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  • DeniseEach one of our proposed solutions will have a detailed program plan with clear timelines.We will identify an executive champion that will be the spokesperson and change leader within the organization. He or she will be supported by a change management leadership team that will be formed to support all 3 program initiatives.Go to Communications slideAll managers have a key role to play in the success of our programs an they will need to model new behaviors by “walking the talk”
  • DeniseFrequent and consistent meetings with employee groups and management groups will be required throughout the implementation of all the programsRead bullets-explain the reasons for change, present the plans and communicate the organizations expectationsCommunicate frequently: Channels can include newsletters, meetings, websites, listservs (e-mail)- -Communicate information openly and honestly in a transparent fashion- Ensure that the Executive Champion is involved in the communication planAnd we also need to Communicate Improved measurements, rewards and recognitions
  • DeniseIn order to create an urgency , it will be important to highlight the trend the company is facing with high turnover that is having an negative impact on company profitability.All systems must align to support the changes, otherwise we will fall short of achieving our objectives. If we are targeting the improvement of team collaboration and creativity sharing among peers, then we must ensure that we do not have rewards or recognition in place to counter this initiative. For example, allowing managers to praise employees for working long hours and offer them financial bonus incentive would counter the initiative for improving team collaboration .It is important to ensure that there is a feedback mechanism established for the programs; feedback forms will be made available on the company's website
  • DeniseThe job families will outline the career path possibilities at TRP and the skills necessary to move from one stream to the other will be available to assist employees with the management of their careers. Management Training Program will be a big component to assist the management stream. These job families will help manage the perceived pay inequities that exist among the various groups as the pay scales will be defined in accordance with the job families.
  • Lisa
  • Lisa
  • We will measure our program success by the following KPIs:
  • DeniseSupport us in Achieving success through our people by investing in our peopleThank you
  • Trp no 21 final jun 15

    1. 1. TAINAN RESEARCH PARK (TRP) Presentation to Board of Directors June 15, 2010 By the TRP Human Resources Task Force: Lisa Desautels (Director Human Resources) Aleksandra Grobelna (Vice-President Resources) Denise Vaillancourt (Director Information Technology) 1
    2. 2. TRP achieving success through it’s people by investing in it’s people• Our company is a leader in the high tech industry• We pride ourselves in attracting students from top Taiwanese universities• We successfully recruit and hire highly qualified engineers 2
    3. 3. TRP achieving success through it’s people by investing in it’s people• Research and Development (R & D) engineers have a high level of education• We have a young and promising work force• Engineers are highly compensated for their work 3
    4. 4. Industry Watch…• Taiwan technovation is driving industry• Global competition fierce• Will outsourcing go to mainland China? 4
    5. 5. Issues1. Very high turnover rate2. Lack of qualified managers3. Creativity and energy is being zapped by poor home-life quality4. Morale low due to stressful work environment 5
    6. 6. Issues5. Significant salary gap between engineering positions in operational vs. R & D departments6. Highly competitive environment to create new products is very stressful 7
    7. 7. Proposed Solutions 8
    8. 8. Change Management• Each program to contain detailed plan with clear timelines• Appoint an executive champion and leadership team to support the changes• Communication is a primary factor in the success of change management• Managers need to model new behaviours “walk the talk” 9
    9. 9. Change Management• Create an urgency around the need for change• Align all organizational systems to support changes• Seek feedback and act on it 11
    10. 10. Career Development ProgramProgram to include: • Career ladders allowing for an engineering: - technical stream - design stream - management stream • Skills development and training 12
    11. 11. Career Development Program• Mentoring• Educational support• 360 degree performance evaluation• Reward and recognition systems 14
    12. 12. Management Training Program• Fundamental management courses• Training to be provided in various ways• Resource Information Centre 15
    13. 13. Management Training Program• Leadership Training – All managers must be agents of change; they will need to lead by example to create a better work-life balance environment for TRP – Team building should be encouraged 16
    14. 14. Management Training Program• Mentorship Training – All managers should be aware of the mentorship program and act as mentors whenever possible – All managers encourage their staff to participate in the mentorship program 17
    15. 15. Quality Work-Life Balance Program• Family Focus – workplace childcare/elder care – flexible work arrangements – company events• Workplace focus – Conferences off-site – development seminars – karaoke nights – company dinners 18
    16. 16. Quality Work-Life Balance Program• Stress management (Employee Assistance Program or wellness/health promotion activities) – taking regular breaks – physically active breaks – quiet time/reading or relaxation room – fitness facilities (funding WOW!) – bubble tea room (funding WOW!) 19
    17. 17. Summary of Proposed Solutions 23
    18. 18. Success FactorsKey Performance Indicators (KPIs)Retention Rate: Target by 25% in 3 yearsEmployee Satisfaction Survey: Target Improvement by 20% in 3 yearsProfitability: by 2% in 3 years 24
    19. 19. TRPAchieving success through it’s people By investing in it’s people 25