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WebWriter - 2011 NSCAA Users Group


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WebWriter Users Group Presentation from the 2011 NSCAA Convention in Baltimore, MD.

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WebWriter - 2011 NSCAA Users Group

  1. 1. Demosphere Users Group WebWriter CMS ®Recent Content Management System Enhancements Presented by Miles Baker January 15, 2011
  2. 2. Recent System Enhancements Site Map Drag & Drop Departments Department-specific Calendar Events Recurring Calendar Events Photo Galleries Admin-controlled Dropdown Menu Content Twitter Module Mobile support for Home Pages
  3. 3. Site Map Drag & Drop Departments When viewing the Site Map with admin rights, click and hold one of the gold directional arrow icons for each department and drag to desired destination. The department will be partially transparent to assist in placement. To place the department, release the click when an available destination slot is displayed.
  4. 4. Site Map Drag & Drop DepartmentsUpon releasing the department, anorange border surrounds the newly-placed content, the sequencenumbers are updated, and an alertindicates that the content is still notsaved.Manual adjustments to the sequencenumbers are also possible. Clicking the "Update SEQ" button at the bottom of the page updates all sequence numbers, and initiates the public version of the Site Map to regenerate its content.
  5. 5. Department-specific EventsAdd a Calendar to a department or sub departmentby clicking the red "New Calendar" button. Add an Event to a calendar by clicking the blue + icons on any day. Calendars placed in departments or sub departments, display only events added to those sections of the web site. These events also have an option to be included in the general site calendar listing.
  6. 6. Recurring EventsEvents repeating Weekly may selectwhich days of the week to include inthe recurrence.Events may recur indefinitely, oruntil a specified date. Events repeating Monthly will occur on the same week day of the "Nth" week.
  7. 7. Photo Gallery From any Dept or Sub Dept, click a "New Photo Gallery" button. The resulting page lists all photo galleries within the web site, allowing you to either place an existing gallery or create a new one. Clicking on the name of an existing gallery will immediately place it to the destination page. To create a new gallery, type the name into the text input area and click "Create New Gallery"
  8. 8. Photo Gallery You begin by uploading images from your computer.When you have images added to thegallery, click and drag them to sort.Captions may be added, too. To remove an image, click the red X icon. When ready, click Save or Cancel Changes. Clicking "Place This Gallery" immediately posts the gallery to the destination page.
  9. 9. Dropdown MenusFrom Admin Home, choose SITE MAP tab,then click Drop Down Menus.The "Menu tree view" column displays allmenu content. The Controls columnprovides management capabilities.
  10. 10. Dropdown Menus Dragging content from the left "Available site contents" column provides new menu items.Click "Apply changes" under Controlsto check your work. Save when complete Upon saving, all public pages will update within about a minute.
  11. 11. Twitter ModuleUpon installation, our graphics team will consult onthe colors and aesthetics of the new embeddedmodule.While logged in as admin, viewing a page containinga Twitter module will display a link to edit thesettings.You may change the Twitter account name, ornumber of feeds visible, at any time to adjust what isdisplayed to the public. Clicking "Save" updates your web site.
  12. 12. Mobile Support for Home PagesVisiting a home page from a mobile deviceautomatically brings up a speciallyformatted list of articles.Clicking an article title displays the story. There is a Back button to return, as well as a button to view the non-mobile version of the article or the Home Page.
  13. 13. Thanks for the feedback! These enhancements were developed in part from feedback we received from our Features Survey conducted last year. Based on the survey and internal research, we have begun development of a completely new CMS platform which we plan to begin offering in 2011. This new version will enable us to continue providing your organization with the necessary enhancements and communication tools in order to respond to market changes and technological advances. If you are interested in becoming a Beta user for this new version, please let us know! If you have any questions or suggestions about the current or future versions of WebWriter® CMS, please let us know!