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Michael jackson hazal


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Michael jackson hazal

  2. 2. Michael Jackson was one of thegreat music heroes of the late 20th century!
  3. 3. Index• Early life and The Jackson• Solo Career• Moonwalk• The Accident• After The Accident• His marrieges• Blanked scandal• Last succeses• This Is It• His dead
  4. 4. Early life and The Jackson 5 (1958–1975)• King of Pop, singer-song writer Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana on August 29, 1958, as the seventh child of the family.• As a child, he was lead singer of the Jackson familys popular music group, The Jackson 5.
  5. 5. Solo Career• He start his solo career at age of 13 while working with the Jackson 5,• In 1982 Quincy Jones produced another Jackson album, Thriller, which became the biggest hit in history with sales reaching 53 million copies and thriller had many hit singles in it.
  6. 6. Moonwalk• He popularized a number of complicated dance moves such a srobot and moonwalk.• The moonwalk get really famous. Jackson started the known as his trademark moonwalk
  7. 7. The Accident• During 1984 he went on tour with his brothers to promote the Jackson album, Victory. During the tour he suffered an accident on stage that resulted in third degree burns. Plastic surgery was required to help restore his appearance.
  8. 8. After the Accident• After the accident there were lots of gossip about jackson that he that he bleached his skin to make him look whiter Jackson later said he suffered from vitiligo, a skin disorder which effects the skins pigmentation, causing large white blotches to appear
  9. 9. His Marrieges• Married to Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis. May 1994 , they had divorced after 9 months.• He had his second marriged with a 37 years old nurse named Debbie Rowe, Debbie gave him a two children, Prince Michael November 1996 and Paris Michael Katherine October 1999 .•
  10. 10. Blanket Scandal• Jacksons third child, Prince Michael Jackson II. His nick name become Blanket„, was born in 2002, however the identity of the mother is not known. 2002 In the same year Jackson caused outrage in Berlin dangling his child over a hotel balcony.
  11. 11. Neverland Ranch• His fantasy home was neverland for him, he named it after the fantsy ısland in the story of Peter Pan.
  12. 12. His Last Succeses• In 2003, Sony put out a compilation of Jacksons hits on CD and DVD. 2003• Jackson was awarded “The Diamond Award” on November 15, 2006, for selling over 100 million albums, at the World Music Awards. November 15, 2006• “Thriller 25” stood at 688,000 copies, making it the best- selling catalog album of 2008. 2008 To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Thriller,
  13. 13. This Is It• Michael Jackson announces series of comeback concerts in London at March 5, 2009, he called these series This Is It
  14. 14. His Dead• Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50. According to reports, Jackson died as a result of cardiac arrest.• Tears for him will never stop