There is no Spoon - friday load-off


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Friday's notes of Demos Helsinki's wicked problems -studio for Aalto's new design-MA-students.

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There is no Spoon - friday load-off

  1. 1. Find the lectures and the videoblog here: 26. elokuuta 2011
  2. 2. Today you will discuss your system-drawings with other group. In the end you will make a videoblog together. First we will watch a film about the power of ideas.perjantaina 26. elokuuta 2011
  3. 3. Film: The Century of Self. How the idea that people are driven mainly be their subconciouss desires created consumer culture. How psychology became center of society in the 1900’s How one idea from Freud created the way we view consumption, production and design.perjantaina 26. elokuuta 2011
  4. 4. Film about the power of ideas and concepts. How the idea that people are driven mainly be their subconciouss desires created consumer culture. Man as a beast That is the old idea. Lets try and think of a new one.perjantaina 26. elokuuta 2011
  5. 5. Human beings are controlled by their unconsicouss desires.perjantaina 26. elokuuta 2011
  6. 6. The power of ideas and concepts. Man as a subsconciouss ? New idea? beast.perjantaina 26. elokuuta 2011
  7. 7. How the idea that people are driven mainly be their subconciouss desires created consumer culture. That is the old idea. Lets try and think of a new one. people are influenced easily, our behaviour can change quickly people random yet predictable people looking for happiness, but a bit diffucult. we need others to be happy for a lot of people acceptance is happiness people are concerned by others perceptions and not enough by themselves. people are most of the time pre-occuppied people are fundamentally co-operative people believe in better future - it’ll be ok! people are thinkers, philosophers different layers in human beings come up at different times people are primarly selfish, or people are driven by empathy and cognition everything can be explained people are builders people have taken control of what they are people imatete other and that leads them the most peoples values are shifting towards communities everyone wants to be happy people are defined by choice p people can be free people can be rational, if helped people are the same, but feel individual people dont know how to be free people are good, but limited persona capacity peoples will grow together with machines people are all differentperjantaina 26. elokuuta 2011
  8. 8. My Skills and the Wicked Problems: Systems – a discussion Systems – different layers of reality that your designs shape and that in return create the constraints of design. Skills – your skills as a designer. Your skills are your possibility for finding solutions in different systems. Wicked Problems - new level of problems that are complex by nature and can not have one-trick-solutions. What did you find challenging? Even defining wicked problems are is difficult. Every definition was closing another definition. How do we describe and visualize our skills Simplyfying the tons of information into drawings with people from so different backgrounds Time-constraints Did you find the ways through which your skills shape the different systems? Concrete project idea. We have a great team is skill sets According to the way you use your skills in the systems you can solve a problems or create them Wicked problems in our skills - what we are doing is difficult, but many designers think its easy.perjantaina 26. elokuuta 2011
  9. 9. Excersice for 1 2 today: Lecture hall lifts toilets • you are here Main entrance • 10 9 videosblogs 8 5. 7 6 5 4 3 lobby Gallery 11 Lounge To-do: TIMETABLE 1. Present your drawing and explain your core sentence to the partner-group. 14:00 1 14:30 7 2. Discuss and find out how they: 14:05 2 14:35 8 - How did you define your own skills? 14:10 3 14:40 9 - What was different in your approaches in defining skills? 14:15 4 14:45 10 14:20 5 14:50 11 - What systems are involved in your drawing? 14:25 6 - Could the systems of your drawing be combined? 3. Decide what was most interesting you learnt in terms of your skills? This is your new core sentence. 4. Design your presentation for the videoblog (max 2.min) using the core sentence and the drawings. 5. Practise presentation 6. Check your videoblog time from the back of the group number and go film the presentation. When filming videos: •Choose one person to say your core sentence aloud clearly in the beginning and the end of the video. •Be sharp and quick. Think what you will say. Let the others speak. Practise together how your going to use your video time. Its really only 1 - 2 minutes. •Hold the number of group visible during the whole filming. •Watch others videopresentations over the weekend, we’ll get back to them and develope the themes further in the wikicafe on monday.You’ll get the link from the facebook-group.perjantaina 26. elokuuta 2011