millennial demographic. With 37.16 hours spent weekly on sites like Hulu. com,,, and many more, buying ad space in specific websites will increase the number of Millennial eyeballs looking at Nissan’s line of cars. a Since radio is the most effective medium to promote local events, we will utilize the medium of radio to promote local sales promotions and public relations events. Objective Utilize college and local radio stations to place fun catchy commercials to attract our target and inform them about local public relations events and sales promos. Strategy S A M P L E R A D I O S C R I P T : “ F i n d Y o u r N i s s a n P a r t y ” SFX: Fun Music and faint voices in the background Female 1 V.O: We’re almost done with college and we still haven’t found our match. Female 2 V.O: We need to go on a hunt for the one. Female 1 V.O: I need efficiency and practicality. Female 2 V.O: Really? I want sexy and thrilling. Female 1 V.O: I know where we can go! Female 2 V.O: Where?! Female 1 V.O: At [insert location here] they are hosting a “Find Your Nissan Party” where we can find the car that is our perfect match! It’s like a Scavenger Hunt to find the perfect one! And you get a bunch of free prizes when you participate! Female1 V.O: I’m so there! Let’s go get our perfect cars! Male Narrator V.O: Have you found your Nissan yet? Come out to [insert location here] and participate in the first “Find Your Nissan Party” to find out details about the newly featured cars and win tons of cool prizes. Client: Nissan Title: Find Your Nissan Party Time: 15 Seconds i27 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 36-37 5/6/12 9:39 AM
  19. 19. O N L I N E A D V E R T I S E m E N T S To reinforce the theme of “Find yours” to communicate the message that Nissan is inded a company that builds vehicles specific to a consumer’s wants and needs. Objective Simplify the creative concept of finding that perfect car by using simpler copy. Ensuring that the message has a human touch and is clear and simple, while keeping the art fun and memorable, with a correllation with the campaign theme. Strategy Banner Ads Repeat the bold and recognizable tagline of “Find yours” for each online banner. Vary the execution to match the interactivity as well as the look-and-feel of each chosen websites. Create memorable ads using the same fonts, colors and theme as the print and TV ads. Tactics Pandora Ads As viewers click, they will be directed to the new “Find yours” section on the Nissan website where the Nissan Versa, Cube, and Juke will be heavily promoted. Hulu Ads This ad is meant to stay within the theme of the campaign but mimic the environment within the Pandora website. Promoting the many Nissan Cube vinyl wraps, this ad uses a play on words between “vinyl” in the music sense and the Nissan sense. We will sponsor various Hulu channels. During the commercial breaks, the 30 second spots for each vehicle will run. A visual guide will appear on the right of the screen during these spots showing the three vehicles promoted. Below the video player there will be a small “Find yours” logo that will stay on the screen throughout the entire duration of the program. 29 30 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 38-39 5/6/12 9:39 AM
  20. 20. D I G I T A L E X P E R I E N C E Agora believes that a fully integrated campaign that combines traditional media with heavy digital presence is the way to go to reach Nissan’s target Millennials. Efforts in improving the Nissan website, fostering and improving existing YouTube pages, and creating a fun mobile presence is a step forward to getting more MC Millennial “eyeballs.” Website Improvements 4 1 2 5 6 In order to maintain the unity of this campaign, the goal is to repeat the “Find yours” tagline all the way to Nissan’s website. Agora does not suggest for Nissan to eliminate their exisitng website, but we suggest that a new tab be added that’s devoted specifically for this “Find yours” campaign. This new page is meant to feature the Nissan Versa, Cube, and Juke. This separates these vehicles as youthful Millennial vehicles. W E B S I T E I M P R O V E M E N T D E T A I L S ( S e e l e f t ) Add a “Find yours” tab on the top of the main website. Improved color scheme to give the page a more youthful feel. Slide show with photo of all three vehicles as first slide. Use of the humanistic fonts and nicknames, mimicing print ad. A direct YouTube link to existing Nissan Juke culture page. Include models within target audience to make page relatable. As slide show revolves, copy will change to personalized message Translucent circles highlight key features; mouse over for details. Show more visible social media badges for Millennial use. Slide show will revolve between each promoted vehicle. Keep original banner ads from home page. 1 3 2 4 5 6 These are suggested layouts for the “Find yours” page. The site will begin with a shot of all three vehicles then revolve between each one as a slide show. 7 8 9 3 10 7 8 9 10 YouTube Presence 11 11 To improve Nissan’s YouTube presence on this very Millennial-saturated medium, we suggest a revamp on the channel page to appear more Millennial friendly. The same improvements made on the Nissan website also apply to Nissan’s YouTube site: • Improve color scheme • Use humanistic fonts • Promote Millennial-friendly vehicles We sugget to create a separate “Find yours” channel. This channel will focus on showing videos of actual testimonials of actual Nissan owners who love their Nissan. They will talk about their experiences and journeys with their Nissan cars. A sample video screen shot will look as follows: SAMPLE TESTIMONIAL VIDEO These testimonials are intended to give the Nissan a more humanistic feel. Instead of discussing the technical, these videos will focus on the emotional. 31 32 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 40-41 5/6/12 9:39 AM
