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Email Marketing: Know Your Audience and What They Want


Published on | Email Marketing: Know Your Audience and What They Want with Stephan Hovnanian

Today's email subscriber is thirsting for a value-packed and personalized experience. Companies that are creating such experiences are earning more Web traffic, signups, and referrals than the ones that still think a "batch and blast" mentality is the way to go. ~Stephan Hovnanian

Email marketing is the most effective way to reach the people who have raised their hand and let you know they want to hear from you. Learn how you can create a relationship with and nurture your subscribers so they trust your message when it arrives in their inbox.

And, that’s what Stephan and I will be exploring on this episode of Adventures in Visibility.

On the show Stephan and I will discuss:
• Understanding of what your relationship with your subscribers, so you can plan your content strategy around them
• Identify and nurture brand champions and your most engaged subscribers
• How to set expectations up front so you can build value and trust
• How to design the experience for your subscribers when you ask them to do something within the email

Stephan Hovnanian is the owner of Shovi, an email marketing and customer success company located outside Boston. Stephan works with B2B brands who are transitioning to customer- centric marketing strategies by revitalizing the relationships they have with their audiences, and empowering them to allow marketing to touch all areas of the customer journey.

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Email Marketing: Know Your Audience and What They Want

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