Maximize Demosphere XXIII


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Maximize Demosphere XXIII focused on mobile websites as well as some best practices for interacting with users on-the-go.

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Maximize Demosphere XXIII

  1. 1. Maximize Demosphere XXIII Mobile Websites Presented by Sean Rose February 16, 2011
  2. 2. Before We Start...Product Needed for Todays Session:WebWriter® Content Management System
  3. 3. Session OverviewPart 1: Year In Review: 2010Part 2: Mobile Audiences & WebWriter®Part 3: Future Ideas & ThoughtsJoin the Discussion on Twitter! Use #Demosphere and post! Follow us: @demosphere Follow me: @seangw83Find us on Facebook too! ( fun continues! Open chat directly following session. Slides emailed & video posted online.
  4. 4. Year In Review: 2010 comScore U.S. Digital Year In Review Report Released Feb. 10, 2011 Key Takeaways Social Networking is 12% of all online activity. Average user spends 4.5 hrs/month Facebook usage up in every metric. Daily visitors, minutes spent, pages viewed. Online video up - 88.6 mil daily unique viewers - from 67.3 Mobile email usage down 8% overall.
  5. 5. Year In Review: 2010 Key Mobile Takeaways 50% have 3G/4G access 27% of users w/ smartphone 31% BB 28% Android 25% Apple 36% used mobile web browser
  6. 6. Year In Review: 2010 What does this mean? Greater focus on reaching people on mobile devices.
  7. 7. Part 2: Mobile & WebWriter® Mobile display for mobile devices
  8. 8. Part 2: Mobile & WebWriter® Mobile display for mobile devices
  9. 9. Part 2: Mobile & WebWriter® Mobile display for mobile devices Automatically displays on mobile devices Width adjusts based on width of device Loads customized content feed Link to go back to list of articles Link to load regular site
  10. 10. Mobile Schedule/Scores/Standings Option
  11. 11. Mobile Schedule/Scores/Standings Option
  12. 12. Mobile Schedule/Scores/Standings Option
  13. 13. Mobile Schedule/Scores/Standings Option
  14. 14. Part 3: Future Ideas Continued emphasis on reaching users on mobile devices Emails formatted for easy reading on mobile devices. Further integration of text message notifications. Further development of mobile websites. Administrative ability to update content via mobile device.
  15. 15. Part 3: Thoughts Things to consider ... ...your own consumption patterns - have they changed? How do you consume data now vs. 2 years ago? Find a happy medium with your emails. Be concise, but have good content. Remember that you must reach people where they are - on their phone, on Facebook, on Twitter, etc.
  16. 16. Wrap Up Questions? Email Items discussed today will be ... Emailed to you. Posted on & Facebook Follow the Demosphere Blog for updated features.
  17. 17. Thanks for joining us forMaximize Demosphere XXIII Ideas for our March session? Email Stay tuned to the next edition of ExtraTime. To unmute yourself, press *6