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American Birding Association Digital Marketing Analysis Report


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-American Birding Association Digital Marketing Analysis Report.
-For UTD MKT 6321 interactive and digital marketing course

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American Birding Association Digital Marketing Analysis Report

  1. 1. American Birding Association Digital Marketing Analysis Naveen Jindal School of Management | The University of Texas at Dallas MKT 6321 Interactive and Digital Marketing Group 6 Demin Wang; Jazmin Cabrera; Portia Ballard; Ragon Owings; Si Han 1
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Part A Executive Summary ....................................................... 3 Market Research ........................................................... 5 Marketing Strategy ......................................................... 12 Web Usability ............................................................... 16 Search Engine Optimization ............................................. 20 Summary ............................................................... 25 Display Strategy.......................................................... 26 Social Media ............................................................ 33 Mobile Strategy ......................................................... 37 Metrics and Testing ..................................................... 43 Reference.................................................................... 47 Appendix .................................................................... 48
  3. 3. CURRENT POSITION EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The American Birding Association (ABA) is the premier organization in North America dedicated to recreational birding. The association has set the standard for trans-generational pastimes such as bird identification and bird finding. The target markets of this industry are increasing as the activities of ecotourism and optics are on the rise. However, they do have a number of different competitors, such as Bird Watchers Digest, The National Audubon Society (and regional affiliates), and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology (eBird). The website is currently undergoing a re-design and is expected to have a new look and feel upon completion. Over the next few years, the ABA would like to consider new strategies for increasing the awareness of it’s products and services. OBJECTIVES • Influence membership activity. (Grow membership, retain and extend current memberships.) • Increase awareness about the ABA’s many free resources for all birders, and encourage non-members to support the ABA (preferably by becoming a member) • Increase use of site to create more value for our online advertisers and sponsors. 3
  4. 4. RECOMMENDATIONS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 4 Although the company would like to minimize the amount of risk that they would take in their marketing efforts, they have expressed an interest in reaching different markets that they have not targeted before. Because of the preponderance of groups that are beginning to become more interested in recreation and activities rather than acquiring different goods and services, a campaign that is geared towards increasing brand awareness could prove to be beneficial. Channels that should be most targeted are memberships, magazines, logo wear and gear, and websites. The current brand and methods of branding should be taken under heavy scrutiny. The consideration of targeting a more diverse market, or developing different products does not come without significant risks. Because of these factors, the recommendation is for the ABA to begin to take certain steps to begin targeting a market that is already both mature and saturated.
  5. 5. DEMOGRAPHY OF BIRDERS MARKET RESEARCH Segments U.S. Population Number of Birders Participation Rate U.S. Average -- -- 20% (Age) 55 plus 76,586 22,840 30% (Income) $50,000 to $74,999 33,850 8,432 25% (Education) College Graduate 70,740 20,089 28% (Race) White 182,872 43,323 24% Table 1. Majority Segments of U.S. Birders Numbers and Participation Rate (by 1,000) The following analysis results are based on the 2011 National of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation Survey: • The Birder can be defined as an individual, must have either taken a trip one mile or more from home for the primary purpose of observing birds and/or closely observed or tried to identify birds around the home. • Total 47 million birders (U.S.), 16 years of age and older. • The general profile for most common birders would be 53+ years old, female, above average income, high educated and white. • Although the average birder’s participation rate of U.S. is about 20%, this rate for majority segments would be larger. • The higher the income and education, the higher probability of a person to become a birder. 5
