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In this interview with Kathleen Gage, known as The Street Smarts Marketer, she reveals some of the strategies and tactics her team used to to create and execute a highly successful book launch on Using a blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Kathleen describes the nine month campaign that took the book to #1 in four categories on and #27 overall. More tips:

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How to Launch a Book with Social Media: Interview with Kathleen Gage

  1. 1. Interview with Kathleen Gage How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing Denise Wakeman The Blog Squad
  2. 2. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 2 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. NOTICE: You Do NOT Have the Right to Reprint or Resell this Report! You Also MAY NOT Give Away, Sell or Share the Content Herein If you obtained this report from anywhere other than you have a pirated copy. Please help stop Internet crime by reporting this to: support@denisewakeman © 2010 Copyright Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad, LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without express written, dated and signed permission from the author. DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES: The information presented herein represents the view of the author as of the date of publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserves the right to alter and update her opinion based on the new conditions. The report is for informational purposes only. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided in this report, neither the author nor her affiliates/partners assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional. If advice concerning legal or related matters is needed, the services of a fully qualified professional should be sought. This report is not intended for use as a source of legal or accounting advice. You should be aware of any laws which govern business transactions or other business practices in your country and state. Any reference to any person or business whether living or dead is purely coincidental.
  3. 3. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 3 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. [To listen to the audio version of this interview, click here.] Denise Wakeman: Hello. This is Denise Wakeman, founder of The Blog Squad. Today I am very pleased to have the opportunity to speak with my colleague and friend, Kathleen Gage. Very excited to have her here today because we’re going to be telling you some great information and secrets about how you can have a successful launch of a product or program. Kathleen and I have known each other for several years. As a matter of fact, Kathleen, I cannot remember when we first met. It’s a blur in my mind at this point. We have co-created programs. We have participated in a Master Mind group together. Most recently we co-hosted the Radiant Success Event which is a live 3 day event in Raleigh, North Carolina with 3 other colleagues. Let me tell you a little bit about Kathleen before we get to the questions. Kathleen Gage, also known as The Street Smarts Marketer is an Internet marketing advisor who works with spiritually aware speakers, authors, coaches and consultants who are ready to turn their information into money making products and services. As an award winning speaker, author and entrepreneur Kathleen is best known for her expertise with teleseminars, online bestseller book launches, information product development and continuity programs. She is committed to helping others discover how their life’s work and spiritual paths go hand in hand. Welcome Kathleen. Thanks for joining me today. Kathleen Gage: It’s good to be here and I am thrilled to be talking about what we’re talking about. I really think that people can benefit from learning more about how to put their product out to market. Denise: Specifically what we’re going to be talking about is an online bestseller book launch that you’re doing on October 19th . The purpose of this interview is not only to find out about the new book that you have co-authored, but also to get the inside scoop about how you and your team have created and executed a detailed social media marketing campaign that started I believe 9 months ago, right? Kathleen: It’s been about 8 or 9 months. It’s a very elaborate, strategic process that we’ve gone through. More detailed, I would say, than anything I’ve ever done before. It’s been so exciting.
