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Denitool Intro 2012


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Denitool Intro 2012

  1. 1. Innovative & HighPerformance Swiss Quality Products Small Part FocusStandard & Custom Solution Programs
  2. 2. MicroTurn A/S:High Precision, Internal Small Diameter Part Machining Features: •PVD Coated Tips in Denalloy •Holders capable of both RH & LH usage •All holders have coolant through Benefits: •Denalloy: Outperforms carbide by 10:1 •High wear resistance •Extended tool life Focus: MedicalExpansion In Process: Usage of KM Micro and KM Mini holders utilizing Denalloy tips
  3. 3. MicroTurn D / Mini Tools / Micro & Mini Copy Offering :Small Part ID & OD Turning Focus Features: •Available in Steel / Steel with coolant / Carbide with coolant •Insert shape and pocket are perfectly matched •Through hardened holders (Up to 52 Rc) •Many geometries and grades available •Small coolant holes to maximize tool holder strength Benefits: •Bi-directional feeding capability •Cycle time reduction •Higher feed potential (maximized strength) Focus: Aerospace / Energy / MedicalSmall portion shown of an expansive ID & OD program including ISO offering
  4. 4. Vario System:High Precision, Adjustable Fine-Boring System Features: •5:1 ratio allows for on machine adjustments •Interchangeable cassettes for variety of insert geometry configurations •Adaptable to multi-function special tooling Benefits: •Set-up time reduction •Economic machining of super alloys •Elimination of other cutting processes Focus: Energy / Transportation / Aero Portion of a comprehensive Milling program within portfolio
  5. 5. DPC (Differential Pitch Chuck):Milling Cutter System Features: •Perfectly designed for today’s live tooling applications •No modification required for commercially available spindles •Provides higher tool stability compared to most standard end mills Benefits: •Set-up time reduction •Expanding range of cutters available •Compatible with ER16, ER20, and ER25 spindles Focus: Energy / Transportation / Aero Portion of a comprehensive Milling program within portfolio
  6. 6. Modulo D System:Modular Tooling System for Multitasking Machines Features: •Cost effective & flexible solution for multitasking machine operations •Interchangeable insert carriers •Patented, extremely rigid connection with integrated coolant supply Benefits: •Set-up time reduction •Low cost replacement if crash occurs •Ability to supply custom solution insert carriers at low cost and quick delivery Focus: Energy / Gen Eng / Aero Standard program expansion to include KM & CAPTO
  7. 7. Custom Solution Capabilities:Able to meet your special steel and insert needs Features: •Strong engineering and design staff •Modern manufacturing environment capable of machining a wide variety of materials •Quick response time with quotes and approval prints Focus: Expansive Flexible manufacturing cells to meet your custom solution needs
  8. 8. Main Competitors:
  9. 9. Technical Data
  10. 10. Competition Page / In Process
  11. 11. SuccessStories
  12. 12. Example of useApplication: Nozzle for dental ultrasonic cleaner, mat: AISI 420C+SBefore: KORLOY VCGT 130302 AK PC 230 -> 250 parts poor surface qualityAfter: Denitool VCGT 130302-25 DX20 -> 650 parts VCGT 130302-25 DS10 -> 1700 partsV=25 ft/min Depth of cut = 0.1“ Feed = 0.0015“/rev.
  13. 13. ExampleApplication: Medical titanium partBefore: Horn VHM tools -> 5 parts (edge chipping)After: Denitool MicroTurn A/S -> 150 partsV=65 ft/min Depth of cut=0.025“ Feed= 0.0008“/rev.
  14. 14. ExampleApplication: Freezing valve, Material 316 TiBefore: Sandvik CCMT 060202 PF GC 4025 -> insufficient surface quality, 2nd operation necessaryAfter: Denitool CDGT 040102 FL DX30 -> Surface N6 ok.V=165 ft/min Depth of cut=0.025“ Feed= 0.0025“/rev.
  15. 15. Example of useApplication: Flange for bearing, material 12L14Before: CERAMETAL CCMT 060204 EN MT100 -> 430 partsAfter: Denitool EPGT 050204 EN DX20 -> 680 partsV=660 ft/min Depth of cut=0.04“ Feed= 0.008“/rev. Roughing dia 0.31“ -> 0.62“
  16. 16. Example of useApplication: Flange for bearing, die-cast zincBefore: 2 operations on double spindle lathe -> 90 sec/part tolerance problems, not conformal to SPC*After: Denitool MiniCopy35°, VCGT 070202 -> 57 sec/part front and back turning in 1 OP SPC ok.n=4000 rpm Depth of cut=0.012“ Feed= 0.005“/rev. *) SPC Statistical Process Control