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IWAM: Ignite Performance By Unlocking Your Leadership & Organizational Motivation Code


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What if you could ...

* Easily predict the performance of your leaders, employees and organization?

* Gain access to the underlying motivators that drive your employees and yourself to do their best work?

* Eliminate costly hiring mistakes and determine in advance to what extent a candidate will perform well on the job or which candidate would be the best fit?

Learn how IWAM -- a unique assessment uncovering your underlying motivation patterns -- has helped many companies ignite a new level of performance.

IWAM (Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivations) is the only online assessment that uncovers motivation and attitude patterns that drive employee and organizational behaviors, performance and results.

Using the IWAM assessment has helped other companies: 1.) increase revenues as much as 33% in 6 months; 2.) hire a high performing sales team; 3.) reduce turnover by 62%; 4.) increase the leadership team’s communication and effectiveness; and more.

Other popular applications include: synergistic team development, conflict resolution, leadership coaching, employee engagement and motivation, culture analysis and change, and many more.

Based on the latest cognitive science findings, IWAM is the highest predictor of human performance and a key predictor of Emotional Intelligence than any other available assessment. Also includes a Model of Excellence capability to profile the key patterns of top performers.

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IWAM: Ignite Performance By Unlocking Your Leadership & Organizational Motivation Code

  1. 1. “Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance” IWAM Assessment:The Missing Piece in Individual, Team and Organizational Performance Denise Corcoran The Empowered Business The Company That Awakens Leadership & Organizational Potential
  2. 2. Key Topics • Introduction - What is the IWAM assessment? - Why Motivation and Attitudinal Patterns Are the Missing Link in Performance - Applications & Benefits of the IWAM • Case Studies & ROI - Peak Performance & Sales Organization - Reducing Turnover and 1300% ROI - Replicating Great Performance in Call Center - Identifying Next Level of High Potential Managers - Reducing Low Performance and Turnover of Truckers - Stronger Managerial Coaching Skills for Re-Engaging and Re-Motivating Employee - Transforming Great Individuals into Great Team - Building Stronger Leadership Team & CommunicationsMapping the New Landscape of Human Performance 2
  3. 3. What is the iWAM? IWAM is an online assessment tool that uniquely measures Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns (also known as “metaprograms”). No other assessment provides that information. See the next slide for why such patterns are critical to individual and organizational performance. In addition, ... iWAM reports are available for individuals, paired comparisons, teams and organizations. Model of Excellence tool for profiling/predicting top performance. Provide highest level of accuracy into what motivates behavior and performance. And the necessary language to motivate individuals/teams according to their MAPs. 25-30 minutes completion time Instant scoring and reporting output; multiple reports for price of one Custom or country standard group comparison available for individual, team or organizational results The iWAM has the most extensive range of applications to improve individual, team or organizational performance! Unique in the field of human assessment.Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance 3
  4. 4. Motivation & Attitudinal Patterns: The Missing Link in the Performance Equation Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns (MAPs) are unconscious filters that drive thinking, decision making, and behaving. They sort and translate our perception and experience of reality and create our model of the world. - Emotions are a consequence and by product of our MAPs. - MAPs are also known as our preferred thinking or cognitive style and patterns of influence. Motivational and attitudinal patterns are not abilities. These patterns are not about whether you can do something; they are about whether you want to do it. All behavior is motivated. You can behave in ways that are contradictory to your motivational and attitudinal patterns, but it will take a lot more energy. MAPs are very powerful influences on personality, emotional intelligence, competencies and the resulting behavior from all of these factors. MAPs are a major force in predicting performance levels. MAPs are relatively “invisible” to the person and “off the radar screen.” They exist at the deepest level within our unconscious. For this reason, most people lack awareness of their impact on our behaviors and outcomes. MAPs are different from person-to-person. Such differences are a key factor in conflicts. communication breakdowns and leadership/management challenges. 4
  5. 5. The Ultimate Performance Model What values, goals, and beliefs constitute the criteria you use to make decisions? 6 Motivation & Attitudes x Values x Competence = Outcomes What pushes What do you know your motivational and what are you “hot buttons”? able to do well?Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance 5
  6. 6. The Applications of iWAM  Recruitment & Selection  Training & Development  Performance Management  Team Development  Conflict Resolution  Coaching  Leadership Development  Succession Planning  Organizational Culture Analysis  Organizational Communication  MarketingMapping the New Landscape of Human Performance 6
  7. 7. Benefits of iWAM  Attract, retain and grow top talent  Transform mediocre and underperforming employees with unique IWAM Model of Excellence by getting such answers as: ‣ “What differentiates top performers from peers in our organization?” ‣ “How can we improve the overall performance in our organization?” ‣ “How can we do more effective recruiting and selection to get the right people on the bus?” ‣ “How, with our hiring practices, can we reduce turnover?” ‣ “How can we increase employee engagement and the tenure of high performers?”  Eliminate conflicts quickly between individuals and across teams  Motivate employees by knowing their key drivers of performance and satisfaction  Reduce costly hiring mistakes and turnover  Uncover and develop the patterns that ignite leadership success in your organization  Build strong synergistic teams by identifying patterns that enhance team success and those that impede it  Increase organizational communication, effectiveness and culture building by identifying company wide motivational and attitudinal patterns  Increase speed, efficiency and reliability in hiring the right employeesMapping the New Landscape of Human Performance 7