  4. 4. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 4 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. Denise: You’ve already been doing a ton of interviews. A lot of people are talking to you about the really important message of the book, which we’ll reveal in just a minute. For my audience, what I wanted to do, because my audience is made up of service professionals, authors, speakers, coaches, etc., who want to know more about online marketing, I really want to not only learn about the topic of your book but also how you are implementing a marketing plan for your book so that others may be able to implement a similar launch. To set the stage, would you tell us a little bit about the book and how it came about? Kathleen: Absolutely. The book is actually designed for conscious entrepreneurs and those people who want to move into a higher level of awareness and consciousness in their business, the way they run their business and the way they conduct their lives. It was the brainchild of two of my colleagues and friends, Lynne Klippel and Christine Kloser who have Love Your Life Publishing. They’ve done a number of anthology books in the past. Each has been very, very successful. As they’ve both grown in their consciousness and business, one of their commitments is to bring information out to the market on how people can do this for themselves. A series of teleseminars, interestingly enough, was the primary way that they introduced this book to market to invite authors in. We have 40 authors who are involved in the project and each has a message that they’ve put into the book that is-I have to say enlightening. I’ve read through the book a few times. Each time I read through it I’m in awe of the process that each of the authors has gone through to get to their level that they’re in in business. It’s not even just at the financial level. I mean, we have some very, very successful authors in the book. It’s really an awareness of their business as a vehicle to do their life’s work. Denise: That’s very cool. What’s the book called? Kathleen: It is called Align, Expand and Succeed. Denise: Okay, excellent. You just mentioned that the project really started about 8 or 9 months ago and this book is finally launching on October 19th 2010. So, why the long lead time and how did this work in your favor? Kathleen: The reason for the long lead time is I actually did personal training with all the authors on how to use social media marketing to really get their message out to the market. Not just with the book but other aspects of their business. There was a whole period of training that we did with all the authors which was a really exciting process to work with different levels of understanding of what social media
  5. 5. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 5 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. marketing is. Another reason is that most authors-I can say this with a lot of confidence-most authors don’t like to market. They think that all they have to do is write a book and somehow Oprah is going to find them. It may be that Oprah doesn’t even- isn’t even a good match for them. The reality is, if a book is going to be successful in today’s market, you have to market it. With the internet there are tools that we have available today-for example, say Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube that in the past we didn’t have available. When I first started doing online campaigns it was really a matter of finding anywhere from 40-100 people who would help promote the book. They would give a bonus gift, and on one day they would send a message out. Today it’s much more elaborate than that. I’ve seen people try to do it the old model way and fall flat on their face. They just have not been successful. We have integrated so many different aspects of video marketing. We’ve done a lot on LinkedIn. We’ve done a lot on Facebook, Twitter where we’ve set up a professional page. We’ve set up a YouTube channel. We’ve set up a LinkedIn page, a Twitter page. Of course, a blog. That’s the hub. This is something I learned from you. I have to say you taught me well. The blog is the hub of everything we’re doing. What we’ve been doing for months is we’ve been feeding the blog with great posts that have our keywords so that when people key in “conscious business” ours is rising to the top. Actually with “conscious business tips” we take over the whole first page of Google which is really exciting. Denise: Congratulations. Kathleen: Thank you. What we did was again, we were very strategic about this. I think it’s really important for people to hear regardless of whether it’s a book you’re marketing or it’s a product you’re marketing, or it’s your business services like consulting, coaching and mentoring. You have to have a way to be very targeted in how you reach your market. It’s not a throw something at the wall and hope something sticks. It’s being very strategic in knowing who your market is, knowing what keywords they use to search on your kind of services and products, and then from there you lay the foundation. Denise: You’ve given me a good segue into my next question. That’s about the specifics and social marketing tools that you’re using in your campaign. You’ve mentioned YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a blog of course. Thank you. So glad to have heard that. Kathleen: Absolutely.
  6. 6. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 6 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. Denise: How did you go about choosing which tool you would use and how much prep work went in before launching each of these different elements? Kathleen: The first thing we did was look at what outcome we wanted for the project. The outcome is we want to sell a lot of books so the message can go out to market and we can make money. I’m not going to beat around the bush on that one. We want to see a lot of revenue generated. And also get visibility through the position that we gain on Amazon. What happens with Amazon is when you start rising to the top, there are journalists who are watching which books are going to the top. There are TV show hosts that are looking at what books are going to the top. That’s actually how other opportunities are created. The first thing we did is we looked at what’s the end result that we want and we worked back from there. The fact that I’ve been involved with the internet for so many years, it made perfect sense to do it all through the internet. We’ve done very little brick and mortar. After the fact, the authors do have tools where they can go and do presentations within their own market or nationally or globally if they want to. For this campaign, we started with the most obvious one which was a blog. So we got our blog first. From there we have a wonderful social media person who helped us to integrate everything into as soon as something would be posted on the blog it would be fed into LinkedIn. It would be fed into Facebook. It would be fed into Twitter. We also used video very strategically by having our YouTube channel and making sure that we use the keywords. This is something that is so important when people do video. You have to use the keywords so that you can get better search engine optimization. When you put a description in YouTube for example, you want to put the url with the http: at the beginning so it’s a live link and you can talk about whatever your campaign is and you lead people back to a landing page where they either sign up for something or they actually buy something. Another thing that we did was we put together an ebook with the 40 authors and offered a tip which was on conscious business. We were giving that ebook away and that was one way that we actually filled a database with potential buyers for the book. The next thing we did is we got leaders within different industries to give us a tip. We switched a page from the ebook over to the tips and continued marketing and people would go to that page, sign up for the tips, go into the back end database. The day of the launch they will be informed of this book and all the bonuses we are giving. We are all definitely putting that element in there. I don’t want to downplay that at all. It’s a huge part of the success of the campaign. It’s the other elements that are really different than in years past.
