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Jeff Sieh - Going Off the Beaten Path to Build a Brand


Published on | Jeff Sieh - Going Off the Beaten Path to Build a Brand

Ever since +Jeff Sieh started his Manly Pinterest Tips show, I've been intrigued. Conventional wisdom is that Pinterest is a gal thing, yet Jeff has turned that notion upside down and created a popular show and podcast that explores an alternate point of view. In this show, we're going to find out the back story and what stepping off the beaten path has done for Jeff's brand and visibility.

Jeff Sieh is Creative Director at *His Design, Inc* and Head Beard at *Manly Pinterest Tips* where he is creator and host of The Manly Pinterest Tip Show.  With top tips, pop culture, comedy and just plain fun, Jeff teaches Pinterest techniques unlike any other.  

On the Hangout we discuss

☛ Why Jeff started the "Manly Pinterest Tips" show
☛ The rise of the visual web
☛ Importance of thinking "mobile first"
☛ Good looking images (and great content) is now just the cost of sitting at the table on social

0:44 Introduce Jeff Sieh
2:12 Welcome to Jeff
3:06 What got Jeff involved with Pinterest and starting Manly Pinterest Tips Show
4:02 Started a secret board with his daughter
4:27 Started The Manly Show with Les Dossey, Stephan Hovnanian, Wade Harmon, and Mike Allton
5:36 Experimented with pivoting his brand; started growing his beard
6:42 How did Jeff expand his use Pinterest
7:20 Pinterest has longest shelf live of any social networks
8:24 Audience is still primarily women
8:32 Male users of Pinterest are fastest growing demographic
9:24 Is there a difference in content between what men and women post
9:58 Not a social media network; it's a discovery engine
10:19 Check out Constant Contact's boards
11:33 Discussing Pinterest's smart feed
13:07 Check links before you pin them; make sure it's not spam and that's evergreen content
14:02 Pinterest set to surge in 2015
14:38 47 million people using Pinterest; expected to outpace Facebook for new users
16:04 How can marketers use Pinterest? {consultants, service}
16:51 Use rich pins
18:24 Affiliate codes are stripped out of Pinterest
19:31 What accounts for the rise of visual on the web?
21:11 Are you a feed scroller?
21:42 Create 3 difference images for every blog post
22:37 The cost of sitting at the table with social
25:07 Using Instagram to tell your story
26:51 How do we think mobile first?
28:32 Popups on mobile, do they work?
29:51 You need to go to a specialist to make sure things are done right
31:05 Jeff's most memorable adventure(s)
33:45 Link to Manly Pinterest Tips show on Microcontent:
34:39 Text 33444 to get Manly Pinterest Tips

Jeff's social links

His Design, Inc.:
Manly Pinterest Tips:
Manly Pinterest Tips on iTunes: 
Manly Monday Video Podcast:

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Jeff Sieh - Going Off the Beaten Path to Build a Brand

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