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Badass Visual Branding for Your Blog | Adventures in Visibility with Andrea Beltrami


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Adventures in Visibility | Andrea Beltrami: Badass Visual Branding for Your Blog
By the end of a mini-course taught by Andrea Beltrami, I knew I was going to hire her to help me with the visual branding for my blog and other marketing images. She is sassy and savvy, both qualities I like, and most importantly, Andrea is talented with a keen eye for what works. I hired her and immediately received feedback about what I wanted, what would work and what wouldn't along with suggestions for how to improve my visuals all around. Andrea helped me create a simple, attractive and recognizable look for my blog and quote images. That’s why she’s my guest today, so you can get a dose of Andrea’s badass visual marketing savvy.

Andrea 'Dre' Beltrami is a straight shooting, wine guzzling, sassy California girl who in 2012 traded in her miserable day job for her lifelong dream of self-employment. Over the last two years Dre has helped solopreneurs and small business entrepreneurs from around the world create a vision for their voice. She helps entrepreneurial badasses propel their online success by creating branding and visual strategies that reflect their unique personality and style. To learn how to create an instantly recognizable brand that conveys your passion, purpose, personality and voice head over to and join her Badass Solopreneur Society today. It’s your right to be heard and she can help you do just that!

On the Hangout we'll discuss:

➽Defining your branding guidelines is exactly where brand recognition starts
➽Consistency leads to familiarity and familiarity leads to know, like and trust
➽You need to convey your uniqueness online and branding can help you do that
➽We're visual creatures, more now than ever, so you're missing out on connection and deeper exploration if you don't create visual content for your audience to devour

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Badass Visual Branding for Your Blog | Adventures in Visibility with Andrea Beltrami

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