  7. 7. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 7 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. Denise: Leading up to the launch, which at the time of this interview will be in 2 days. We don’t know what the results are yet. But, leading up to this launch, what tactic do you feel has been the most effective for building the buzz and visibility? Kathleen: The most effective tactic I would say is definitely the blogging and Facebook. I think those are the two that have been most effective. You know, it’s really a hard call because I think every element is essential. One tactic is my ability to motivate the authors and the partners. It’s not just a matter of people saying, “Okay, I’m going to go ahead and help you promote.” We have to have really good communication with them. I have a project manager, Tami, who has been working with me for years who has kept people informed of what’s going on. About once every two weeks early on we’d say, “Hey. The campaign is going great. This is what we’re doing.” Leading up now they’re getting a message. They got a message from me 2 days ago, and a message from Tami. They got one from me yesterday. They’re going to be getting a message tomorrow from me. To keep them motivated and just to let them know what the value to them will be for them to really give 100% in this whole process. Denise: Right. I haven’t personally ever participated in an anthology project but I know a lot of people who have and I know quite a few people who have actually been the project manager for those kinds of books. My understanding is it’s very hard often to get the group of authors to all participate at a similar level in terms of the marketing and enthusiasm. They think that they just write a chapter and then everybody else is going to do all the work or something. I’ve never actually heard of the authors being personally trained in marketing. That sounds like something that is a stand out in your program. Kathleen: It definitely is. That actually is something that Christine, Lynne and I did some masterminding and brainstorming on it and came up with this idea of how can we set ourselves apart from the competition. How can we really make this something so unique to Love Your Life Publishing and Street Smarts Marketing. We had collaborated on a few projects. We will continue to collaborate in the future. There are some exciting things coming. I’m the one doing the training so that’s the unique selling proposition. Kathleen Gage only partners with Love Your Life Publishing on anthologies. I was actually approached by a few people to help them with their anthologies and I said, “Here’s how we’re going to do it. Either you let Love Your Life Publishing do the publishing or I don’t participate.” I really feel a loyalty to Christine and Lynne because they’re so visionary and I love working with them. They’re perfect to work with in that they have a lot of respect for the authors. They have a lot of respect for their customers. I think that’s an element too that people really need to look at. What level of respect do you have for the people that you’re working with on all levels? Your team members that you contract,
  8. 8. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 8 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. your customers and clients, any partners that you’re collaborating with, all of that energetically is so important. That’s really the theme of the book. Denise: You talked about the bonuses and the bonus gifts in passing. I was looking at the sales page the other day, the sign up page or whatever you’re calling it-the landing page. Kathleen: We’ll call it a sales page. Denise: The landing page. The landing page for buying a book. I think there’s something like over $6,000 or $7,000 in bonus gifts. There’s over 100 different bonus gifts, is that correct? Kathleen: Yes, that is correct. Denise: How did you get so many JV partners to participate? Kathleen: Some of the JV partners have never participated in a book launch before. It’s through personal relationships. It would be through the conferences I’ve attended or spoken at, through Master Mind groups I’ve participated in. The personal relationship has been really important. It could be someone Christine and Lynne know. Maybe it’s someone that I know. It could be somebody that-a partner that is a JV partner knows and they made a recommendation. A lot of it is the personal relationship. Another level is finding people who would be a good match for the theme of the book, the genre of the book. Those people who would have a bonus gift that would match. Now, it’s important for people to understand, they don’t have to take all 100 gifts. They may find 2 or 3 that are just ideal for their particular situation. Those are the 2 or 3 I would recommend getting. For other people it might be 20 or 30. People don’t have to download every single bonus gift that there is. I think that could put them in overwhelm with just way too much information. Denise: This is going to be one of those questions where I don’t want to challenge you too much but I do want to a little. I know that from my experience of these Amazon style campaigns, when there are 100 bonus gifts it just seems overkill. Kathleen: Oh, it is. I will agree. The reason being is it’s about mass marketing. It’s interesting because you look at any brick and mortar business that uses coupons for example. It could be a 2 for 1 coupon. That is an incentive for people to come down to the place of business and once they’re there they’ll buy something else. So that’s the whole idea -- we want to make the offer enticing enough to where it really is something that people will take action on.
