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Sample Writing 2011


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1 sample fashion article on designer Cary Santiago
2 sample travel article on Bohol
3 In The Pink of Health (written for and published by The Medical City)
4 Menopause (written for and published by The Medical City)
5 Run For Your Lives! (written for and published by The Medical City)
6 Review: In-yo Fusion Cuisine (published in Manifesto Magazine Volume 2, Issue 4)

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Sample Writing 2011

  1. 1. REVISITING BOHOLJust about everyone has been to Bohol, land of chocolate hills, large-eyed tarsiers andpeanut kisses. Some have even become repeat visitors, preferring to make pilgrimageshere while the rest of Manila heads to Baguio or Boracay. The island doesn’t offerrespite from the summer heat or nightly beach-side parties but tourists continue toflock to Bohol. It isn’t difficult to understand why.SEA THE DIFFERENCEThe tenth largest island of the Philippines boasts a coastline of beaches and coves.Tourism usually peaks from March to June, when whale sightings are most frequent dueto migratory behavior. Interestingly, whale guides and spotters are composed mostly offormer whale hunters who made a living from selling dolphin, whale, whale shark andmanta ray meat before a nationwide ban was imposed in 1998. Thanks to the efforts ofconservationist Joselino Baritua, the men learned to apply their skills for whale-watchingtours, which are considered a must-do when in Bohol.Those who want a closer encounter can dive and snorkel at the Balicasag Island MarineReserve where underwater cliffs provide a dramatic background for witnessing anabundance of ocean life. Beach bums will enjoy tanning in the white sand of PanglaoIsland while nature lovers can take a boat ride to Virgin Island for a glimpse of paradise.WONDER LANDAmong the land-based attractions, the Chocolate Hills is the first that comes to mind.Over a thousand conical karst formations populate the areas of Carmen, Batuan andSagbayan. Tourists can hire a motorbike or ride in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to getaround. For a panoramic view and postcard-worthy snapshots, head to the viewing deckcreated on top of one of the higher hills. The deck also has a restaurant and hotel forfolks who want see the hills at sunrise.Be sure to pass the stunning Man-made Forest that was created by the people of Bilar.Fearing the soil would erode from too much woodcutting, they planted the mahoganytrees lining the road to Loboc and the thick foliage has grown so densely that it hascreated a lush emerald canopy. If the shade isn’t enough to beat the heat, a dip in oneof the many waterfalls should do the trick. Mag-aso Waterfalls in Antiquera is probablythe most popular, with people of all ages enjoying themselves in its crystal-clear waters.Having a calm disposition is probably a good idea when visiting the Philippine Tarsierand Wildlife Sanctuary between Corella and Sikatuna. The reserve discourages behaviorthat will disturb the nocturnal, barely six-inch primates, so touching them and taking
  2. 2. flash photography is not allowed. While a number of places in Loboc also offer tarsierviewing, the Tarsier foundation is the only place where they are allowed to flourish intheir natural habitat. Tarsiers are very fragile and easily traumatized by captivity. Whenupset, they’ve been known to bang their heads against cage bars, which kills thembecause they have undeveloped fontanels.Thrillseekers can explore Hinagdanan Cave in Panglao, which is rumoured to have beenoccupied by the Japanese forces during World War II. They probably won’t find anytreasure in there, but they can swim in the underground lagoon within. More spelunkingcan be done at the Danao Adventure Park where small groups of guided tours canspend a few hours navigating the caves. For a real shot of adrenaline, the park alsooffers Suislide, a half a kilometre high zipline that crosses a 200-meter deep gorge, andthe Plunge, a 50-meter free fall canyon swing from a cliff.A DOSE OF CULTUREIn July, all of Bohol gets into a party frenzy as they celebrate the Sandugo Festival inhonor of the blood pact made between local chieftain Datu Sikatuna and explorerMiguel Lopez de Legaspi. Historical accounts detail how the two