  6. 6. GEOGRAPHY OF BIRDERS MARKET RESEARCH Figure Birding Participation Rates by State Residents (Population 16 years of age and older.) • Residents of sparse populated areas were most likely to be birders • States like Vermont, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Wyoming had high participation by birders • There were more participants in the South (34%) The Midwest had the second highest participation at 24%. The West and Northeast had lower participation of 22% and 20% • People usually travel out of states to watch birds. Hawaii(73%), Alaska(69%), Wyoming(69%), Maine(63%), New Hampshire(45%), Montana(40%) 6
  7. 7. BEHAVIOR OF BIRDERS MARKET RESEARCH Hard Core Birder • Highly dedicated • Prefers small group size • Satisfied by the experience of observing birds in nature • Willing to spend more money on sophisticated equipment • Smaller of the three segments Enthusiastic Birder • Broad-based nature lovers • Comfortable with a larger group • Satisfaction comes both from observing birds and from social interactions • Desires a large and diverse bird list • Likes to travel at their own pace • Makes up about 50% of birding tourists Casual Birder / Ecotourism • Birding may be an add-on to outdoor activities • Stay in areas accessible by road and close to home • Satisfied by the superficial interaction with nature • Makes up about 30% of birding tourists 2006 2011 Percent Change Total-Birders 47,693 46,741 –2% Around-the-home 41,821 41,346 –1% Away-from-home 19,860 17,818 –10% Total-Days 5,473,398 5,161,909 –6% Around-the-home 5,202,536 4,923,873 –5% Away-from-home 270,861 238,036 –12% Table 2.Birder and total watching day divided by method • Of total birders, 88% are back-yard birders and 38% are away-from home birders, willing to travel . • Birders around the home (mean at 119 days in 2011) spent 9 times as many days watching birds as did people who traveled (mean at 13 days in 2011) more than a mile from home to bird watch. • Birding Avidity is varied across the country, the average watching days in Mississippi is around 155 days and only 30 days for Hawaii and Alaska. • Waterfowl like ducks and geese are mostly viewed by away-from-home birders followed by birds of prey such as eagles and hawks. 7
  8. 8. ECONOMICS OF BIRDERS MARKET RESEARCH Title Numbers Birders 46,741,000 Total Expenditures $40,942,680,000 Trip-Related $14,868,424,740 Equipment $26,074,255,293 Total Output $106,977,730,000 Jobs 666,000 Employment Income $31,391,977,000 State Tax Revenues $6,000,203,000 Federal Tax Revenues $7,089,387,000 Birders spend money on a variety of goods and services for their trip-related and equipment-related purchases. However, The effect on the economy in excess of direct expenditures is known as the multiplier effect which would be benefits for manufacture, retailers, and government • Trip-related expenditures include food, lodging, transportation, and other incidental expenses • Other trip-related costs such as guide fees, pack trip or package fees, public and private land use access fees • Equipment expenditures consist of binoculars, cameras, camping equipment, and other costs • Auxiliary equipment includes tents, tarps, frame packs, and backpacking equipment • Special equipment such as boats and boat accessories, campers, trucks, and cabins • Other Items: land leasing, membership dues and contributions, magazine books and DVDs 8
  9. 9. MAJOR KEYWORD TRENDS OF BIRDERS MARKET RESEARCH Keyword popularity data can be downloaded on the Google trends website. There are more keywords and correlated keywords in the Appendix. • Peak times for searching happen two times a year – around December and around May. The searching peak in May is generally broader than the peak in December. This can be explained by the spring migration of many birds. • Of the five, ‘Birdwatching’ is the most popular keyword, and the trends of the other keywords are similar. 9
  10. 10. COMPETITORS KEYWORDS MARKET RESEARCH Only 4 major competitors search trend data are included with the results. Birdwatching Daily and Bird Watchers Digest both have lower search volume than aba. • The peaks of associated keywords search are similar to the peaks of birding keywords – both occur in December and May. • Generally, the keyword‘ABA’ is not very popular. • eBird is the most popular of the search keywords within all of the different competitors. This correlation could be investigated. • During the last year, the National Audubon Societies keywords ‘Birds’ and ‘Blooms’ reached similar levels. Useful insights could be obtained by studying the marketing strategies of NAS. 10
  11. 11. COMPANY ANALYSIS MARKETING STRATEGY The Porter Generic Strategies could be helpful to show the possible methods for achieving sustainable competitive advantage. ABA has product/service uniqueness • ABA is the benchmark for quality information on bird identification and bird finding. Also ABA is an authority organization in North America. Target market of ABA is broad • ABA targets at all the wild bird enthusiasts and also nature lovers, educators, ornithologists and those looking to connect more with the natural world. • ABA should make use of a differentiation strategy to improve its products and services and its brand image. However, the ABA should also consider the focus strategy. • The majority of birders are baby boomers, Caucasian, educated ,and from the middle or upper class. • The younger generation of students is another segment that should be targeted. • The ABA could create a