  9. 9. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 9 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. It’s interesting because there are some people who say, “This is not real marketing.” I would challenge-talk about challenge-I would challenge anybody to put a campaign together like this and then come back to me and tell me that it’s not real marketing. There have been hundreds if not thousands of hours put into this-I would say more like thousands of hours-into the campaign. Very, very strategic. Our marketing plans can be as many as 10-15-20 pages of different things, different aspects of the campaign. Yes, it can be overkill if somebody takes all the bonuses. I don’t recommend that they do that. Again, pick and choose and decide “what is my goal in my business and what bonus and what expert do I want to learn from.” We’ve got some amazing experts. We’ve got Christian Mickelsen who is just brilliant at what he does. We’ve got Bill Barren. We’ve got Kendall Summerhawk, Denise Wakeman. It goes on and on and on with the experts. The level and the caliber that we’ve brought in. Denise: Do you have a commitment with each one of these partners who is providing a gift to promote the launch for you? Kathleen: Yes. Yes. That is-it creates a win-win. Not only are they going to send out solo messages to their list, they’re helping with the social media marketing. For example, on our blog we have it set up that when we do a blog posting you can click the like button and it immediately goes on your Facebook wall. We’re going to actually be keeping the partners posted throughout the campaign of when a blog post goes up, not only on our blog, but we have a blog tour going on where we have about 80 people participating in that where they can put information about the book up on their blog. They can interview the authors and put that on their blog like what you’re doing. We will inform all the authors and we’ll inform people on Twitter, Facebook that this has been posted so they can actually go to the blog and see the posting. We are looking at creating a complete win-win for everybody involved. Denise: I think that’s highly unusual. The fact that you’re going to alert the authors to be actually interacting with the people who are promoting, I think that’s very good. That drives traffic and of course that’s what we all want, right? Kathleen: My first thought when you said this is highly unusual, I like to think of myself as highly unusual. Anybody who knows me knows that I don’t play small. I play very big. I have great visions for what can happen in business. Not only with the success of a book becoming a bestseller, truly the message behind the book. I think that anybody can look at business today and they can see there’s a real distinction between running their business with integrity and somebody who is not. My commitment is to get that message out as globally as possible. Denise: Do you have a few more minutes for a couple more questions?
  10. 10. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 10 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. Kathleen: Absolutely. For you always. Denise: Oh, thank you Kathleen. Kathleen: And for your listeners. Denise: One of the things I’m curious about and you just slightly touched on this just now and how you’re going to let people know when somebody posts a blog post about the book, how are you tracking the metrics associated with Facebook, Twitter, the videos and the blog post? How are you doing that? Kathleen: I have somebody on my team who is doing that. I don’t have enough information to give it to you right now. I’m going to have a nice pot of coffee by my desk and make sure I’m awake 24-7 for this. We do want to notice as much as possible. One of the big things would be when a blog owner posts something we’re asking them to inform us. We have also subscribed to their blogs. We’re putting some check and balances in place so that we can be informed and keep informing other people. Denise: Excellent. I’ll be posting an article on my Biz Tips Blog in addition to this interview. Kathleen: Fabulous. Denise: I imagine you probably have Google alerts set up too in real time as well as daily. Kathleen: Definitely. Denise: I usually get daily digests but I guess for something like this you would want them coming in- Kathleen: as they show up. Yes. We did do Google alerts. Denise: In terms of the content that you’ve been producing so far because you started your planning for this 9 months ago, I assume the blog went up within a month or two of that. You’ve had some time to generate content, you’ve got the ebook, the videos, the Facebook stuff, I’m assuming it’s a Facebook page that you set up? Kathleen: Yes. It’s a professional page. Denise: What kind of trends are you seeing around the content you’ve created? What specific content is getting the most buzz?