men used a dagger tomake incisions on their arms, let some of the blood drip into a cup, then toasted anddrank to their friendship. Visitors can also go to Tagbilaran where a sculpture made byNational Artist Napoleon Abueva stands on what is reputedly the same site where thepact occurred.Bohol is home to a number of heritage sites and historically-significant structures. Thechurch of Santa Cruz in Maribojoc is famous for its wood-carved ceilings while SanPedro Apostol in Loboc is known for its impressive colonial architecture and limestonecarvings. Both are recognized as national treasures by the National Museum. Otherchurches worth mentioning are Tubigon’s frescoed ceilings, the San Sebastian-lookalikein Calipe, and the declared Historical Landmarks in Baclayon, Dauis, Loay, and PuntaCruz Watch Tower.Food lovers will rejoice for the fresh seafood Bohol has to offer. Abalone, red crabs, bluecrabs, and sea urchins caught only hours before make for a fantastic dining experience.The local delicacy of stingray cooked in coconut milk should not be missed. Floatingrestaurants like the eat-all-you-can buffet on Loboc River allow diners to continue withsight-seeing while being a rondalla performs Visayan folksongs. While in Tagbilaran visitthe Old West-themed Garden Café put up by the Bohol Foundation for the Deaf andDisabled to provide jobs. The establishment continues to be staffed mainly by deaf and
  3. 3. mute employees, and profits are used for educating similarly handicapped children inBohol.Travelers usually can’t resist bringing home a souvenir or two, but instead of getting ashirt from the shop, why not visit the woodcarving town of Antiquera? They haveeverything from wooden tarsiers and religious icons to hand-woven lamps to full-fledged furniture.CLEAN LEAVINGFor all that Bohol is known for, ecotourism is the essential driving force that makes it apopular travel destination. With the exception of several luxury resorts, there aren’t anycommercial attractions. Because people come to Bohol to experience its fauna, admireits unusual landscape, and marvel at its centuries-old churches, Boholenos are careful totake conservation measures to preserve the natural and cultural wonders of their island.However, as the numbers of tourists continue to grow every year, efforts to keep theplace literally clean and green must be undertaken by both tourists and locals alike toensure that Bohol’s beauty can be enjoyed for many more revisits to come.
  4. 4. In The Pink of HealthDomestic diva, tashionista, soccer mom, corporate queen " Women usually come to see me when they are pregnant orbee. bedroom goddess: the modern woman does it all. No are having menstrual irregularit ies," says Dr. Lyra Clemente-longer bound to apron strings or corsets, she has taken on Chua , head of The Medical Citys Womens Health Careother roles in addi tion to being a wife and mothe r. Home Center (TMC-WHCC) . " It s understandable that they feellife, career and personal pursu its make for a challenging uneasy about exposing the most intimate parts of theirbalancing act. With so much to do, there is simply no time bodies . In the provinces, theres even a social st igma forto sleep on a headache or take a day off for menstrual women who undergo Pap smea r exams. They thin k that ItScramps. The modern womans solution : take a pill and a sign of a loose woman, whereas it is a norma l procedurekeep going. women should undergo whether they are sexually active or not."This would be a smart move, if not for the potentiallyserious consequences. Self -medication may simply treat a Most people associate visits to the doctor with the treatmentsymptom and mask the root of the problem itself , allowing of health problems, but t he more important role a doctorfor the cause to remain undetected and untreated. For plays is one of prevention and maintaining well ness. For thiswomen in particular, abdominal pain can be caused by reason, women are advised to start going to the gynecologistanythi ng, ranging f rom stomach acidity to Polycystic Ovarian when they turn 18 or become sexually active . " Delaying aSyndrome, a hormonal problem that can cause inferti lity. visit usually stems f rom a worry t hat well fin d somethingYet as liberated an d modern as they may be, some women wrong, but doing so is better than leaving the problemstill have reservations about going to see the gynecologist. untreated," shares Dr. Chua . " If you are healthy, then your gynecologist can help you stay hea lthy. Regula r chec kups aid in early detection and treatment of abnorma lities because your gynecologist wi ll be more familia r with your body tha n if you just wal ked in with a problem."10
