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Keeping personal data safe online is more important than ever. With more services moving online, it's important to be observant and alert to track how your data is stored and used.

In this Maximize Demosphere session, we discuss key topics like online and offline security measures, privacy policies, encryption, authentication and more.

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Online Data Security | Maximize Demosphere XLIII

  1. 1. Dont Get Tricked on Halloween: Data Security Kris Baker - VP of Sales and Services
  2. 2. Session Overview● What is data security?● Why is it important?● Offline Privacy● Privacy Policies● Online Privacy● How Demosphere Can Help Join us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook
  3. 3. Data SecurityData security is: ● Protecting data from unauthorized access ● Ensuring your privacy ● Protecting data from loss or corruption ● Essential guidelines: ● Encryption ● User Authentication ● Backup Solutions
  4. 4. Data SecuritySharing personal information can be SCARY!Why data security is important: ● avoid scams/spam ● protection from fraud ● protection from identity theft ● protect from loss of data
  5. 5. Offline Security Measures● Be mindful of the data youre sharing● Provide original copies for review, rather than hard copies● Ask and understand how organizations are using or sharing your data● Ask and understand how organizations are protecting your data● Dont print sensitive data unless absolutely necessary● Read and understand Privacy Policies
  6. 6. Privacy Policies: Read Them!● How do organizations use and share the data they collect from you? ○ What data is collected? ○ How is it stored? ○ With whom is the data shared?
  7. 7. Online Security Measures1. Data Encryption2. PCI Compliance3. User Authentication4. Backup Solutions
  8. 8. Data Encryption● Transforms plaintext into "cyphertext", a form that is non-readable to unauthorized parties● Most common: SSL (secure sockets layer)● To ensure security, also check the digital signature on the certificate
  9. 9. PCI Compliance● Payment Card Industry compliance standards: ○ Maintain a secure network ○ Protect cardholder data ○ Maintain a vulnerability management program ○ Strong access control measures ○ Regularly monitor and test networks ○ Maintain an information security policy
  10. 10. User Authentication● Password security ○ Keep them strong: ■ no "real" words ■ no personal info ■ length, width, depth ○ Password generators (e.g. www. ○ Dont reuse passwords for secure info● Never write down your password(s) ○ Password databases (e.g. ○ Invest in a shredder!!● Change passwords regularly● Never share your password or login info
  11. 11. Backup Solutions● Even with the most secure data systems in place, there is always risk: ○ Malware/viruses ○ Security breaches ○ Inside job● Reliable data backups will ensure restoration of data ○ On-site backups ○ Off-site backups ○ Cloud backups
  12. 12. How Demosphere Can Help● 22 years of professional experience in providing secure database management solutions● PCI Compliant● Reliable backups● SSL encryption● Privacy policy● Background checks
  13. 13. Kris Baker VP of Sales and Services kris@demosphere.comContact us today to learn more about how we can help you secure your data Join us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook