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Shared Urbanism



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Shared Urbanism

  1. 1. Image: Brenda Vértiz Shared Urbanism Student housing as a pioneer of sustainable living !"#$%"&$%'$
  2. 2. The story of Finnish housing is a story of welfare state being born. !"#$%"&$%'$
  3. 3. Finland has an incredibly strong agrarian tradition even when we think of urban living. !"#$%"&$%'$
  4. 4. Challenge of urban planning: Form follows which function? !"#$%"&$%'$
  5. 5. flickr dr.jd (cc) Information is less and less limited by location. As our basic needs are fulfilled, we move forward to lifestyles. Our home needs to fulfill greater social, societal and economic goals. !"#$%"&$%'$
  6. 6. New Urbanism is a massive shift. FREEDOM FROM FREEDOM TO !"#$%"&$%'$
  7. 7. Urban introverts Urban culture Urban sprawl Urban activism !"#$%"&$%'$
  8. 8. And that´s not the whole story. !"#$%"&$%'$
  9. 9. Age of Wicked Problems Problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements. The effort to solve one aspect of a wicked problem may reveal or create other problems. (Wikipedia) Scarce Changing Technological Global Community- Resources population planetarism economy oriented individuals !"#$%"&$%'$
  10. 10. Image: Brenda Vértiz Hoas Lab Partnership of Helsinki Region Student Housing Foundation and think tank Demos Helsinki. Hoas Lab is a two-year design project developing new models for shared and responsible living. Part of the official programme of World Design Capital 2012 Helsinki. !"#$%"&$%'$
  11. 11. Image: Brenda Vértiz Hoas is expected to be a frontrunner 1. Its tenants are the leaders of tomorrow (home owners, residents, parents, builders, designers, decision makers, consumers). 1. Its tenants are the future (more experimental, more educated, more diverse). 3. Hoas has an excellent reputation and good relations with land owners. 4. Hoas has economics of scale. !"#$%"&$%'$
  12. 12. Traditional ways of influencing living !"#$%"&$%'$
  13. 13. Price Design Regulation !"#$%"&$%'$
  14. 14. Hoas Lab Toolbox is bigger. !"#$%"&$%'$
  15. 15. • • • Price Design Regulation Peer-to-peer • • • • • Involvement Shared action Information Social norms • Information Middle men Convenience Meeting needs !"#$%"&$%'$
  16. 16. New Urbanism: Lessons kasper-the-friendly-host/ from Copenhagen Leaving room for Endorsing friction Making the DIT (Do It Together) community visible !"#$%"&$%'$
  17. 17. Community of Community of Interest Geography Residents of Helsinki City Council City Administration
  18. 18. (Demos & NOW) 2nd prize in
  19. 19. (Parempi diili) From cities as machines to cities as ecosystems. !"#$%"&$%'$
  20. 20. Testing ground this Summer: World Design Capital Pavilion !"#$%"&$%'$
  21. 21. !"#$%"&$%'$
  22. 22. Demos Helsinki twitter: tommilaitio tommi.laitio (a)