separate campaign for these segment of birders. Before developing the marketing plan and implementing the objectives, it is first necessary to analyze the marketing strategy not only for the ABA, but also for the different competitors in the marketplace. It is also important to understand the nature ecotourism and birding in the first place. Ansoff’s Matrix could be useful to consider the different options for market and product development strategies. The following will summarize the optimal strategies based on the different products that the ABA offers and the markets it serves. Birding information, including bird identification, publication, news etc. • Market Penetration Strategy- ABA should use existing products and services in conjunction with new marketing strategies to target their current segments. Events, including regular ABA events and summer camps. • Increase awareness of their website, products and services using market development. • Increase visitors to their social media pages and website who are interested in ecotourism. Community, including membership, listings etc. • Product Development- The internet has enabled ABA to reach a more diverse target market that could benefit from the expansion of the products that they offer. Current Offerings • Recreation related commodities, including cameras, birding wear and gear. • E-commerce services which are new and for which the market is expected to grow. 11
  12. 12. SWOT MARKETING STRATEGY Strengths • Qualifies as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code • Company has been in existence for 48 years • Website has been in existence for 22 years • Diverse variety of goods and services offered, including publications and magazines, birding events and trips, logo wear and gear, and membership. • Premier organization in North America dedicated to recreational birding • Talented and knowledgeable online marketing personnel Weaknesses: • High debt structure, expenses exceeding revenue • Mature market, declining profits due to increased competition • Saturated market, cost of reaching new participants greater that the average returns • No concise definition of which industry is being served • Mission may be too wide-ranging Opportunities: • Can create multiple campaigns for a variety of different target markets • Re-finance current short term high interest debt with longer term lower interest debt • Optics and ecotourism (two big ad customer categories) both seem healthy and growing • Disposable income among major demographics (i.e. retiring baby boomers) is healthy • Significant growth time for hobbies and activities related to birding • Technology advances allow for an extended reach to a variety of potential customers Threats: • Optics retailers as well as tour operators and lodges are trying to reach the same target markets • Other entities will have the opportunity to reach markets that are currently targeted by ABA 12
  13. 13. OBJECTIVES MARKETING STRATEGY The general goals of the ABA can be summarized in order to better reveal a deeper meaning. The ABA wants to encourage people to enjoy recreation and ecotourism which is what they believe reflects the undeniably traditionalist aspects of their subculture and community. 1. Influence membership activity. (Grow membership, retain and extend current memberships.) 2. Increase awareness about the ABA’s many free resources for all birders, and encourage non-members to support the ABA (preferably by becoming a member) 3. Increase use of site to create more value for our online advertisers and sponsors Details can be split into more general concepts which should be easier to understand. Branding The requirement actually has two different meanings: increase the brand awareness and enforce the ABA brand image, which are the salience of brand equity. According to the Customer-Based Brand Equity model, the higher the level of brand equity—customer judgments and resonance—would also help to influence membership activity. Furthermore, the perfect brand is an important resource that the advertisers and sponsors want to use to leverage their own brand equity. Detail Objects • Brand awareness (Brand recall and recognize) • Brand image • Brand positioning • brand credibility • brand feeling • brand community • brand engagement Website Performance The website performance can be discussed as a different topic such as number of visits and conversion rates. Increasing the website performance could increase the chance that new users clicks through and that they sign up for membership. Good customer experience ratings would be likely to increase member retention rate. Also, when the number of visitors increases, the impressions increase, which advertisers and sponsors would like to see. Detail Objects: • traffic • conversion • Bounce Rate • Keyword ranking • Media consumption • Transaction / goal conversion Product Performance For ABA, the products includes four major types: birding information, events, community and physical commodities. Product is the core of a company and the salience of brand and web performance. Some of ABA products are internet based, such as birding news and ABA blog, which are the reason for registering members and members that return to the ABA website. The product is also the inducement for sponsors. For example, the gear sales on ABA would attract the birding product manufactures and retailers. Detail Objects: • Improve the existing product/services • Develop new product / services • Extend to new market segment 13
