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Lean in - say 'yes' to everything


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Explore what "yes" should help you do according to Shona Rhimes. Find out how to live a daring life! Commit to overcoming or changing things that hold you back.

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Lean in - say 'yes' to everything

  1. 1. Say “Yes” to Everything Explore what "yes" should help you do according to Shonda Rhimes. Find out how to live a daring life! By Shonda Rhimes Presented by Denise Reed
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  3. 3. Meet the expert Let's lean in and learn from Shonda Rhimes a highly awarded American television producer, screenwriter, author and mother of three. She's had a long list of very successful television shows including Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and many more ShondaLand productions. Rhimes is a graduate of Dartmouth College and received an honorary doctorate. In 2007, Rhimes was named one of TIME magazine's 100 People Who Help Shape the World. She published a memoir in 2015, Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Own Person and was a TED speaker "Year of Saying Yes to Everything" in February 2016.
  4. 4. “Year of Saying Yes to Everything”
  5. 5. YEAR OF SAYING YES TO EVERYTHING ...that scared you or made you feel insecure for one year! ● Why say, “Yes?” ● How can you say, “Yes!” more often? ● Exploration of “Shonda’s Hum.” ● Create your “dream job.” ● Do you have a family strategy to encourage yes, a hum, and a dream job?
  6. 6. Why say, “Yes?” Shonda Rhimes said, “Yes to: ● Public speaking ● Live T.V. ● Playing with her kids, even when she felt too busy ● She found her lost “hum”
  7. 7. How can you say, “Yes!” more often? ● Commit to overcoming or changing things that hold you back. ○ Step in the “yes” direction, even if it’s a small step. ○ Try a “yes” something for a short time, if you can’t do it for as long as you like. ○ Take time with others that have said, “Yes!” to play, imagine, and engage. ○ Schedule a time for your “Yes!” activity. ● What have you done or want to do to create your “Yes!”?
  8. 8. Explore “Shonda’s Hum” Shonda’s “hum,” the energy and excitement she feels when she’s deeply engaged in an activity that brings her joy or love. ● She’s passionately driven. ● She conspires to make everything come together in unison. ● She LOVES what she does. ● She intends greatness! Her passion is four television programs, 70 hours of TV, three shows in production at a time, sometimes four, 350+ million dollars, and a family.
  9. 9. How to create your “hum”: ● What gives you energy and excitement? ● What do you enjoy about it your “hum” activity? ● Have you tried something new to explore a potential “hum”? ● Have you connected with an expert of your passion to learn from their experience? ● Do you have a strategy to create a “hum” in your life?
  10. 10. Pick One Action Step 1. What passion do you want to develop? 2. What steps can you take to create forward momentum? 3. Share what you hope to gain using feeling words.
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