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MSI 2012 Graphics Cards presentation v1.01eu


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MSI Graphics cards 2012 introduction

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MSI 2012 Graphics Cards presentation v1.01eu

  1. 1. MSI Graphics 2012 MSI Product Marketing EU Dennis Achterberg version 1.01eu
  2. 2. More than just stickers Better temperatures Quieter More features“Have to hand it to MSI,they know their carddesigns … the cards getplenty of attention to detailand that’s worth a lot ofcredit when somemanufacturers can be verylazy”Tech Head @KitGuru
  3. 3. Changing the need of the market “The cooler isnt the most flattering thing, but ultimately looks arent at the top of the list.” TweakTown MSI N9600GT OC Mar 2008 2008 2008 2010 2010 2012 2012“MSI bring to the table an awesome GTX 680 that performsjust as you’d expect from a Twin Frozr based video card.We’ve got excellent noise levels, great temperature andsome awesome overclocking headroom all packed up in adual slot card. - TweakTown MSI N680GTX Twin Frozr May2012
  4. 4. Military Class III Hi-c Cap Solid State Choke CopperMOS Solid Cap“built like a tank” - KitGuru
  5. 5. 2012 Product Stack Lightning: Best OC and Xtreme Features Hawk: Best Performance OC Card Power Edition: Improved PWM and Triple Overvoltage Twin Frozr III: Advanced Thermal Design Reference Design: Basic Thermal/Noise
  6. 6. Twin Frozr EvolutionTwin Frozr Twin Frozr II Twin Frozr IIIStarted with Dual fans 50% better cooling 20% more airflow Twin Frozr IV 10cm fans + dust removal“Twin Frozr IV is the new benchmark forother manufacturers to beat.” KitGuru
  7. 7. Others?Other brands try to copy the Twin Frozr Success, but need to add more fansor need more slots. MSI Twin Frozr Leads the market through innovationand integration, where others try with cumbersome third party solutions.
  8. 8. Copycat behavior “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” – Charles Caleb ColtonMSI Original Cheap copies
  9. 9. Dust Removal TechnologyNo dust means:•Better cooling•Less noise•Longer lifetime
  10. 10. Lightning: Rolling Thunder 2009 2010 2011 2012MSI Lightning series:•Extreme Overclocking•Top Quality Components “This is the superstar everyone wants to•Hand Picked GPUs mimic but few can hope to match.”•Amazing Cooling Hardware Canucks
  11. 11. Most Dominant OC cards “Thankfully, MSI has created a series of cards so excellent, you no longer need to remember the names of all the others. Just Lightning” APC magazine, Nick RaceMSI Graphics card are the top brand in OC benchmark rankings
  12. 12. MSI Hawk Series “I love their customized solutions, th high end modded stuff they bring ou This is f*cking brilliant.” Hank @ KitGuru*Best Cooling *OC Features *Best performance
  13. 13. Hassle free extreme OCMSI “LN2” Unlock switch:•Disables OverCurrent Protection•Disable Power saving•Increase OC software values•Enables higher power consumption
  14. 14. MSI TransThermal : Customize! Your personal cooler: •Single or Dual fan solution •Short or long •Dual or Triple slot
  15. 15. “By far the best overclocking software out ther – Tomshardware.comMSI Afterburner•Best Compatibility•Most features “Afterburner continues to be the gold standard•Free! in overclocking software.” – Anandtech.comWant it? Google: MSI Afterburner!
  16. 16. Cooperation with Developers "Together MSI’s high performance graphics card and 3DMark 11, the industry standard for DirectX 11 performance measurement, make a great package for discerning PC users.“ Oliver Baltuch, Futuremark PresidentExcellent cooperation withdevelopers earns more respectthan money can buy!
  17. 17. Conclusion Best Components Best Thermal Best Software Best PerformanceThank you!