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How Your Driving Record Affects your Life Insurance RateMost people know that a bad driving record can affect car insuranc...
purchase and the process of getting quotes is free. You can easily access quotes from lifeinsurance carriers whose underwr...
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How your driving record affects your life insurance rate


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How your driving record affects your life insurance rate

  1. 1. How Your Driving Record Affects your Life Insurance RateMost people know that a bad driving record can affect car insurance rates, but did you know thatyour driving history may affect your life insurance rates as well? That makes sense when youconsider that life insurance companies basically gamble on how long you will live. People who arein excellent health, younger and lead healthy lifestyles are preferred by life insurance companiesand this category of people pay the least premium. But what if you have traffic violations say, aticket for speeding, or a DUI? How does this impact your life insurance?Bad Driving Increases Your Death RiskAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an average 40,000 Americansdie from car accidents each year. Car crashes are the number one killer of teenagers, takingabout 3,000 lives each year. Nearly 5 million suffer car-related injuries every year whichemergency visits to the hospital. Bad driving is associated with higher risk of death. Therefore, lifeinsurance companies take a look at your driving history and any violation of traffic rules isconsidered to be a risk that may shorten your life and therefore, impact your life insurance rates.Different life insurance carriers adopt different criteria for viewing traffic indiscretions. If you havea traffic violation, it would be best to shop around for life insurance carriers who look at trafficviolations more favorably than others. Online life insurance quote providers are a great way to getmultiple life insurance quotes from reputed life insurance companies easily and instantly.Bad Driving May Impact Life Insurance RatesMany companies do not ask for details of your driving history on their application forms, but thisdoes not mean that they are not factoring your driving record in their underwriting process. Lifeinsurance companies can access this information from the State Department of Motor Vehicles.Since this information is easily available to them, it’s best to be honest and write down any trafficviolations you have had, if required. Any misinformation on the application form is considered acriminal act and may disqualify you from getting a life insurance policy.Can You Erase Your Traffic Violations?In general, life insurance companies are favorable to people who have had no more than 3moving violations in the last three years and no DUI has been issued in the last 5 years. Most lifeinsurance carriers look at recent traffic violations, and not your complete history. If you have aminor violation you should look at ways you can get this dismissed from your record. If your statehas provisions for you to erase a speeding ticket from your record by enrolling in a safety course,you may want to take advantage of these before applying for a life insurance policy.However, if you have traffic offenses which cannot be erased immediately, don’t wait to purchasea life insurance policy. Living without life insurance coverage is not the kind of risk you wouldwant to take, especially when it would traumatically affect your loved ones.Getting Affordable Life Insurance despite a Driving RecordThe best option would be to purchase a policy that is the most affordable and gives you the bestcoverage. You can then review the policy at a later time when your driving record looks better andget your old policy replaced with a new one that costs less.Having a traffic violation may impact your life insurance rates, but need not prevent you fromgetting the best coverage you can at reasonable and affordable premiums. Online insurancequote providers have access to hundreds of reputable companies and can offer you unbiased lifeinsurance quotes along with company ratings. Shopping around for multiple life insurance quotesthrough online life insurance providers is an easy and quick process. There are no obligations to
  2. 2. purchase and the process of getting quotes is free. You can easily access quotes from lifeinsurance carriers whose underwriting criteria are more favorable to traffic violations, comparethese quotes and choose the best life insurance coverage for your family.