  11. 11. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 11 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. Kathleen: Anything to do with conscious business. There are a lot of people doing searches on conscious business because I think that a lot of people are tired of business as usual. They want to see a change and they want to be a part of that change. That’s where we’re really seeing a lot of interest. Christine Kloser actually started with the words “conscious entrepreneur” many years ago before it was the trendy thing to do. So when somebody keys in “conscious entrepreneur” she actually rises to the top because she’s done so much around that. That’s really the area that we’re seeing a lot of interest. People have been saying “thank you for posting this information.” I get private messages from people that actually it’s surprising how many people are hungry for this kind of information. Denise: Where are you getting your best engagement, on your videos, Twitter, Facebook? Where are people connecting with you the most? Kathleen: Facebook without a doubt. Denise: That seems to be a trend in all niches these days. With 500+ million people on Facebook I guess that’s bound to happen. Can you see this at this point-is that engagement on Facebook translating into traffic back to your blog if that’s where you’re directing or back to the landing page to get the ebook and that sort of thing? Kathleen: Yes, because when we post we do see an influx of sign ups whether it be the ebook or the tips. What’s really great about social media marketing and Facebook in particular is other people can pass that onto their friends. So there’s this whole viral aspect that goes beyond anything I think that we can really put our hands around. It’s bigger than any of us. The main thing though is to be very clear on who you’re targeting. I actually had one gentleman-I belong to some Yahoo groups published authors, self published authors, book marketing and they were asking about different ways to market a book. About 2 months ago I put something up about what we’re doing with this campaign and that it’s for conscious entrepreneurs. I got slammed by one person who said, “Oh yeah. You think this is just the way to go.” It was a really vicious kind of message. After I calmed down, I wrote a response and I said, “Thank you for your input. We realize that not everybody is our market and it’s very apparent that you’re not. Have a great day.” I am not going to try to convince somebody to be a part of my market. Either they get it or they don’t. Denise: Exactly. To just wrap up the Facebook thing, are you using Facebook ads to get the word out also? Kathleen: No, we are not. Denise: Have you set up a Facebook event for the launch day?
  12. 12. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 12 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. Kathleen: Yes. That is being set up. Yes. Denise: Excellent. Kathleen: We’re doing the event. We’re doing a lot of wall postings where we put the @ with the person’s name on our profile and it goes over to their wall. We’re making sure that we’re doing it in a very ethical and integrous way. We don’t want to spam people by any stretch of the imagination. Denise: Absolutely. How many people do you estimate are going to see information about the new book through your efforts? Kathleen: Wow. It’s so hard to put a number on it. I would say with the email messages alone, over a half million potential viewers. Then you add to that Twitter with all the viral marketing going on with that, YouTube, Facebook, we’re looking well over 1-2 million people. Again, we have no idea how big this will go. You never know if it goes on the news wire if this gets pushed up and all of a sudden something bigger than you could ever imagine happened. Denise: I figure with over 100 joint venture partners and 40 authors, some of them may only have a small list but others are going to have a large list. That could- Kathleen: You bring up a great point. The size of the list is not really that important. It’s the responsiveness of the list. Some people go, “Oh I only want to go with people who have a 50,000 plus list.” That may be such an overused list. We do have some partners who have pretty small lists compared to what the other people have. Their list is brand new as far as they’ve never been exposed to campaign like this and they’re so dedicated to the partner. We have some partners where they’re just-they have dedicated, loyal people on their list. That’s what we were looking for. Denise: Right. That definitely is key. Just one of my final questions, how do you think social media is changing how you create marketing campaigns and what that is doing for the little guy overall? Kathleen: Well, for the little guy you can now compete at a much higher level. There’s been a fair amount of time and money invested in this campaign. However, for the result that we’re getting it’s pennies on the dollar of what it would have been in the past. You also can reach markets that you may not even know they exist at this point in time. The fact that if somebody really likes what you’re doing, they’re going to take your information viral. I was watching a video the other day of this little kid singing some song, it was some really hokey video, and he had over a half million views on this video. I thought my gosh, this is incredible. As far as the little business owner, the small business owner you have