  5. 5. 7C CjtIIC 911t;:f-NCI"tic" • The best t ime for a visit is see to eight days after t he first day of your last menstruation. It allows the doctor to have a better view of the pelvic area. and makes it easier to examine breasts for masses."We want to empower women • Avoid douching and sexual intercourse 24 hours before your visit . Dr. Chua strongly recommends agai nst douch ing atto be proactive about caring all. Simply clean genital areas with soap and water; normal discharge is the vaginas natural way of cleaning itself. Usingfor their bodies in the best way products with strong fragrances to mask odors also upsets the doctors examination because gynecologists use thei r vision,possible. The busier you are, the touch, and smell to detect infections.more important it is that you • Be honest with your gynecologist, whether about how nervous you are or your sexual history. Withholding informat ion candont get sick." either leave problems untreated or lead to misdiagnoses. Do not be afraid to ask questions or gel further explanation when you dont understand something.For shy violets, ask a trusted friend or relat ive to recommenda doctor they fee l com fortable wit h. BFFs can even go • During the pelvic and bimanual exam, do yourself and yourtogether to lessen t he scare factor. Gi rlfriends can sc hedule doctor a huge favor by relaxing . Keeping your butt down ontheir next gimi k at the newly-opened Wom ens Hea lt h Care the table makes it easier for the procedure to be done andCe nter, or what Dr Ch ua enthusiasticall y refers to as a "One- finished quic kly. If you feel any pain or discomfort , inform themStop Center for Assessment of Risk or OSCAR", immediately.Located on the 6t h f loor of TMC s Nursing Tower 1, WH ee • Get a yearly Pap smear, a screenin g test lor cervical cancer.has everything a woman needs to be in t he pink of heal th. Women should be examined within three years from the onset ofFrom its beginn ings as a cli nic where ob-gynecotogical sexual activity and every year thereaft er, or starting at age 35 if not sexually active.ult rasou nds were performed . t he Center has been expandedto incl ude servi ces spec ific ally for women . " It makes things • Talk to your gynecologist about contraceptive opt ions. Someso much easier for an already busy woman to just go to one doctors do not prescribe contraceptives because of personal orplace fo r he r ch eckup, Pap smear, cervical biopsy and eve n religious beliefs; this is their right. Ask the m to refer you to aher m ammogram . WH CC offe rs all t he various screen ing gynecologist who wilt be better able to attend to your needs.exams and ha s it s own ope rati on room f or si m ple proced uresl ike aspirations and po lyp rem oval s, " she exp lain s. • Make your gynecologist your primary care physician. They are equipped to deal with min or problems and can refer you to aW HCC is t he f irst of it s kind i n t he Phili ppi nes. T M Cs specialist if you need one.exist ing breast c l inic wi ll be m oved to t he wom en-frie ndlyarea fo r bet t er accessibi lity. A ded icated pat ient ed uca tionarea w il l f eat ure cl asses on bi rth ing, parenting, Lam aze, andeven yoga cl asses. Dr Chua is par t ic ularly passiona t e about WOMENS HEALTH CARE CENTER -thi s, sa ying, " The Cen te r was c reated to make wom en awareof thei r sexual and reprod uct ive healt h . We want to em po werth em t o be proac ti ve about cari ng f or t heir bod ies i n t hebest way po ssi ble. The busier you are, t he m ore im po rt an t itis t hat you d on t get sic k . How ca n an unh ealthy m om raisehealthy kids?"Maki ng an an n ual visit to t he gynecologist t akes less t i m et ha n a f ull body m assage, and hurt s less t han going t o t hem all i n st ilettos. Being a m odern wom an is not just aboutbei ng smart e noug h t o beat th e boys, bu t being w ise enough ,,t o know how t o t ake care of yoursel f. 0For more information. please contact The Medical CityS Womens HealthCa re Center at 635 -6789 ext. 6336 and 6645.