  8. 8. Sample Application of IWAM: Evaluating Leadership Candidates Major Criteria with Which to Evaluate Leadership Candidates “Fit” with the Values, Motivational, Competencies Experience organization. Beliefs & Attitudinal, & Abilities & Success (Interview/ Goals and Thinking (Interview) (Resume) Dinner) (Interview) Patterns Major Criteria on Which We Actually Evaluate Leadership Candidates At present 10% 60% 25% 5% 0% If we were going to get the best results 30% 10% 5% 15% 30%Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance 8
  9. 9. Case 1 – Peak Performance: A New Approach to Driving a Sales Organization to the Next Level Company created iWAM Models of Excellence to identify what differentiates high performing salespeople from peers.  Predictive power of Models 76%!  Models helped screen applicants, saving time and money, improving effectiveness of hiring  iWAM helped create a strategy to develop existing sales force: Individual feedback sessions and development plans based on iWAM  Management learned how to use iWAM results for coaching, motivating, and managing effectively – ‘One size does not fit all!’  Significant improvement in the overall performance of the sales organization Total cost of investment in iWAM by the company was less than the cost of one hiring mistake! 9Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance
  10. 10. Case 2 – Improving Hiring to Reduce Turnover Organization used iWAM Model of Excellence to hire sales personnel and redesign their recruiting using iWAM’s suggestions for motivational language. 100 people used to respond to job ads. Redesigned campaign attracted 300 candidates! Time needed to decide which candidates to invite for selection: reduced to 50%! iWAM reduced staff turnover by more than 62%!  Return on Investment after 1 year: 1300%! 10Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance
  11. 11. Case 3 – Replicating Great Performance in a Call Center Call Center created iWAM Model of Excellence to benchmark what drives successful behavior in call center position. The Model was used for:  Identifying high-potential applicants to the Call Center  Creating a training program that helped lower performers behave in ways as top performers  Helping managers understand differences in team and how to manage those individual differences more effectively Net result: 33% revenue increase within the first 6 months after the intervention! 11Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance
  12. 12. Case 4 – Identifying the Next Generation of Managers City Government used iWAM to identify high-potential employees to enroll in a coaching and development program to become the next generation of managers.  Needed an inexpensive, objective, fast solution to narrow the field of several hundred applicants  Candidates were sent a link to online test, received feedback report, and were compared to the Model of Excellence created to profile desired future leaders  Big success: Fast execution time – In only 6 weeks the field was narrowed to the best 10%! 12Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance
  13. 13. Case 5 – Better employees, reduced turnover Shipping company had problems with turnover and low performance of truck drivers (accidents, late deliveries). The company used the iWAM Model of Excellence to dramatically change results.  Model identified key motivational and attitudinal patterns of high- performing drivers  HR staff was trained to recognize high performing patterns when interviewing new truck drivers Number of accidents reduced by 50%, leading to lower insurance costs, better employees, reduced turnover. 13Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance
  14. 14. Case 6– Use of iWAM and Coaching for Increased Performance and Re-Engagement Tom, senior assistant to a Project manager, once motivated and productive, now facing appraisal as unenthusiastic, low morale, unable to be coached, and not capable of holding his position with the company as senior assistant.  Tom’s goal: to like the job again, become motivated  iWAM consultant revealed problem: manager and assistant are motivated by completely different factors (opposites!)  Coaching helped understand differences and adjust communication, leading to improved relationship. " iWAM made it possible for manager to know how to motivate Tom again. Tom said “his life had turned around.” His enthusiasm and productivity at work is renewed. 14Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance
  15. 15. Case 7 – Turning Great Individuals into a Great Team Talented leadership team in turmoil. Work well in dyads, but when mixed, performance went down. They were unable to solve difficulties. The President needed help to improve teamwork and performance.  Every leader on the team filled out the iWAM and received individual feedback.  Everyone agreed also to participate in a team session with an iWAM team profile.  In team session, it was explained what scores in a pattern meant and how differences might play out in the team. Results used for further team coaching. Team called iWAM most useful teambuilding tool, as well as personal development process. 15Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance
  16. 16. Case 8 – iWAM + Coaching Yield a Better Leadership Team Global company’s senior manager having trouble communicating and managing relationships with and between some of the leadership team members.  iWAM administered to all team members. Individual feedback sessions held with key team members  iWAM Paired Comparison used to develop data for dialogue and best communication practices between members  Senior manager and direct report used paired comparison results to understand similarities and differences, sources of synergy and dysfunction with and between team members. Leaders discovered information most useful that was ‘off the radar’. “The iWAM has become a central tool and approach to executive and leadership development as well as in the development of effective leadership teams. I wish there had been such an instrument available 20 years ago.” 16Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance
  17. 17. The Empowered Business For more information about how the IWAM assessmentcan help increase individual or company performance, contact: Denise Corcoran 112 Anita Road – Suite D Burlingame, CA 94010 Telephone: 1-650-348-1842 Email: For more information about IWAM assessments: IWAM Institute: jobEQ: "Mapping the New Landscape of Human Performance" 17