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How to Build a List with Purpose and Profit with Maritza Parra


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Adventures in Visibility | How to Build a List with Purpose and Profit with Maritza Parra

It’s not hype to declare that you can take 30 days off from your business and still make money. That’s precisely how Maritza Parra, known as the List Building Queen, has designed, built and managed her business for years. Focusing on 4 key facets of your business can get you there, too. And, that’s what Maritza and I explore on this episode of Adventures in Visibility.

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On the show Maritza and I discuss:

• Knowing what your business is really all about
• What you need to stay focused on over the long haul and why
• The 4 specific keys you need to have a successful business

Maritza is passionate about helping business owners grow their profitable email subscriber lists to support their online business. However, list building has changed. It’s not as easy to build a list of qualified prospects. For this reason, Maritza also helps people SELL and SERVE while they are building their list to support a long-term profitable business they love.

She successfully turned her passion for Iberian horses into a lucrative convention event business, a tourist equine experience and into profitable information products, supported by a list of email subscribers she serves. She’s built email lists around her love for horses, natural bath & beauty products, her self-empowerment teachings that got her interviewed by Oprah and now also for her high-end camping gear business.

Maritza realized there were 4 specific keys she used in building all of her businesses and shows other small business owners how to do the same from her website at and her Hacienda workshop in San Antonio, TX.

She is the host of the Easy Online Marketing podcast and has 3 businesses. One business is in marketing, she continues her original horse businesses, and a camping/travel brand on Amazon launched in February 2015.

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How to Build a List with Purpose and Profit with Maritza Parra

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