  6. 6. Hot flashes, a feeling of heat that starts from the nape or the chest and goes up to the top of the head before subsiding, is also a common symptom. These are caused by an increase in circulation and may occur several times in a day and last for several minutes. Menopausal symptoms vary in severity, ranging from being a cause of discomfort to affecting ones quality of life. Not unlike premenstrual syndrome, t he sudden flux in hormonal levels may result in mood swings that transform a womanMENOPAUSE PUTTING THE PERIOD ON PERIODS from a crabby witch into a weepy mess in a few seconds. In severe cases, it can take a toll on a womans productivity and disrupt social interaction. After all thats been said, members of the fairer sex may think themselves unusually cursed to have to put up with the hassle of menstrual periods and the pains of childbirthIts messy, its troublesome, and before finally enduring menopause. Nonetheless, Dr. Lyra Ruth Clemente-Chua, Head of The Medical Citys Womenssometimes, its painful. Health Care Center, laughs and shakes her head at the notion.While women may grudgingly accept the reality that ismenstruation, many may dread that which lies beyond: "When a patient comes to me with menopausal symptoms,menopause. I evaluate her condition with a Menopausal Quality of Life questionnaire. These symptoms are not to be taken lightly.When a woman reaches the age of 35, the limited number of We address depression with counseling and the appropriatefollicles in her ovaries has decreased significantly because medication. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is also anof menstruation and ovarian follicular atresia, or cell death. effective treatment option," she explains.As a result, the production of the female hormone estrogendrops and the cessation of menses known as menopause Women on HRT are given small doses of estrogen (andoccurs. sometimes progesterone) to help them cope with the hormonal imbalance. Recent studies have even discoveredAmong Asians, menopause occurs earlier, between the extra benefits to HRT use, such as the prevention of bone lossages of 48 and 50, while Westerners enter menopause and a decreased risk for colorectal cancer and heart disease.between the ages of 50 and 52. Some women simply stopmenstruating, while others experience a sort of menopause Dr. Chua says women experiencing menopause do nothell that features depression, anxiety, irritability, mental necessari Iy haveto undergo HRT, particularly if their symptomsconfusion, insomnia, night sweats, vaginal dryness, are not bothersome. At any rate, its good to know that despiteheadaches, and dizziness. periods (or the lack thereof), it can still be fun being a girl. g .. - 7
  7. 7. FOR YOUR • It all begins quite innocently: a cute little bump on the tummy to pat at the end of a meal. Then buttoning pants become a daily struggle, the scale groans at each weigh-in, and the image in the mirror looks more like Santa Claus without the red su it and sack of presents. Man ipu lati ng pictures digitally wont make the problem go away. Put on those sneakers and fight the flab one step at a time.8
  8. 8. IN FITNESS AND IN HEALTHBefore pounding the pavement, know that starting a newroutine is a serious commitment where physical andmental readiness is key. "You need to make exercisinga habit," says Dr. Jose Bonifacio S. Rafanan, Chairmanof Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. "Three to four If you have medical conditions, talk to yoursessions every week is ideal." Brisk walking or joggingfor 20 minutes to an hour is a great option for improving doctor before you embark on a fitnessmuscular endurance and giving the body a good routine. Discuss what health benefits should becardiovascular workout. As an added bonus, no gym feesor personal trainers required. prioritized.Setting realistic goals provides excellent motivation tokeep exercising. "If you aim too high, youll only end updisappointing yourself. It may even discourage you fromcontinuing to exercise," Dr. Rafanan cautions. Opt forsmall victories like keeping a regular exercise routinefor two weeks. Just dont celebrate by pigging out at abuffet. To lose weight, you have to burn more caloriesWALK THIS WAY than you consume. Eat a balanced diet (moreBefore any sort of exercise, do some stretching to avoid fruits and vegetables, less sugar) and keepgetting injured or feeling sore after. "Stretching improves within the recommended 2,000 to 2,500flexibility and makes your muscles more efficient. Youabsolutely cannot skip this part," says Dr. Rafanan. "You calories worth of food daily.have to stretch for 5 to 15 minutes then warm up foranother 5 to 10 minutes." Stretching brings the musclesinto their full length to prepare them for physical activity,while warming up is going through the movements of theexercise but slowly, so as not to stress the muscles withsudden movement.Wearing comfortable clothing made from light materialallows the body to release heat. Dr. Rafanan does not Being slim