  13. 13. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 13 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. more opportunity to compete at a much higher level. Again, I do recommend that you know who your market is. Don’t try to be all things to all people. Going deep into a market can be much more effective than going wide and trying to be too many hat wearers, if you will. Denise: Right. That’s a message that you preach constantly too. Kathleen: I even speak that in my sleep. I dream about it. Denise: Target your market. Target your market. Know who your market is. It’s your mantra. Kathleen: Yeah, it is. Denise: Tell me, tell the audience, where can they get more information about Align, Expand and Succeed. Kathleen: They can go to That’s our blog. To go directly to the page where you’ll see the bonuses, you’ll see information about the book and be able to purchase the book you go to Denise: Excellent. I’ll include the link on the post where I’m going to post this audio interview. I’m going to have to follow up with you in a couple of weeks to see how the campaign turns out too. Kathleen: Oh, you’ll be hearing about it, trust me. If it goes like we’re hoping, this is going to be the most successful campaign we’ve done. For a number of reasons. One, there is a lot of respect in the industry for the publishers. They have a real strong following and people who really admire what they’re doing. They’ve got a great mission in their business. The next thing is the book. The quality of the book, it is unbelievable. As I’ve read through it a few times, I really have to say I feel so honored to have co-authored the book with the caliber of people in there. We’re talking from all walks of life. We have a doctor in there. We have a few PhDs in there. We have homemakers in there. It’s really interesting the level and the homemakers who work at home kind of thing. Every- healers we have in there. It’s a real cross section of people. Denise: This is the one thing we really haven’t touched on, what kind of content, what kind of tips or content or information or life transforming information are the readers going to get from this book? Kathleen: Well, there’s a common thread in almost every chapter of the book. The common thread is “To thine own self be true,” and be in service to your customers. Your business is a tool for service. That is the common thread which I found very interesting regardless of what the story was that they were telling. My story, it’s interesting, a lot of people don’t know this but at one point in my life I
  14. 14. Interview with Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer How to Launch a Book with Social Media Marketing 14 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad LLC. All Rights Reserved. was homeless. It was by making very bad choices. If someone wants to find out what those bad choices are they can buy the book and it’s in my chapter. It all is in the upcoming book. There’s a lot being revealed in each chapter, but the common thread again is “To thine own self be true.” I think it will give people the courage to honor who they are. When you read about other people and the struggles they had to go through to get to a place where they are so congruent with what they are doing in their life, that really helps you to move yourself to the next level. Denise: Well, I look forward to seeing the book. I will be clicking that buy button as soon as I’m alerted that it’s available. I look forward to that. Kathleen, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me today about Align, Expand and Succeed and about your marketing campaign. I have to confess, that’s what I was really most interested in before you started talking about the content of the book. I was wondering, “How is she doing this?” You’ve been working on this so long, I’ve been hearing about it for so long I wanted to know about all those details. Kathleen: Thank you Denise. It’s always a pleasure talking to you. I have to give full credit to my team. Without them we couldn’t have done what we’ve done and all the great authors. Denise: I know you’re crazy busy and again congratulations on the publication of Align, Expand and Succeed, to the well orchestrated launch and the marketing campaign and I can’t wait to see it all come together. Kathleen: Thank you. Thank you for reading to this interview with Kathleen Gage. If you have comments or questions about the interview please post them online here. You can get more information about business blogging and boosting your visibility on the web at and get a free report at For support, please submit a ticket at Thank you! Denise Wakeman Founder, The Blog Squad Denise