  21. 21. D I G I T A L E X P E R I E N C E M E D I A P L A N Media planning describes the mediums Agrora will be using to reach the target audience. We will utilize traditional media along with new media. After much research, Agora chose the following media outlets in order to best capture the target’s attention and to maintain the character of our campaign The “Find yours” app will be a simple memory game that will use the three featured models. There will be a set of cards with pictures of the vehicles on the backside. The object of the game is to match the like vehicles and ultimately clear the screen. Behind all of the cards there will be an image of one of the featured vehicles. The purpose of the game is to increase brand recognition with the app users. By playing this game, users will become familiarized with the vehicles and will be more likely to recognize them on the street and connect them with the Nissan brand. Smartphone App Game HOW IT WORKS 33 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 42-43 5/6/12 9:39 AM
  22. 22. a m M E D I A P L A N Our goal is to reach 75% of the target audience at a minimum frequency of 3 in order to increase brand awareness among 18 to 29 year old multicultural consumers. TV has a great impact on consumers and is very cost effective. From primary research Agora has found that TV is where MC Millennials first find out about cars. This is why the largest amount of the budget is going towards this medium. We will use satellite, broadcast and cable television; especially satellite because it is in 60% of US homes. During the week ads will be aired during primetime access(7-8pm), primetime(8-11pm), and late news(11-11:30pm); since these are the times the target audience are home, watching TV. During the weekend and special sporting events we will also air commercials during early fringe(3-5pm) and early news(5-7pm). Various stations will be used throughout the campaign including major networks, in-language, niche channels, and entertainment channels. For outdoor ads we will strategically place large billboards in college towns as well as towns that are predominantly Chinese, African-American, and Hispanic. Billboards are cheap but have an effective visual impact on a large audience that will repeatedly see the ad. The billboards will be placed in 25 different locations all over the nation that will reach 50% of our target market. For print ads our focus will be on promoting on magazines that reflect each demographics’ interests. MC Millennials read entertainment magazines in English, such as People magazine. For the Hispanic demographic they also read in-language magazines which will be targeted using the magazine Hispanic magazine. For the African-American demographic they have very specific magazine tastes and read mostly black entertainment magazines such as Ebony. Internet radio is a growing industry. Pandora currently has about 7.1 million users. This new medium is very accesible to Millennials as they can access it anywhere such as their computers, smartphones, and tablets. College students, for example, are always connected to some form of listening device. Nissan will place skyscraper ads on the side of the music player. Agora will focus on placing advertisements on Pandora and iHeartRadio. The online TV site Hulu has a huge advantage over individual network websites because it has several channels all on one website. The standard video ad package includes video in full episodes as well as companion banners that will appear with the corresponding video. Hulu commercials are 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or extended videos of 3 minutes or less. These commercials will be displayed before, during or after streaming shows. This will provide the viewers with uninterrupted brand exposure. Radio is an inexpensive medium that has a large frequency. MC Millennials listen to radio more than 3.5 hours a week which makes this medium beneficial. Local radio stations will be used to reach each demographic in areas where they are heavily populated (see Target Market). The radio commercials will be aired from 6-10 am and 3- 7pm because those are the times when our target audience is commuting either to school or work, and commuting back home. Those hours are heavy driving hours with the largest and highest quality listenership (time and attention is high). Nissan currently has a YouTube presence by its own channel, but to gain more attention on YouTube the campaign will use advertisements on other channels. Advertising on YouTube is a good way to reach specific targets using many channels. The types of channels to focus on are music and entertainment channels. This campaign will use the standard in-stream ads which are short 15-second commercials that are placed at the beginning of the video. Online advertising will focus on websites commonly visited by the demographic such as entertainment and