  14. 14. DIGITAL MARKETING TACTICS MARKETING STRATEGY Strategies Objectives Focus Strategy Differentiation Market Penetration Product Development Branding Website Perform Product Perform Web Usability Analysis ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Search Engine Optimization ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Pay-Per-Click Campaigns ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Social Media Marketing ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Mobile Marketing ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ How does the digital marketing campaign align with the client's business? The following reports will discuss these topics one by one 14
  15. 15. UX ANALYSIS WEB USABILITY The purpose of this report is to use different metrics and studies to determine the most expeditious and effective ways to ensure the highest levels of usability and best practices for the ABA website. The ABA site has links to different publications and member areas on their home page as well as hosting a number of advertisers. It is clear that one of the primary objectives of the website is to target a market that consists of bird enthusiasts and those that are looking to get more connected with nature. Overall, the site already fulfills many of the goals and objectives of the members of the board of the ABA. Also, it seems that in its current state that the site reflects the basic needs of its clients and visitors. However, there are still a number of other issues. Best practice is to create a hierarchy of information that facilitates ease of use and navigation for the association's visitors and clients. To facilitate this, it is suggested that several variations be made to the architecture of the website. These variants include: • Organizing the information hierarchy of the landing pages so that the more important information is above the fold. • Defining a navigational format that is consistent throughout the website. • Designing the webpage responsively so that it displays correctly in any size browser. 15
  16. 16. TESTING WEB USABILITY The report is based partially on findings from a usability testing from a panel of 10 random subjects (see Appendix). An independent review was also performed using criteria that was provided specifically for this project. The report is based primarily on web functionality, branding, content, and navigation. Many of the recipients provided similar results, although there were also a number of differences. This information indicates that a number of factors should be evaluated concerning the dynamics of the website. Issues concerning the sites navigation affect it’s SEO rankings which in turn impact how much traffic it gets from users searching for their products and services on the web. Key Areas that Need Improvement • The font size used on the homepage is too small, the font color is too light, or medium text color against a medium background color. • No clear link to company mission or “about us” menu not informative enough. • Many people found it difficult to find different items or did not know that the website sold items. • No “contact us” link on every page or the link button is too small. • Eight participants in the survey couldn’t find the search box at all. • Too many links at the top, or too cluttered above the fold. • Sitemap is not easily locatable on any of the web pages. 16 Decreased Traffic • The traffic to has decreased compared to the traffic to other sites. • Many times when people can’t find the information they are looking for on a website they go somewhere else. Other reasons: • Unpredictable reasons such as seasonality or search trend change. • Website does not contain not enough topical relevance between different pages. • Website has indexing issues, does not having a sufficient sitemap, or has other crawling errors.
  17. 17. TESTING WEB USABILITY Recommendations • All pages should be designed with a clear hierarchy of information. • Colors, typography and line spacing should be used to effectively augment legibility and readability of the content. • Create Landing pages that are contextually relevant to keywords and that include strong calls to action. • Develop drop down menus using styling that is consistent with the rest of the web site. • Ensure that indexing is not impeded by drop down menus that have too many links. • A significant amount of content should be removed from the homepage and positioned on other appropriate pages within the website. • Each page should have a footer that contains relevant and helpful information. 17 Positive Findings • Some users reported that for the most part the site uses contrast well, and has a good combination of colors. • Most participants felt that the ‘About Us’ link had a variety of different pages of information which were able to answer their questions. • Some said that they thought that the process of adding an item to a cart and the process of check out was smooth and professional.
