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AWMI July 2015 Newsletter

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AWMI July 2015 Newsletter

  1. 1. July 2015 Denise Carlile, Treasurer/Newsletter Chair AWMI Cleveland Chapter presents Member of the Year & Company of the Year at the June 2015 Annual Industry Dinner Congratulations 2014 Member of the Year, Dave Woolard of ArcelorMittal! Every year the AWMI Chapter Board has to make a difficult decision when awarding the honor of Company of the Year. There are so many of our member companies that stand out when focusing on those who participate in the growth & professional- ism of the women in our industry. Looking back into 2014, this time was no exception. Accepting the award on behalf of TimkenSteel, their employees & guests was the vice president of communications and community relations for TimkenSteel, Elaine M. Russell Reolfi. Thank you Elaine for joining us & participating in our special event! People Drive Progress… Our keynote speaker for our Annual Industry Dinner was CEO, chairman, & president Mr. Ward “Tim” Timken of Timken Steel. We are appreciative of Tim’s time & insight into what it takes to challenge & inspire growth for a company’s successful future. TimkenSteel believes that diversity & forward thinking are the keys to success in our industry; that through Innovation we drive com- petitiveness. Although easier said than done, TimkenSteel be- lieves in continuous improvement, making financial investments in equipment as well as attracting then retaining talented em- ployees. Of course, there have been changes at TimkenSteel during the past 2-years, but it is through these challenges that the TimkenSteel team has proved to be the strongest. Mr. Timken took the time to recognize individually his team members who were in attendance that evening; the AWMI appreciates all of your support!! Thank you! Congratulations 2014 Company of the Year, TimkenSteel! Mr. Dave Woolard was named Member of the Year for 2014. Dave has undoubtedly emerged as one of our chapter’s most loyal mem- bers. He has shown his support for our chapter for several years by not only attending our events; but by continuing to bring new guests, and encouraging their future attendance & membership as well. The AWMI Cleveland Chapter is blessed to have such a generous & kind supporter in our corner! Thank you Mr. Woolard!
  2. 2. New Member Spotlight...welcome! July 2015 Page 2 Melissa Takas, Vallourec Star LP Youngstown, Ohio Christine Kish, Carbon Plate Steel Products, LLC Cleveland, Ohio Michelle Winner, ArcelorMittal Cleveland, Ohio Angie Gilkerson, Samuel Steel Pickling Twinsburg, Ohio Donna Vareha-Walsh, Doncasters Jefferson Hills, PA Katie Churchin, General Metal Heat Treating Cleveland, Ohio Michelle Cloonan, IMC Marks Medina, Ohio Please take the opportunity to introduce yourself to another member at our next event!! ...If you missed the AWMI MEMBER SPOTLIGHT EVENT that was held June 16th at the Canton Pro Football Hall of Fame... You missed an opportunity to meet many of the talented & successful women of the AWMI CLEVELAND CHAPTER! One of the AWMI’s four cornerstones is mentoring. Last month we held our first ever professional round table in order to further develop our mentoring capabilities by utilizing our own internal network. We are very excited to be a part of the FASTEST growing chapter in the country; with the largest membership second only to the Chicago chapter! But with growth comes a new challenge... How many times have you attended an event only to look across the room and realize that the only other guests you recognize are your co-workers?! We have watched our group almost double over the past year and we are all excited to get acquainted with the “new faces” while getting to personally know some of our existing members. We want to thank the ladies listed below, who participated on our panel. Public speaking isn’t always as easy as they made it look! We appreciate your personal stories, your insight, your advice and your time spend sharing your journey with us! Alcoa Tiffany Dux, Chief Metallurgical Engineer Carpenter Technologies Annette Marado, Director of Strategic Marketing General Metal Heat Treating Katie Churchin, Finance Manager ProTrade Steel Co. Kim Linderman, Human Resource Manager TimkenSteel Heather Bourquin, Manager of Metallurgical Quality Assurance Doncasters Donna Vareha-Walsh, Director of Purchasing TimkenSteel Carolee Vanicek, Product Manager - Tubing
  3. 3. Upcoming Events August 3rd Annual Golf Outing, Firestone Country Club Akron, Ohio September 17th Joint AWMI/ASD meeting, at The Metropolitan at the 9! October 2016 Membership Drive, date & location TBD December 9th Holiday Party & Silent Auction Progressive Field Cleveland, OH WE NEED YOUR HELP! Are you a chapter member interested in volunteering or a Board Position? Please join us in learning, networking & planning events for our amazing members. Who are our members? We represent many companies, large & small! We are administrators, salespeople, buyers, engineers, manufacturers & much more! Join us Monday August 3rd, 2015 Our annual outing is just a few weeks away! We expect another successful North & West course SELL OUT, please register ASAP! Please contact Melissa or Denise for registration forms, our info listed on the next page. Special thanks to our early sponsors! Page 3
  4. 4. Educate  Network  Mentor  Grow Association of Women in the Metal Industries (AWMI) is a society of professionals, founded in California in 1981, to promote and develop the growth of women in the metal industries. AWMI believes that women in similar industries can benefit themselves and their companies through relationships, education and shared knowledge. The programs and activities of AWMI are structured to enhance members’ skills and experi- ence, address challenges confronting the industry, increase numbers in metal and promote career growth to the next level. Membership is open to both women and men who are seeking to develop all aspects of their professional development and career advancement. For membership information, contact Cleveland Chapter Membership Chair, Julie Farr July 2015 Page 4 Please search for our Group, AWMI Cleveland Chapter & join us for the most up to date info and events! PLEASE PASS THIS PUBLICATION ON TO A CO-WORKER!! AWMI Cleveland Chapter Board of Directors Cleveland Chapter President Janet Kuban, Quality Assurance Manager EXAL Corporation Vice President & Membership Chair Julie Farr, Account Manger TimkenSteel Treasurer & Newsletter Denise Carlile, Account Manager Marmon/Keystone LLC Secretary Mallory Schaffert, CRM Analyst, TimkenSteel Programs Chair Melissa Stephenson, Corp Credit Manager Universal Steel/Columbia National Group Fundraising/Publicity Co-Chair Amanda Visconti, Outside Sales, Camalloy Fundraising Co-Chair Amy Jo Dieffenbauch, Sales & Marketing Manager Specialty Metals Processing Membership Co-Chair Charlene Cybator, Account Manager ArcelorMittal Steel USA QUESTIONS OR SUGGESTIONS? Please contact us individually or via e- mail or via USPS AWMI Cleveland Chapter PO Box 36628 Canton, OH 44735