does not mean fit. Exercise is goodrecommend sweatshirts as they will keep the heat in and for your cardiovascular endurance, and ifpotentially cause heat exhaustion or hyperthermia. Wear youre underweight, you can even do exercisesshoes that are specifically made for walking or runningfor ease of movement and to avoid injury. to bulk up without the fat. The ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) is 12 to 15% for males and aboutWhen exercising has become routine and 20-minutesessions no longer feel challenging, its time to turn up 18% for fema les.the heat! As exercise becomes regular, the body increasesits muscle and cardiovascular endurance. The existingroutine then becomes too easy. Gradually increase theduration or intensity of exercise, about 10 percent morethan usual, to constantly challenge the body. Walk for 20more minutes, go from brisk walking to full-on jogging, orsimply increase the distance.Exercise does not need to be a chore. Listen to upbeatmusic and stride to the rhythm. Invite a buddy along andkeep each other motivated. Have fun and enjoy the road Keep moving! At the office, stand up and walktowards a healthier, happier lifestyle. 0 around if youve been sitting at your desk for more than two hours. Besides keeping those aches and cramps at bay, the exercise will help keep you energetic and alert. 9
  9. 9. Published in Manifesto, Volume 2, Issue 4 (2007)IN-YÓ FUSION CUISINERENDEZVOUSThe next time your girlfriend tries to sweet talk you into treating her to the spa, propose amutually beneficial compromise: a hideaway of gustatory delights tucked in the fringes ofKatipunan Avenue.The unpretentious gateway is easy to miss if not for the simple, lighted sign. Worry not aboutparking; a small lot in front of the house-turned-restaurant offers some space or hand your keysover to the valet.It’s love at first sight with In-yó Fusion Cuisine’s façade, where the old-time charm blends cozilywith various Asian décor. The overall feel is very spa-like and inspires one to relax and lookforward to a promising culinary experience.After being seated by the courteous serving staff, you can choose to order ala carte or enjoy the7-course degustation. The menu offers east-meets-west dishes concocted by Chef de CuisineNiño Laus, who specializes in French and Japanese cuisine, and Sous Chef Gary Reyes.The bread plate features the restaurant’s own foccacia with whipped parsley while your watergoblet is filled with refreshing fruit-infused water. Appetizers consist mostly of seafood such asRockefeller oysters. The salads are a little more exciting, with the Char-grilled US HangingTender Steak Salad taking the laurels.In-yó goes the extra mile in making each dish presentable with artistic plating. A medley ofgreens and tender steak slices tossed in a citrusy dressing, it has a pleasant zing and hints at theuse of cilantro. The color palette and invigorating flavors make it an excellent appetite stimulant.For entrees, there is currently only one poultry dish being offered by Chef Niño plans to changethe menu monthly and to provide a wider variety of options. Worth mentioning are the CoconutLime Chicken beautifully presented on tanglad skewers, delicate honey-glazed Grilled Salmonon a bed of wasabi mashed potatoes, and Blackened Ahi Tuna with black pepper and thymecrusting.Pasta choices are also available, nicely paired with a small serving of meat or seafood. The PestoCream Pasta comes with Cajun-spiced chicken strips, which could use some more zest butnonetheless complements the al dente noodles and creamy green sauce.Of course, no meal is ever complete without dessert (and don’t believe your girlfriend when shecomplains about adding unwanted inches to her waistline). In-yó has a special dessert menu tocater to your sweet tooth: four kinds of crème brûlée, a pannacotta made with real vanilla bean,
  10. 10. a mango-based concoction, and two chocolate cakes. Not very fusion cuisine but superblyexecuted.For chocolate lovers, the Rich Chocolate Cake with Café Latte Cream may look intimidating atfirst sight because of the generous cake and mousse layering. It has a rich Belgian chocolatesauce and toasted cashew nut toppings. Chocolate! Chocolate Cake is a moist pudding madefrom Valrhona chocolate with molten chocolate truffle. If you prefer something light, the VanillaPannacotta is just lovely with its delicate flavor and almost creamy texture. The tiny black specksattest to the real vanilla bean that was used.When every last bit has been eaten, Restaurant Manager Cris Orocio usually offers their guestbook and willingly entertains any inquiries. She explains that in-yó is Japanese for yin-yang orbalance, and has a double meaning for Filipinos, literally translating to ‘yours’. Fast becoming apopular hangout and dating place among residents and students of nearby schools since itsSeptember ’06 opening, In-yó is indeed a place for getting away from the stress of everyday life,for coming together, for just enjoying the comfort that good food has to offer.