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Smart Retro Meetup Stockholm – Care2Save


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Smart Retro, a smart city project by Demos Helsinki and it’s distinguished partners, was kicked off in a spirit of enthusiastic co-operation. Smart Retro aims for creating effective business models and tools, which can be used for refurbishing residential areas in smart and sustainable ways. This is one of the presentations held in Smart Retro Meetup.

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Smart Retro Meetup Stockholm – Care2Save

  1. 1. Creating Heroes to save energy
  2. 2. Solution - Story Meet Bobo - Polar bear who travels from the North Pole…. Journey
  3. 3. Simple goal
  4. 4. Collect ice cubes - build house
  5. 5. Compete with neighbours
  6. 6. Suggestions
  7. 7. Testimonials