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How to Build Your Brand and Visibility through Stories with Carey Pena


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Digital media changed the game in journalism. News Anchor Carey Pena recognized early on the significance and power new media was having on the way news is reported.

As a storyteller, not only for the news, and now with her company Inspired Media 360, Carey’s focus is on storytelling for brands and companies as a way to better connect with their audiences. Storytelling is at the heart of the content you create and influences how your audience sees your personal and company brand. And, that’s what Carey and I will be exploring on this episode of Adventures in Visibility.

On the show Carey and I discuss:

Carey Peña’s story
What you can learn from Journalism about storytelling
How to tell your story with your headlines
How to use storytelling for networking and marketing
Tips for telling compelling stories your audience wants to hear

Carey Peña is an Emmy Award Winning News Anchor, Reporter, and Political Show Host in Phoenix, AZ. Over the course of her 15 year television news career, she worked as a general assignment and investigative reporter, political show host, debate moderator and anchored three and a half hours of prime-time news nightly. Carey founded Inspired Media 360 because she feels strongly about the changing landscape of media and the endless opportunities to Inform, Inspire and Engage in a meaningful way.

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How to Build Your Brand and Visibility through Stories with Carey Pena

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