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E6 radio


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E6 radio

  1. 1. By,Denni Hepburn,Ellie Ryan,Clayton Skorski
  2. 2. Introduction Our commission was to produce a Radio Show for our college. Thisincluded research techniques based on other radio stations. We thenasked 50 students what they wanted to listen to on the radio. Finding out what they enjoyed helped us start to put together our radio podcast. We also did research on other radio stations. What theyplayed, what people thought of it and what they do when they aren’t playing music.
  3. 3. Ideas for our Radio Show Putting our ideas on a mind map gave us a clear idea of possibilities for our radio show.
  4. 4. Secondary Research *Xfm - Ian Camfield, 10am-2pm *Capital - Ant Payne, 4am-6am *Absolute 80’s – Martyn Lee 11pm-6am Here’s a link to the ratings for Xfm. rocks-up-its-ratings-7285108.html Quote from the website. "But it is rock station Xfm that is increasingly making its voice heard in the crowded London radio market. Ratings have soared by 32 per cent in a year to 577,000. It added 18,000 listeners in the last quarter and, crucially for advertisers, a quarter of its audience is in the 15-34 age group."
  5. 5. Primary Research *Questionnaires *Interviews *Focus groupsLink to our Survey:
  6. 6. Question One:What is your gender?
  7. 7. Question Two:What course are you doing?
  8. 8. Question Three:Who out of the following, are yourfavourite 80’s Rock artists?(pleasetick all that apply)
  9. 9. Question Four:Who out of the following, are yourfavourite 80s Pop artists? (tick allthat apply)
  10. 10. Question Five:Who out of the following, areyour favourite 80s Hip-hopartists? (tick all that apply)
  11. 11. Question Six:Do you dislike any of the followingsongs? (Rate 1 as most hated, 9 asdislike the least)
  12. 12. Question Seven:Favourite 80’s genresRock, pop, hit-hop and dance were the most populargenres of music. Techno, smooth jazz and adultcontemporary were the least favourite.
  13. 13. Question Eight:Do you listen to any other radioshows based on 80s music?