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Can Using UTM Codes Get You Better Social Media Results?


Published on | Can Using UTM Codes Get You Better Social Media Results? with David Kutcher

If you want more visibility and engagement on your content, you need to know what messages on each platform are working for you. We often spend time and resources on social media but get caught up on the social proof metrics. We miss the intelligence enabling us to see which messages/posts are not just driving traffic, but driving goal completions. And that’s what David Kutcher and I will be discussing during this episode of Adventures in Visibility.

David and I chat about:
• Why your marketing efforts on social media may be going to waste
• The difference between social proof and real proof that your social media marketing is working (or not)
• How to get consistent value-based metrics from your inbound traffic campaigns
• How to test your efforts on different platforms
• How to easily create UTM encoded links to track the return on investment of your social messages

Read the blog post here:

David Kutcher is the co-owner and founder of Confluent Forms, a boutique firm that builds smart and beautiful websites and online strategies for their clients. Over the past 14 years they have worked with amazing small businesses, non-profits, academic institutions and even Fortune 100 companies among the 250+ client projects that they've launched. While they have lots of clients in our hometown area of western Massachusetts, their clients span the country. They're always working to help organizations achieve greater value from their online strategies.

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Can Using UTM Codes Get You Better Social Media Results?

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