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Technology panel UNGGIM Forum - China 2014


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Chairing the Technology Panel for the United National Global Geospatial Information Management Committee Forum meeting in Beijing, China.

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Technology panel UNGGIM Forum - China 2014

  1. 1. Science, Technology & Innovation to Measure & Monitor
  2. 2. Data & Technology Measure & Monitor
  3. 3. Big Data Time Health Agriculture Insurance Sensors Mobile Fashion/Wearables
  4. 4. What is authoritative data?
  5. 5. For the audience • What data do I really need? How can I make it better or use it better? • The technology might be shiny and sparkly (even sexy) but will it really work with my systems and is it open enough in design to enable innovation?
  6. 6. For the presenters • What is the one critical message regarding technology or data that you want everyone today to walk away with?