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Maximize Demosphere XXV was an introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to better optimize your website to be found online.

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Maximize Demosphere XXV

  1. 1. Maximize Demosphere XXVIntroduction to Search Engine Optimization Presented by Sean Rose April 20, 2011
  2. 2. Before We Start...Product Needed for Todays Session:WebWriter® Content Management System
  3. 3. Session OverviewPart 1: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?Part 2: Demospheres Built-in SEO HelpPart 3: SEO Tips You Can UseJoin the discussion on Twitter! Use #Demosphere and post! Follow us: @demosphere Follow me: @seangw83Find us on Facebook too! ( fun continues! Open chat directly following session. Slides emailed & video posted online.
  4. 4. Part 1: What is SEO? Brief Definition: "..the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines via natural (unpaid) search results." Goal: GET FOUND on the web! Amazing stat from SEOMoz: Organic gets 75% of traffic but only 15% of marketing budgets compared to Pay Per Click (PPC) No $ cost to SEO - only time & a little effort!
  5. 5. Part 1: Benefit to SEO Goal: Rank HIGH in organic results 60% of clicks go to top 3 links ( No surprise: You need to be in the top 3.
  6. 6. Part 2: Demospheres SEO Help Be Accessible to Search Website Designs are Usability Focused Dynamic Title Tags Based on first article title on page Logical Architecture Departments / Subdepartments Clean URLs Easily Share via Social Media
  7. 7. Part 3: SEO Tips You Can Use Think in Keywords & phrases What are people searching for? Find out & optimize your content Goals: High volume, low competition, high value Google Keyword Finder | Microsoft Bing Find keywords for your organization SpyFu Competitor keywords Keyword competitiveness
  8. 8. Part 3: SEO Tips You Can Use Content is King When creating content, focus on keywords whenever possible. Must have 2-3 sentences on homepage that weave in keywords! Write in complete sentences. Write an article about each of your top keywords. Put the content on your site! Avoid PDF and Word Docs. Remember: Content will be consumed by people, too.
  9. 9. Part 3: SEO Tips You Can Use Content is King Make your content valuable and useful. Then, make it remarkable. Remarkable content is sharable.
  10. 10. Part 3: SEO Tips You Can Use Link Link Link Link Link 1 link = 1 vote Be seen as an authority ... local, regional, or otherwise. At minimum ... link the organization name. Better yet, link some keywords. Inbound links - more than just the home page. Make sure most important links are closer to the top. Further ideas on Link Building Get social ...
  11. 11. Part 3: SEO Tips You Can Use Get Social Twitter Tweets, Facebook Shares, Blog Comments ... they all count as votes for your site and its content. Distribute your content in more channels than just your site. Encourage your members to be followers (Twitter) and fans (Facebook) Authority helps. Top 10 New Facebook Things
  12. 12. Part 3: SEO Tips You Can Use Tracking Visits per search engine Keywords sending traffic Traffic Sources --> Search Engines
  13. 13. Part 3: SEO Tips You Can Use Tracking # of unique landing pages Where people enter View by search engine Keywords - another place to reference Experiment with Goals Amount of time on site # of pages viewed on site Accessed a specific link Registration Start Contact Us Other page?
  14. 14. Part 3: SEO Tips You Can Use Engage Your Community Members can ... Link their business to your site Tweet and/or post on Facebook about you Blog about their experiences Sponsors can ... Promote to their customers/subscribers Link to your site
  15. 15. Part 3: SEO Tips You Can Use Other Things To Do! ALT tags for all images. Backlink Checker - see who is linking to you Further Reading SEOMoz Presentations Valuing a Link How to link to something - quick summary More simple SEO tips
  16. 16. Wrap Up Questions? Email Items discussed today will be ... Emailed to you. Posted on & Facebook Subscribe to the Demosphere Blog for news, features, & more.
  17. 17. Thanks for joining us forMaximize Demosphere XXV Ideas for our May session? Email Stay tuned to the next edition of ExtraTime. To unmute yourself, press *6