vehicle websites. Example websites include, Cars. com, and On these sites banner ads will be used to bring awareness to Nissan and work to drive traffic to the official website. We will also uitlize keyword searches to be recognized higher in search engines; such as Google and Yahoo. Objective Strategy We will use traditional forms of media that Millennials still pay attention to such as TV, magazines, outdoor, and radio. Modern technology, such as the internet, social media, and mobile devices will also be used since MC Millennials heavily use these platforms. We will maintain a uniform message across all forms of media to build a strong campaign. TELEVISION i ii MAGAZINE OUTDOOR RADIO HULU YouTube INTERNET RADIO MISCELLANEOUS ONLINE ADS 35 36 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 44-45 5/6/12 9:39 AM
  23. 23. M E D I A P L A N Social media is becoming a strong gateway of information and entertainment for Millennials. This is an effective way to reach the target market that actively communicates with others through this type of media. 83% of Millennials use social media on a regular basis. Since most social media is about following or being followed, Nissan will look for followers as well as follow others. With social media Nissan will create a culture around the brand and connect enthusiasts to each other. Through constant updates and active involvement using social media it will lessen the gap between Nissan and consumers. S a l e s P r o m o t i o n & P u b l i c R e l a t i o n s Sales promotion and public relation efforts will reinforce the campaign theme. Through incentives, displays, and buzz that mirror the paid advertisments, we will increase brand awareness and preference. SOCIAL MEDIA S O C I A L M E D I A T A C T I C S Facebook is one of the biggest social medias for the Millennials, 44% of adult Millennials use Facebook. By creating a Nissan “Interest” page on Facebook it opens the opportunity for people to share their “interest” on their Facebook page and continue our growth within our target. With this “Interest” page users are able to see new and exciting news about Nissan and it will also show who of their friends are also interested in the same page. In order to keep the users interest the page will be updated with new pictures, videos, and comments about Nissan, there will also be periods where Nissan owners will be asked to share their great experiences with their vehicles. Facebook is a great way to reach the Hispanic target because Facebook is the social network website they use over other types of social media. Pinterest is the fastest growing social media to date. On average Pinterest users spend about 1 hour 17 minutes on Pinterest a visit. This site is an great way to capture Nissan visually because Pinterest thrives on pretty simple images. Nissan will promote by posting photos of their featured cars. By having people follow their Pinterest page, they will use it as a way to interact with other people interested in Nissan by adding pins of where their Nissan takes them and what they do. Nissan will also create contests of the best photos with Nissan owners. Nissan can repin their followers pins and can keep track of who is following them. MC Millennials use Twitter more than any other social media. Twitter is a great tool to keep the target markets up to date with Nissans latest news in real time. The Twitter application is available on phones, tablets, as well as just the internet which makes it easy to connect with followers wherever they are. Through one tweet and hashtag Nissan can start a conversation with its followers and create buzz. African-Americans use Twitter more than any other ethnicity with Hispanics coming in second. 37 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 46-47 5/6/12 9:40 AM
  24. 24. P O I N T O F P U R C H A S E sS A L E S P R O M O T I O N Through sales promotions we plan to stimulate the 18-29 year old multicultural consumer to purchase a Nissan and add value to their purchase. Create an attractive atmosphere in the dealership while referencing the character of this campaign. Provide incentives that will result in a call-to-action by the target market to purchase a Nissan. With the purchase of a Nissan, the consumer will receive one year free roadside assistance; for those unexpected mishaps such as a dead battery from leaving your lights on to running out of gas. This will encourage Millennials to purchase because with this promotional membership they will be able to get hundreds of discounts throughout the year, an important buying consideration for these frugal consumers. Offering a trade in deal will entice consumers to come purchase a new vehicle because they will no longer have to deal with the hassle of selling their old vehicle but still receive money for it. The offer will be up to $2,500 value to go towards the down payment of their new car. This offer should attract Millennials because they are money conscious; it will also make it easier for them to save enough money to cover the rest of the down payment. To continue the campaign all the way through the point-of-purchase, the theme will continue at the dealership level. There will be a designated section in the dealership with a hanging banner that says “Find Yours.” The Versa, Cube, and Juke vehicles will be parked in this section. For each of these vehicles there will be a cardboard cutout of the Millennials with in the MC segments targeted by this campaign. These characters will be placed on top of, or next to, the vehicle they are paired with in the commercials. Each cutout will be holding a sign that says “Find Yours” to reinforce the campaign theme. These give aways are meant to extend the chracter of the campaign all the way to the dealership leavel. Free water for waiting customers would have customized labels. “Find Yours” stick-on air fresheners will be distributed to all visitors to the dealership. A “Found Mine” version will be given to cusomers who purcase a car. We can offer surprises such as free T-shirt for every 10 cutomers who sign. We will also pass out these items in events. Objective Strategy FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE TRADE-IN OFFERS i ii DEALERSHIP DISPLAYS NISSAN GIVEAWAYS 39 40 Air freshener sample giveaway Water Bottles: Free water in the dealership as well as give aways for events. T-shirts to be given to every 10th buyer of the car. These will also be given in events. Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 48-49 5/6/12 9:40 AM
  25. 25. P U B L I C R E L A T I O N S B U D G E T a l l o c a t i o n & S C H E D U L I N G This section will illustrate how the budget will be used to purchase various media and other advertising costs. The scheduling as well as specific networks and programs will also be detailed. We will reach MC Millennials at college campuses and utilize forums and blogs to create buzz. We will also distribute information about events and current news through related mediums. With public relations, we will engage college students and keep the target informed about sales, deals, and Nissan events. We also plan to create buzz to increase awareness. Nissan will host an interactive event on college campuses throughout the nation in order to build brand awareness called “Find Your Nissan Party.” This event will be a scavenger hunt where people will find items throughout the campus that will help them learn about Nissan’s brand and different car features of the three specific vehicles focused on in this campaign. This scavenger hunt will end at the promotional tent on campus where participants will receive a study kit as a prize. This study kit will include a scantron, test notebook, #2 pencil, along with a promotional Nissan pamphlets and a T-shirt with their choice of vehicle model. Before the tour starts we will run ads about the upcoming even in local and college radio stations. The events will be hosted at the beginning and end of semesters and quarters. Below are the list of schools we will be visiting, as these schools have the highest denisty of each target demographic. Press releases/press kits will be distributed to large and small news outlets. This way the local and national medias can cover the events. We will send these releases to automotive publications, entertainment publications, bloggers, discussion forums, and even college newspapers (for the events on college campuses). From these releases Nissan hopes to get reviews and articles about the vehicles featured in this campaign in magazines such as Car and Driver, Automobile Magazine, and Motor Trend magazine. Nissan will target automotive forums and blogs to generate discussions on everything in the press release, including Nissan news, the scavenger hunt event, featured commercials and news. The discussion forums will be interactive and provide insight on the three main vehicles being promoted. Agora hopes to showcased the company in a more youthful and positive light. These outlets will also mention Nissan regularly when appropriate, in hopes of creating buzz. Objective Strategy “Find Your Nissan Party” EVENT C H I N E S E - A M E R I C A N A F R I C A N - A M E R I C A N H I S P A N I C S • UC Riverside • Polytechnic University of NY • University of Hawaii • University of Texas, Dallas • Rutgers University • Howard University • Grambling University • Clark Atlanta University • Morgan State University • S. Carolina State University • South Texas College • University of Miami • San Diego State University • Arizona Western College • Boricua College PRESS RELEASES BLOGS & FORUMS 41 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 50-51 5/6/12 9:40 AM
  26. 26. B u d g e t & S c h e d u l e campaign Budget: $100M Monthly budget set at: $12,000,000 Monthly expenses used $11,827,600 43 44 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 52-53 5/6/12 9:40 AM
  27. 27. P o s t E v a l u a t i o n This Nissan campaign should measure whether the MC Millennial maket share increased by 16% within one fiscal year since our campaign. We will measure the market share increase, by calculating total sales of the three MC’s ages 18-29 and comparing their sales with competitors in the automotive industry. THIS EVALUATION WILL ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: • Did the campaign reach the target audience? • Did brand recognition increase within the target market? • Did the campaign increase overall brand awareness with MC Millennials? • Did Nissan’s total market share increase to 16%? Before the campaign launch, we will organize focus groups consisting of MC Millennial consumers in our target market to test if this campaign increased brand awareness. In this focus group, we will show pictures and symbols of Nissan to see if the group recognizes them. We will also ask