Maximize Demosphere XXI - Year End Website Review


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Maximize Demosphere XXI focused on Demosphere's year end website review process and encouraging all organizations to sign up now for this free service!

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Maximize Demosphere XXI - Year End Website Review

  1. 1. Maximize Demosphere XXI Year End Website Review Presented by Sean Rose December 22, 2010
  2. 2. Before We Start...Product Needed for Todays Session: WebWriter®
  3. 3. Session OverviewPart 1: Reviews Are ImportantPart 2: Review ProcessPart 3: Follow Up StepsJoin the Discussion on Twitter! Use #Demosphere and post! Follow us: @demosphere Follow me: @seangw83Find us on Facebook too! ( fun continues! Open chat directly following session. Slides emailed & video posted online.
  4. 4. Part 1: Reviews are Important Dont Discount The Value of Reviews Get a perspective other than your own. See the site from a different angle. Healthy exercise every 6 months - 1 year. Set goals and set an action plan moving forward.
  5. 5. Part 2: Review Process Specifics on the Website Checkup Free 20 point inspection on your existing website. Offer 5 recommendations moving forward. Must sign up by December 29, 2010. Login to your Admin Home and click link Emailed following presentation
  6. 6. Part 2: Review Process Part I: Usability Review of content above & below "the fold". Navigate easily to multiple areas of interest. Content overload - caution - too much scrolling. Logo links to home page. Call to action - remember, what do you want the user to do?
  7. 7. Part 2: Review Process Part II: Website Content Presence of Crucial Info Who You Are Bios of key staff. What You Do Accurate and up-to-date. How To Contact You Make it easy and straightforward! Updated frequently - there is always something happening. Mixture of pictures and text Error checking - spelling, etc
  8. 8. Part 2: Review Process Part III: Website Monetization Sponsors Images / Links Naming Rights Page Skins Google Analytics Active and reporting? Internal & Sponsor use
  9. 9. Part 2: Review Process Part IV: Behind The Scenes Image Alt Tags - present? Site Links "Click here" vs. linking actual content Number of admin users Who is responsible for updating? Manage your keywords & be diligent about updating Integrating Google Site Search Site Map - Names of Pages - Hyphens
  10. 10. Part 2: Review Process Part V: Beyond the Site Social Media Sharing Easy to add ... but has it been done on your site? Presence on Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / Other Mentioned on website? Website Grader by HubSpot Review other metrics such as # of indexed pages Inbound links Conduct surveys, introduce ideas, try new things ...
  11. 11. Part 2: Review Process Overall Review Summary Provides website specific comments on Parts I-V Provides 5 actionable steps for improving your site for 2011! All reviews scheduled to be complete by January 7, 2011.
  12. 12. Part 3: Follow Up Steps What do I do next with the report? Devise an action plan. Who will be responsible? One or multiple people? Map out a timeline for completion. Brainstorm The report will probably spark further thinking/ideas. Finish What will differentiate you from the crowd is putting ideas into action.
  13. 13. Wrap Up Open chat just moments away! Questions? Email Items discussed today will be ... Emailed to you. Posted on & Facebook Dont Forget To Sign Up! Deadline is Dec 29!
  14. 14. Thanks for joining us forMaximize Demosphere XXI Ideas for our January session? Email Stay tuned to the January edition of ExtraTime. To unmute yourself, press *6