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This is the portfolio I submitted when I applied for my Master of Design on Swinburne in Melbourne.
I got in, however I haven\'t had the financial ability to fulfill my dream of going (yet).
Since then my portfolio has been expanded, but it gives an idea of my work so far.
(Some of it is school projects)

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  1. 1. Portfolio
  2. 2. Vanddonor (water donations) 2008The briefCreate a campaign for a charity including a weblog and video.My part• Concept development in a group with three others• Designing and print of the stickers and postcard• Design of the icons• Planning and filming the movie with two other members which you can see on youtube.
  3. 3. Mad Love 2007The briefCreate a website for the “Mad Love” exhibition at Arken in Copenhagen that captures themessage and feeling of the concept.We had one week to find a concept that fit the existing one, do the graphics and code the site.My part• Concept development in the group• Photo editing with another group member• Blood splatter and trails with red paint and post processing I have included the site on the disk for you to test it if you wish to. The collec Translation: tors are st roke by a mad love It is their for the ar lifeblood t. (heart blood in Dan ish) Screenshots Splash page Background image
  4. 4. Culture train 2007The BriefInnovate a concept that connects the Øresund Region on both sites of the sea (Denmark and Sweden).The Solution(Trains already travel across the sea via the Øresund Bridge). We created a special train decorated as a museum both inside and out. Our wish was to give the commuters something to talk about when travelling in the region.My Part• Concept development with the rest of the group• Co-coding the site with another group member in AS2• Background picture (with the buildings)• Designing the Pop-ups• Effects on the menu items Click here to see the full functionality
  5. 5. Grip Grab 2010The BriefOptimise the buying process on the B2B and B2C part of the website andredesign the page to fit the brand of extreme sporting.My PartAll of the following was on the B2C part:• Moodboard and concept within the group• Wireframing• Design in co-operation with another group member MoodboardMockups with tweaks along the way
  6. 6. Danske Spil (Danish Games) 2010The BriefCreate a mobile strategy for the monopolistic game provider in Denmark (beforethe end of the full monopoly).The SolutionWe created a Smartphone application for one of the most popular games on Danske Spil, called Oddset, and a campaign to promote it. Oddset’s current commercials already play on words and their double meaning which is something we wanted to build upon.My Part• Concept development in collaboration with the group• Photo editing of the background pictures (including adding Smartphones in their hands).• Co-designing the poster and banner with another group member• Strategic planning Translation: phone!” “I do have a cool h) ns “smart” and “cool” in Danis (“smart” both mea Web banner Poster
  7. 7. Zewa Soft (Toilet paper) 2008The briefLaunch or re-launch a product on the Danish marketand make it trendy via a viral stop-motion videoThe SolutionWe chose to challenge ourselves by choosing a difficult product to make trendy. We had other ideas for videos where the toilet roll safes the day of people in odd situations, but only made a prototype of this one with the parking inspector.My part• Concept for the movies with another group member• Printing parking inspection logos on the clothing• Tagline and end graphic of the movie• Strategic planning Video See the video on either youtube or locallyGraphic
  8. 8. NOE Grøn Strøm (Green Energy) 2008The briefMake a prototype of a website in Flash includinga database and a movie that loads externallyMy part• Concept development within the group• Editing the film material in AfterEffects• Selecting music• Graphic elements in and outside the houseVideo Website
  9. 9. Batman 2009The thought behind itI’ve always been fascinated by Batman and he’s my absolute favourite action hero. I suppose the photo of him and Robin kissing is some sort of expression of my jealousy over their relationshipMaterialsAcrylic paint on three 20x80 cm canvas Kapow Batman Symbol The Kiss
  10. 10. Butterflies 2010The thought behind itA T-shirt design I did one afternoon I was bored at work to kill time.MaterialsWax print Picture and graphic behind it Finished print
  11. 11. SE-Foreningen logo design (Trauma institute) 2010 2. brief Additional comments • More substance - Water • Vortex • Chaotic but calm • Release1. brief • ClarityThis is a summary of the keywords from the client: • Simple• Clouds • Fresh• Butterflies • Calm• Fluffy • Activation• Letting go • Fixed but moveable • Waterdrops • Limits• Circles • Spiral• Sign of Eternity • Light Final tweaking After choosing a logo design the client had a final tweak need • Should lift rather than suck in
  12. 12. Kræftens Bekæmpelse (Cancer Society) 2010The briefThe brief1. A Christmas card featuring a tree2. Cleaning the snowman drawingBoth with suitable typography in 5 different formats Cleaning the drawing and lifting the mood of the snowman Email banners “your help has been absolutely indispensable. It is an amazing result youhave delivered. I really think it has been a pleasure working with you. Your speed and engagement in the process has been terrific. You should have a giant thanks for your effort, it has been wonderful working with you.” Maria Engmann, The Cancer Society
  13. 13. Fern 2009 The thought behind it I took this photo in the fairy caves on Borneo. Later I in cooperated a graphic I did partly in Illustrator and Photoshop. I traced the picture of the girl and the butterflies in illustrator before I did the final putting together, shaping and colouring in Photoshop. Me taking the photo Post processing Raw picture
  14. 14. Reconstruction 2008The story behind itI did a reconstruction of did this picture for a customer when I worked at Chrisholm Foto&Kopi on the central station in Copenhagen.Before After
  15. 15. Wedding 2010The story behind itThe bride got her eyes scratched the night before the wedding. I didn’t know how she looked originally, but they chose to use the pictures which I fixed and loved the pictures. “Thank you for the pictures, they are wonderful! And what you’ve done with Mia’s eye is amazing! Thanks again” Thomas & Mia
  16. 16. Scepticism 2009The story behind itI did my final semester as a multimedia designer on Borneo, where we did a project for a local Iban who had a guesthouse in Kuching. He took us along on a lot of trips around the area.This photo is from a longhouse in Bukit Sadok of a child who had never seen western people before. We were quite tall compared to the locals, which must have been scary for the little guy.I’ve done some post processing to the picture in Pho-toshop raw and Photoshop. Post processing Raw picture
  17. 17. Into the Skies 2009The story behind itOn my way to Borneo I stopped by Genting Highlands on the main land of Malaysia. The way to the top took us by a trip in these cable cars through the clouds. Raw picture Post processing Other samples
  18. 18. Cancer Society Photoshoot 2010The story behind itI was booked to take photos for Kræftens Bekæmpelse (Cancer Society) in Denmark. It was for their child cancer fund called “stars for life”. I borrowed some friends’ kids one afternoon and this is part of the end result.