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Lost generation of cycling


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Presentation given in Equity-based transportation system - Hacking the system with Eric Britton in City of Helsinki department of urban planning on March 23rd 2012. It is about historical change of cycling culture and leverage points for creating behavior change towards better mobility patterns.

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Lost generation of cycling

  1. 1. Lost generation of pedalingAleksi NeuvonenDemos Helsinkiwww.demos.fialeksi.neuvonen@demos.fiTwitter: @leksis
  2. 2. Finland was poor and urbanized very late...
  3. 3. Hypothesis:People born between 1920’s and early 1960’sgot their share of pedaling young, bought a carand abandoned bike (and bus). Bike was asymbol of earlier stage of development.Emergence of exercise culture created a newpedaling sub-culture→ two cycling culturesMountain bikes conjoined cycling with emergingconsumer cultureIn 1990’s bike emerged as a symbol ofindependence→ third culture in early 90’s
  4. 4. There are several reasons and differentkinds of processes though which peoplehave either adopted or rejected mobilitypatternsIn addition to values and culturalperceptions, interventions with right timingcould nudge people to new mobilitypatterns.
  5. 5. Who are the gatekeepers of mobility patterns?
  6. 6. Think of how you...‣ Show that other people are already doing this‣ Persuade people to try/take the first step‣ Remind and inform at right time, when people are about to make a big decision on their lifestyle‣ Turn smart options into default options.