The Beatles


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The Beatles

  1. 1. George Watson
  2. 2. Meet The Beatles! John Lennon Paul McCartney  9 October 1940–8 December 1980  18 June 1942–Present  Rhythm guitar, vocals;  Bass guitar, vocals; occasionally harmonica, occasionally piano, drums, piano, and various others and various others George Harrison Ringo Starr 25 February 1943–29 November 2001  7 July 1940–Present Lead guitar, backing vocals;  Drums; occasionally backing occasionally vocals, sitar vocals, vocals  Real name Richard Starkey
  3. 3. Albums Please Please Me (Parlophone, 1963) With The Beatles (Parlophone, 1963) A Hard Days Night (Parlophone, 1964) Beatles for Sale (Parlophone, 1964) Help! (Parlophone, 1965) Rubber Soul (Parlophone, 1965) Revolver (Parlophone, 1966) Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Parlophone, 1967) Magical Mystery Tour (Capitol, 1967) The Beatles (Apple, 1968) Yellow Submarine (Apple, 1969) Abbey Road (Apple, 1969) Let It Be (Apple, 1970)
  4. 4. Films A Hard Days Night Help! 1964  1965 Purportedly a ”day in  A religious cult tries the life” of the group to steal Ringos ring Magical Yellow Let It Be Mystery Tour Submarine  1970 1967  1967 The break-up  A journey on  A cartoon about and the making an enchanted a submarine in of their last tour bus a magical land album
  5. 5. Member History Founded as The Quarrymen in 1957 by John and Paul, with Stuart Sutcliffe on bass Harrison joined the following February Pete Best joined on drums in August 1960, just in time for a trip to Hamburg In April 1962, Sutcliffe died of a brain haemmorhage with his fiancée in Hamburg Best was fired and Ringo joined in June 1962, the day first single ”Love Me Do” was recorded. The band broke up in 1970, following much animosity
  6. 6. Major Events Founded in 1957 ”Love Me Do” released, 1962; bands famous line-up complete First UK #1 single, ”From Me to You” released, 1963 Please Please Me released, 1963 ”She Loves You” becomes best-selling single of all time, 1963 (a record later broken by Paul McCartneys solo song ”Mull of Kintyre”) A Hard Days Night released at the peak of the bands popularity, 1964 Band gives up touring in 1966 to focus on studio work Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, the groups magnum opus, released, 1967
  7. 7. Major Events, contd. Manager Brian Epstein dies in 1967; group away in India Magical Mystery Tour film is a commercial and critical flop Apple Corps is founded to handle the bands affairs, 1968 Release of double album The Beatles marks the groups most experimental work yet, 1968 Let It Be film documents the making of the album of the same name, against a backdrop of animosity within the group, 1968–1969 The band unofficially separates temporarily, but returns to the studio to record Abbey Road The Let It Be album is produced by Phil Spector and released, much to Pauls dismay, in 1970 Paul McCartney officially quits, 1970. The band breaks up.
  8. 8. A Selection of Records Held Most singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at once (12, inc. top 5) Most #1 albums in the British albums chart (15) Most #1 hits in the British singles chart (17) Most weeks in the British singles chart (456) Most weeks at #1 in the British singles chart (69) Most weeks at #1 in the British albums chart (174) ...and more Most top 10 hits in the British singles chart (28) Most consecutive weeks at #1 in UK albums chart (51) Most consecutive #1 hits in the UK singles chart (11) Most complete ever domination of the British charts Most weeks at #1 in UK albums chart in a year (40, 1964) Most no. 1 albums in the British albums in a year (3, 1965)
  9. 9. Statistics ”Cant Buy Me Love” far surpassed all previous records by selling 940,225 copies on the day of its US release. They sold more than 25 million records in just the US in 1964 alone. By the time Abbey Road was released in 1969, the group had sold more than 300 million records. To date, The Beatles record sales are over 1.3 billion units worldwide.
  10. 10. Where Are They Now? John Lennon was shot five times in the back by Mark David Chapman outside his New York home on the night of 8 December 1980. He died almost instantly. Chapman is currently incarcerated. George Harrison died of throat and lung cancer in December 2001. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still performing, and both have tours planned in the near future.
  11. 11. Any Questions?