  18. 18. NAVIGATION & MOBILE WEB USABILITY Navigation and Links Visitors have a tendency to stay longer and return to sites that are well architected in terms of navigation and links. Information can only be found on the web if it is well indexed by search engine spiders. The use of well-constructed and distinctive section headers can improve usability and search engine rankings as well. Adhering to this and other best practices decreases bounce rates and encourages visitors to return to the website. Other standard designs strategies should include: 18 Responsive Design Responsive web design has become more important, especially since mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic. Because of this, website owners are now being forced to make decisions about whether or not to re-design their websites responsively. Not re-designing could have a variety of implications for ABA, such as: ABA home page ABA Exchange page • Not being able to navigate between different devices comfortably. • Lack of functionality could cause users not to return the site. • ABA might have no other choice but to create a separate site for mobile. • Breadcrumbs that backtrack to all pages that were already visited. • Http links that open in the same window, and non-http links that open in a new tab. • Links that contain keywords that are relevant to the page that they link to. • Three or fewer clicks should be required to reach every page within the site.
  19. 19. BEST PRACTICES WEB USABILITY Best Practices The website is a significant source of information for the birding community and also for the general public. Regular users of the site are likely to be familiar with its link structure and navigability. However, the site should be designed for all types of users. Pages should adhere to the following conventions: • Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for within a short period of time. • Pages should be relevant, engaging and include concise content that is easy to understand. • Each page should have a search box that is readily visible, above the fold, and that allows for refinement of search terms • Merchandise items that are out of stock should remain on the relevant merchandise results page. • Images should be evaluated for sizing capability, and in the case of pixilation should be replaced. • Links to CMS and informational and historical data should be readily available and easy to find. • Pages that can be viewed comfortably on a number of different devices with different sized screens. 19 Images should display for out of stock items Example of pixilation and poor resolution
  20. 20. SEO STRATEGY SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Traffic According to, the traffic to the site peaks in April and May. This trend indicates that ABA website is highly correlated with springtime migration. This also equates to a number of SEO advantages for the ABA. • During the bird migration season, around December or May, ABA should focus on high rates of birding activity. For example, ABA should optimize its keywords and birding information content and for the most common birds observed during that season. • During the other times, ABA ‘s focus should be on general birding or other birding related activity. For example, ABA could increase the frequency of keywords to target general birding events and education or birding gear and optics. Another alternative would be to optimize keywords based on analytics. Traffic Sources According to the search traffic percentage chart around 20% of ABA visitors come from search engines, and 8% come from other birding related websites . Around 5% of visitors come from social media sites such as • Organic search results provide the largest number of visitors to the ABA site and should be optimized and tested using benchmarks. • Second priority should be to create more related content for their social media sites which accounts for around 15 percent of their traffic. • Other techniques could be used to assist search engine spiders to locate and index files so that ABA’s SEO rankings might increase. • These strategies could also influence the rankings for direct and advertising traffic. 20 Alexa Traffic Ranks Search Traffic Percentage
  21. 21. SERP ANALYSIS SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION The search engine result page for ‘American birding association’ ranks well. • The structured data zone looks good and aba has an established google+ site. • Top 3 of 4 organic results are ABA related websites: the aba home page, Facebook and Wikipedia. • The structured Data Testing Tool, that is used to test the html code, has good results also. • However, the site does not contain any rich snippets concerning the contents or events of the aba site. 21
  22. 22. KEYWORDS ANALYSIS SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Current Keyword cloud The details of the keyword cloud can be seen on the left hand side of the page (also see Appendix) . The most common keyword in the keyword cloud is birding. As you can see in the figure (bottom left), the Google SERP results for the keyword ‘birding’ are excellent. However, the most of other results have little or no affiliation with the ABA website. The consensus is that ABA is not using a wide enough range of keywords and phrases to begin targeting an alternative audience. Searches related to their goods and services or to ecotourism result in SERP’s that do not contain the ABA website at all. Generate New Keywords When people search, they tend to do it using different approaches. ABA needs to choose new keywords based on the same logic. Choosing to use a variety of more specific short tail keywords and long tail phrases is more likely to generate less