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Google Analytics for Youth Sports Organizations


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In this Maximize Demosphere webinar, we discuss how to best utilize Google Analytics for youth sports organizations. There's information for both beginner and advanced users. We also spend time discussing sponsors and what data to present to them to be most effective.

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Google Analytics for Youth Sports Organizations

  1. 1. Utilizing Website Visitor Data Sean Rose - Vice President, Marketing
  2. 2. Session Overview Part 1: Why Is This Important? Part 2: Key Terms Part 3: Basic Data Part 4: Advanced Data & Sponsor Data Part 5: How Demosphere Can Help
  3. 3. Why Care?
  4. 4. Your Organization Today When thinking about website optimization, you... don’t know what this means. don’t understand the potential benefits. overlook and underestimate its value.
  5. 5. What Your Org. Can Be When thinking about website optimization, you... understand what to do and where to look. see the results reflected in data. realize the value that exists.
  6. 6. Demosphere Knows Youth Sports! 1,200+ customers. 23+ years of experience. 8+ years of experience personally.
  7. 7. Key Terms Visits (Unique) Page Views Pages/Visit Bounce Rate More terms.
  8. 8. Audience Overview
  9. 9. Navigation
  10. 10. Looking for Clues Basic Visitor Data Traffic Sources Referring Sites Top Content Keywords?
  11. 11. Annotations
  12. 12. Visitor Segments
  13. 13. Acquisition —> All Traffic
  14. 14. Acquisition —> Referrals
  15. 15. Popular Content
  16. 16. Secondary Dimension
  17. 17. Keywords?
  18. 18. Advanced Review pages w/ high bounce rate Focus on referring sites Focus content around keywords Timing Set goals
  19. 19. Dig Deeper Identify 3-5 KPIs Campaign URL Builder
  20. 20. Dashboards Bring together custom info on one screen. Make your own. Add from the ‘net. Get weekly updates.
  21. 21. Create Goals What do you hope to achieve? What will define success?
  22. 22. Track Conversions Submit a form (funnel). Do something. Stay a certain amount of time.
  23. 23. Time Savers Shortcut Button Intelligence Events Daily | Weekly | Monthly Be notified when something important happens
  24. 24. Judge Success Monthly/Quarterly/ Annually Report on the KPIs
  25. 25. What Do Sponsors Want?
  26. 26. Valuable Information… Potential Exposure (visitors & unique visitors) New visitors Location Time on site. Organizational Demographics. Case Study of other successful sponsors.
  27. 27. Full Service What type of exposure was gained? How many clicks? Use Behavior —> Events —> ‘outboundarticle’ Create a Conversion Goal Renewal terms?
  28. 28. Resources
  29. 29. Demosphere Can Help Professional, integrated design Easy-to-use interface Ultimate flexibility Peace of mind Google Analytics automatically integrated.
  30. 30. Bonuses Recommendations & Best Practices based on 23+ years of experience Best-in-class Support + Learning Tools Positioned on the cutting edge.
  31. 31. Investment $500/$1,000 Design $500/$1,800 Annually
  32. 32. Wrap Up Questions? Subscribe to the Demosphere Blog for... Industry News Product Features Best Practices ... and more!
  33. 33. Sean Rose