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How safe is your organization's data? In this webinar, we explain some key areas to address including privacy policies, in-office security, and more.

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Effective + Safe Club Data Management | Demosphere

  1. 1. Effective & Safe Club Data Management Sean Rose - Vice President, Marketing
  2. 2. Session Overview Part 1: Why Is This Important? Part 2: Privacy Policy Part 3: In Office Part 4: Amongst Users Part 5: How Demosphere Can Help Join us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook
  3. 3. Your Organization Today When thinking about your data policy, you... are nervous about potential issues. realize you don’t have policies/procedures in place. believe your data might be at risk.
  4. 4. What Your Org. Can Be When thinking about your data policy, you... are vigilant about looking for potential issues. review policies/procedures annually. know your data is as secure as it can be.
  5. 5. Demosphere Knows Youth Sports! 1,200+ customers. 22+ years of experience. 7+ years of experience personally.
  6. 6. Why Is This Important? Your Organization: A serious breach could put you out of business. Your Members: Disclosing information could mean everything from spam to fraudulent credit card charges.
  7. 7. Your Responsibility Club administrators have a responsibility to protect the data of our youth (and their parents).
  8. 8. Privacy Policy
  9. 9. Your Privacy Policy Describe what info is collected. How data is used & stored. Whether data is shared. How to ask questions.
  10. 10. Get Started Required in some states! Does one already exist? Sample Language Sports-Related PDF Document iubenda
  11. 11. Your Providers Be comfortable with your providers. Any gotcha’s? Third Party Distribution Sale & Use? PCI Compliant?
  12. 12. In-Office Security
  13. 13. In-Office Security Don’t write down credit card #’s Data exports - delete appropriately
  14. 14. Background Checks Limit Liability as an organization. Make sure applications stored securely - do not expose SSNs!
  15. 15. Chargebacks Be as descriptive as possible with your policies.
  16. 16. Amongst Users Review passwords every 6 months. Nothing easy to guess!
  17. 17. Amongst Users Secure Pages! Regular virus/spyware scans Sell a computer? Delete everything!
  18. 18. Demosphere Can Help Professional, integrated design Easy-to-use interface Ultimate flexibility Peace of mind
  19. 19. Bonuses Recommendations & Best Practices based on 22+ years of experience Best-in-class Support + Learning Tools Positioned on the cutting edge.
  20. 20. Investment $250 Setup Fee $2.50 Per Registrant 2.09% + 50 cents Per Transaction
  21. 21. Wrap Up Questions? support@demosphere.com Subscribe to the Demosphere Blog for... Industry News Product Features Best Practices ... and more!
  22. 22. Don’t Forget! Previous Maximize Topics... Fall Website Prep Email Marketing ...and more!
  23. 23. Sean Rose srose@demosphere.com