traffic and more conversions. Ineffective Short Tail Key Phrases • How to find birds, what particular birds look like, when and where to watch birds • Bird finding, bird identify, birding travel advice, birding news, bird image, birding trip guide More Effective Long Tail Keywords • Blue bird in Texas, red bird in Oklahoma, exotic birds of Hawaii, ecotourism in Arizona It’s important to know that the popular keywords change all the time. ABA has to deploy new keywords using the strategies have been mentioned in previous slides. Keywords Tool There are some SEO tools on the market can analyze your website and will that generate the most popular keywords. (There are results from Google Adwords in the Appendix). However, there are many important key words that computers cannot generate because they might be related to a niche segment of your website. Birder exchange and blog are two important functions of ABA should develop more relevant keywords that would have the potential bring more visitors to other less popular pages of their site. 22
  23. 23. LINKS & LOCALIZATION SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Site Page 1 2 3 4 4 TOP 5 sites that link to ABA Link A total of 1097 sites link to ABA. The top 5 sites are listed below. We can divide them into three major categories: • Free directories • • • Third parties • • Social media • ABA has pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All the content on Facebook and Twitter have links to which is considered a good thing. However, the number of reposts and followers are somewhat limited. YouTube video has a good review volume but they have no outgoing link to ABA. Search engines use links to target the website, and also the number of links is an important factor for page ranking. Good content and social media affiliation could create many different links to the website that is being analyzed. Furthermore, content and localization themselves are also factors for that the search engine spider uses for determining the page rank in the SERP. Content is King ABA should create the fresh content concerning the following, which has more an increased chance of a greater number of reposts by other platforms. • “Birding 101” • “How to meet new friends through various outdoor hobbies” • Top 5 things every birder must know Localization Although most of ABA products are digital and have minimal localization potential, their events can be listed locally. ABA could also create event pages on various SEO Friendly Databases. The site should analyze the URL’s for their pages and optimize them with descriptive names. • • • Local city event pages i.e. 23
  24. 24. 5 IMPORTANT SEO DETAILS SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION There are some IT side SEO issue, which affect the loading speed, can be view at: Mobile responsiveness •Problem •According to the Google Webmaster Tools – The is not mobile-friendly. Mobile friendly pages can achieve higher mobile rankings on search engines •Main Problems - •Users have to pinch and zoom •Too much text on the page •Mobile viewport not set •Solution •Have fewer words on the mobile pages •Set mobile viewport Sitemap •Problem •The site lacks a sitemap file. Sitemaps can help robots index your content more thoroughly and quickly. •Solution •Create a sitemap Keywords in URL and Page Titles •Problem •The page urls and page titles should be more descriptive and contain more birding keywords •Solution •Examples: •Change URL http://events.aba.or g/ to http://birdingevents •Change URL /join/ to /joinamericanbirding association/ •Change Page Title “ABA Events” to “American Birding Association Events” Flash •Problem •The website contains flash objects. Flash is an outdated technology that is used to deliver rich multimedia content. Flash content does not work well on mobile devices, and is difficult for search engine crawlers to interpret. •Solution •Removing the flash objects can help increase your search engine rankings. Image Alt Text •Problem •The webpage has 29 'img' tags and 17 of them are missing the required 'alt' attribute. •Solution •Add relevant alt tags to the images such as: •“birding association” “fun outdoor activities for teens” “bird watching events in Virginia”
  25. 25. SUMMARY 25 At the current time there are many avid birders within the different segments of ecotourists. There are also other segments that might be interested in the offerings if only the ABA was able to extend its reach through market development. Such efforts should include: • Tourists likely to be looking for new experiences while travelling. • Visitors to the site that don’t convert, but that are likely to be reached through re-targeting. • Frequency caps in order to avoid the over targeting of potential customers. • Enhanced social media and mobile campaigns to enable increased brand awareness and positive sentiment. The ABA might be able to effectively reach its target audience by: • Discovering what sorts of things the birding population is wanting to accomplish. • Evaluating the products and services offered by the competition. • Evaluating current platforms being used for marketing. • Determining cost to the firm, value for the firm, and marginal utility for the consumer. ABA should make it their priority to make available the products and services that are necessary and sufficient for sustainable and safe recreational activities. This type of strategy involves a campaign that promotes the benefits of sustainable practices, including: • Reasonable access to appropriate habitats including preserves and parks. • Good infrastructure for birding activities including lodging and shopping facilities within proximity. • Up to date information and birding guides and tours.