questions about their opinions on Nissan vehicles and their thoughts on their advertising, marketing and company as a whole. When the campaign is over we will create the same focus group of ask them the same questions in order to asses if their opinons have changed. During the campaign, we will pass out surveys in different mediums. The first set of surveys will be given out at the completion of the scavenger hunt in the “Find Your Nissan Party” event. This survey will include questions that ask consumers about the event, how they felt about the brand before the event and how much they know about the brand after this event. This will not only measure the success of the event but it will also measure brand awareness. At the end of the campaign we will give out surveys to test Nissan brand awareness, brand recognition and the campaign. We will compare these responses with the research surveys Agora completed in order to dermine if this campaign reached our target thus measuring the campaign’s success.Social Media offers important information regarding Nissan’s presence as a brand as well as consumers opinions of the targeted vehicles. To measure the activity on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest we will measure “likes”, hashtags, trending topics, and re- posts/tweets/repins. For YouTube, we will measure the number of video views, “likes”, and subscribers, then compare it to the amount at the beginning of the campaign to see the increase in brand awareness. Additionally, com- ments left by users can be used to learn detailed in- sight on how consumers feel about the Nissan brand and the current “Find yours” campaign. In order to track traffic in the new Nissan “Find yours” web page, we will use Google Analytics. We can also determine which sites lead them to the “Find yours” page to determine if our online media choices were effective. Focus Groups Online Measurements Surveys Market Share Figures B u d g e t & S c h e d u l e $53,717,400 $13,433,800 $13,244,000 $10,235,400 $3,988, 100 $2,000,000 $1,800,000 $1,381,300 $200,000 Television Magazine Internet Outdoor Radio Production Cost Contingency PR & Sales promotion App development T E L E V I S I O N Early News: CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, BET Primetime, Late News and Late Fringe ABC: NBC: CBS: FOX: Fox NFL: BET: ESPN: UNIVISION: UNIVISION: Bravo: MTV: Academy Award, Red carpet The Voice LA, Criminal Mind, Unforgettable, CSI American Idol Sunday Night Game 106 Central Park, Soul Train Award Monday Night Football, NBA Familia No Podia Amor Familia Con Suerte Real House Wives of NY Jersey Shore Schedule and Media Placement R A D I O Local Stations College Radio Stations I N T E R N E T Keyword/Search Yahoo, Google Targeted Sites/ Banner Ad Sponsorship/Commercial M A G A Z I N E S People Magazine Hispanic Ebony magazine i ii45 46 Production Television Radio App Internet Contingency Magazine Outdoor PR & Sales Promotion Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 54-55 5/6/12 9:40 AM
  28. 28. R E F E R E N C E S GENERAL MILLENNIAL INFORMATION AFRICAN-AMERICAN INFORMATION HISPANIC-AMERICAN INFORMATION CHINESE AMERICAN INFORMATION social-habits/ http://www.pewsocialtrend its-by-age-gender-and-ethnicity/ change.pdf 2011-usa social-hab ans_ and_Hi ( ( html 47 48 N o t e s Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 56-57 5/6/12 9:40 AM
  29. 29. As Account Supervisor, I would like to share a few words about my team. Agora is a team of team players, where each memeber has input into every creative idea. Each member has his/her own talents and expertise which is refelected on the duties each member decides to take on. Below is a partial list of the duties and executions each Agora member accomplished in creating this campaign: I congratulate everyone for their hard work and dedication in this Nissan campaign. It was great working with a group of such enthusiastic and creative marketers! And, as graduation approaches and as new oppurtunities arise, I bid each Agora member all the success in advertising, marketing, and life. C r e d i t s Dennis Dizon Garcia • Produced campaign plan book • Produced the print ads & storyboards • Photography execution • Layout design of online ads • Creative execution of big idea • Finalized all material Amanda Fuller • Created the situation analysis • Wrote scripts for TV spot & radio • Scheduled group meetings • Delegated tasks • Created creative concept Marissa McDonald • Strategized media usage • Directed media planner • PR and sales promotions strategy • Copy edited entire plan book Sheyla Simpson • Demographic and target research • PR and sales promotions • YouTube improvement ideas Brenda Almaraz • Demographic and target research • Hispanic script translation Barry Bringas • Campaign measurement & evaluation • Assist with media buying & planning Elmo Lopez • Agora (primary) research execution • Hispanic script translation • Designed t-shirt air-freshener give-aways Jenny Yu • Produced banner ad • Designed water bottle • Target demographic and online media research Sylvie Belinga • Media buying (research. scheduling, programming, and networks) • Budget allocation * Overall Research for the campaign was done by all members Final words from the Supervisor 47 48 Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 58-59 5/6/12 9:40 AM
  30. 30. Marketing Plan Book blue back.indd 60 5/6/12 9:40 AM