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Tips to Score High in Your IELTS


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Applicants of IELTS have to be familiar with test format and the rules of IELTS Organization. Here we are giving some useful tips on ielts preparation to score good band.

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Tips to Score High in Your IELTS

  1. 1. Tips to Score High in Your IELTS According to the report of IELTS Organization, test takers from the top 40 countries scored on an average of 6 band but the most universities want Band 7 or above and most immigration authorities want band 6.5. Success depends on the way you solve the tasks, the way you write essays and time management. People who know the right path they get good score. If your goal is to score high in your IELTS exam you will need a good level of English communication skills, which are basic foundation for IELTS test.
  2. 2. Know the Test Format If you are going to write any kind of test you should know the test format before the actual preparation starts because unless and until know the test format you can't finish it on time. So before going to take IELTS test you have to be familiar with test format to score high.
  3. 3. Importance of Practice Tests Even a native English speaker may not get good score in IELTS without practice. By having lot of practice tests and proper preparation you can get good score in all modules. Practice tests improve your skills and bring you awareness of the test format and syllabus. Non native English speakers do a bit more practice.
  4. 4. How do You Prepare for IELTS? You can start your preparation by reading, listening, writing and speaking in daily situations. Listen to English news, reading news papers, magazines and speaking with your friends whenever possible. Reading English materials improve your comprehension skills and writing skills as well. While doing writing practice ask someone to correct the essays and proofread. Online practice tests are the best way to prepare for IELTS, where you can take lot of practice tests and you will get tutor assistance. Many websites are providing video classes, practice tests, downloadable material and tutor assistance. Search for those sites and have online training for good score.
  5. 5. Concentrate on Four Modules of IELTS You can get good score by polishing your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as well. But behind this you should be familiar with test format, flow and IELTS Modules. One who knows about IELTS Modules and test format he/she can able to solve all the tasks on time.
  6. 6. Tips for IELTS Listening Test Make a habit to listen to English news and songs to improve your listening skills. Below are some tips while taking listening test. ➔ Read the question paper before you listen so that you know what you are listening for. ➔ Don't leave the writing part to the end because you may forget what you heard. ➔ Check your spelling. If you write any name with spelling wrong, you lose mark. So be careful in case of numbers and names. ➔ Don't write answers quickly. Sometimes you may think what you hear is the answer but conversation gives slightly different information. ➔ Answer all question because if you leave any blank there will be a chance to write answers in the wrong boxes. ➔ Look for clues in the question.
  7. 7. IELTS Reading Test Tips Reading newspapers, magazines and materials improve your reading skills. Here are some points to remember while taking reading test. ➔ When you look something special read in detail. ➔ Before reading the full passage see what type of questions exist and look for it. ➔ Read fastly because a slow reader always loses time when the text is long. ➔ Remember your aim is to find the answers not to study the passage. ➔ Skip unimportant words like prepositions and ignore difficult words. ➔ Scan the words like when you look for a price in an advertisement. ➔ Get an overview of the text by reading titles, subtitles, beginning and ending of the text.
  8. 8. Tips for IELTS Writing Test To write an essay or letter one has to be creative to add more points and examples. While writing manually we don't have any spell checker and grammar correction to edit. So be carefull. ➔ Read the question carefully and answer the question. ➔ Before start writing think and plan. ➔ Try to finish with in 250 words and don't write more words. ➔ Don't copy the total question because the examiner will exclude those words. But you can rephrase it. ➔ Complete the essay on time. ➔ Make a good impression on your essay by maintaining good structure (Divide the essay into paragraphs with indentations).
  9. 9. IELTS Speaking Test Tips Speak in English whenever and wherever possible with your friends, relatives, colleagues well before the exam. By having speaking practice you can speak well with the examiner or interviewer. ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔ Try to speak as much as you can. Speak fluently and be spontaneous. Express your opinions. If you make mistake correct it immediately. ➔ Ask for clarification if you don't understand the question. ➔ Make an eye contact. ➔ Don't learn answers before the exam.
  10. 10. Conclusion There is no secret for success in IELTS; it depends on the way of completing tasks and a sincere preparation before the exam. Practice, time management are the keys for good band score in IELTS. The Applicant has to follow the below points: ➔ Improve your English by taking an English course and get feedback. ➔ Understand the test format and rules of IELTS. ➔ Take sample practice tests as much as you can. ➔ Try to be relaxed on the day before the exam. ➔ Ready to do your best on the test day.
  11. 11. GOOD LUCK We at provide online preparation classes and practice tests for General and Academic Modules.