  26. 26. CAMPAIGN SETUP PPC ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 26 Goal: Increase Awareness of the ABA Brand and Increase Membership Campaign 1 Reach Young and Casual Birders (New Members) Search and Display Network Campaign Settings Limit ad display to individuals ages 16-44 Searching on mobile or tablet during the hours of 8pm – 11:30 pm Ad Group Keywords See Slide 5 and 6 Campaign 2 Reach Enthusiastic Birders (New Members and Retain Current Members) Search and Display Network Campaign Settings Limit ad display to individuals ages 45-55 Searching on tablet or PC during the hours of 6am – 11am and 3pm – 8 pm Ad Group Keywords See Slide 5 and 7 Campaign 3 Reach Hard Core Birders (New Members and Retain Current Members) Search and Display Network Campaign Settings Limit ad display to individuals ages 55+ Annual Income of $50K + Searching on PC during the hours of 6am – 11 am and 3pm – 8 pm Ad Group Keywords See Slide 5 and 8 Goals: 1. Grow membership, retain and extend current memberships 2. Increase awareness of ABA’s online resources for birdersTarget Segments Hard Core Birder Enthusiastic Birder Casual Birder Recommendations: 1. Create PPC ads in search and display network. 2. Ads should communicate message targeted to each segment. Before we can obtain new members, we need to create awareness and interest.
  27. 27. SEARCH AND DISPLAY NETWORK ADS FOR CAMPAIGN 1 PPC ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 27 Comparative Analysis Ads from Audubon when keywords “birding for beginners” and “how to start bird watching” were entered: Recommended Ads Discover Beauty In Your Backyard. Learn How Landing Page: Young Birders Blog Recommendation: ABA needs to create content to attract new and young birders. During search for “birding for beginners” and “how to start bird watching”, ABA was not visible in results. The ABA Blog and Young Birder Blog needs to include more content to help new birders gain experience with bird watching and bird spotting equipment and in return attract more visitors to the ABA website and improve search results rank. gallery_image=yellow-warbler yles/hero_image/public/camillacerea_nicklund- 1.jpg?itok=2WzW2yah Birding: Discover Nature’s Own Tweets From Your Backyard. Learn More
  28. 28. SEARCH AND DISPLAY NETWORK ADS FOR CAMPAIGN 2 PPC ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 28 Photo of bird: Protect The Birds You Love. Become a Member of the American Birding Association. Join Today Landing Page Landing Page Photo of Vanguard Spotting Scope: spotting-scope.html Get Closer To Nature. Become a new member or renew your membership by Nov. 30 for a chance to win a Vanguard Endeavor Spotting Scope. Join Today Photo of bird: e/?gallery_image=red-bellied-woodpecker
  29. 29. SEARCH AND DISPLAY NETWORK ADS FOR CAMPAIGN 3 PPC ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 29 @photopublic/documents/media/mad-island- marsh-birders-600-1.jpg Landing Page Landing Page Add To Your Expertise. Become a Member of the American Birding Association. Join Today Landing Page 2016/08 Photo of Bird:
  30. 30. CAMPAIGN SETUP PPC ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 30 Goal: Maximize Website for Sponsors and Advertisers Campaign 4 For Sponsors and Advertisers Search Network Ad Group for Birders In Need of Gear Keywords Specialized bird watching gear/equipment Best binoculars/cameras/ spotting scopes Ad Group for Birders Seeking Tour Keywords Best Bird Viewing Places Small group bird tour Campaign 4 Keywords Focus: Highlight Current Sponsors/Advertisers and Attract New Partnerships • Advanced birding gear • Specialized birding watching gear • Best binoculars for bird watching • Best cameras for bird photography • Best spotting scopes for bird watching • GPS technology for birding • Best bird viewing places • Bird tour guide • Worldwide bird tours • Small group bird tour Goal: Increase use of site to create more value for ABA’s online advertisers and sponsors Target Segments: 1. Birders in seeking gear • Binoculars • Digital Cameras • Spotting Scopes • Outerwear • GPS technology 2. Birders seeking tours • Field Guides • North American Tours Recommendation: Advertise in the Search Network first to drive traffic to ABA website. After reader has visited the ABA website, they can opt to visit the sponsor/vendor site from the ad displayed, or product/service mentioned, on the blog article or magazine. Publish Ads For Bird Watching Gear • Adults ages 25-44 • Searching in mobile or tablet during the hours of 6am – 8am, 7pm – 11pm Publish Ads For Bird Tours • Adults ages 45-55+ • Searching in PC or mobile during the hours of 6am – 11am, 3pm – 8pm
  31. 31. SEARCH AND DISPLAY NETWORK ADS FOR CAMPAIGN 4 PPC ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 31 Recommendation: For this PPC campaign to be successful, ABA needs to create landing pages that are organized and contain a clear call to action. Recommendation: Add more content to the blog highlighting current sponsor/advertiser products like Audubon did on this blog post: guide-birding-gear. The post mentioned many products without the need of cluttered banner and display ads. Recommendation: Highlight the Birder’s Guide magazine on the homepage. Currently it is hard to find because of all the clutter. The magazine is visually appealing and is a great channel for advertisers. Current link on homepage directs you to the March 2016 issue and in order to find the Nov. 2016 issue, one must click several pages to access it.
  32. 32. SEARCH AND DISPLAY NETWORK ADS FOR CAMPAIGN 4 PPC ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 32 Recommendation: For tour advertisers, ABA needs to highlight their Travel Magazine Issues on the homepage and feature some of the content on the ABA blog to increase visibility for the advertisers/sponsors. The magazine has great visuals and it is being underutilized.
  33. 33. OBJECTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA 33 The ABA’s primary source of revenue is generated from memberships, periodicals and recreational gear, optics and ecotourism. Recommendations: • Continue use of Facebook and YouTube and post fresh content that is visually appealing as well as resourceful for birders. • Create a Pinterest account to create an interest in young birders. Social media channels should: • Enhance visual appeal for promotions and for content above the fold on their social media sites. • Increase user engagement that help build brand reputation and facilitate increased participation with their sites. • Attract opinion leaders and brand evangelists. Ad placed by ABA is bland and uninteresting. Ad placed by B&B uses a rich visual background. IMPROVE VISUALS!
  34. 34. SOCIAL MEDIA 34 Yearly • User-generated contest – Birders upload a YouTube video of their favorite bird and in the description they must state “This is a contest sponsored by the American Birding Association.” The videos with the most views wins a $50 gift card to Monthly • Birding destination of the month video • ABA 101 – A perk or benefit of joining the ABA • ABA member testimonials Weekly • Bird of the month video • “How to” Example: “How to quickly determine the origin of a bird” Before and after each camp/event • Videos advertisements of upcoming birding events • Video recaps of birding event/camps • Tip: Utilize birding keywords in the description and tags to increase SEO rankings Cornell Lab uses aesthetically pleasing images on their YouTube landing page.
  35. 35. SOCIAL MEDIA 35 Birding 101 Tips/Tricks Birding For Kids Birding Clothing and Gear Perks of Joining the ABA Exotic Birds Exotic Birds Top Birding Destinations Birding Events/Camps Create the above Pinterest albums Weekly • Upload 3 photos to each album Monthly • Host a contest in which members create a board and “pin” 5 items from a certain category to his/her board. (The fastest 15 posters win a $20 gift card to Examples: • January: Pin 5 items found on the ABA Accessories page • February: Pin 5 items found on the ABA Jewelry or Gift
  36. 36. CONTENT GEMS SOCIAL MEDIA 36 Continue current 3-7 Facebook postings, and add the following: Post Weekly • A Perk or benefit of joining the ABA • A secret Birding tip/trick • A #hashtag post related to a Facebook trending topic • “Name this bird” Bird Photo quiz (as a multiple choice poll question through the FB admin functionality) • An interesting article from Content Gems (keyword: birding) Examples found on Content Gems: • “Snow Birds: 10 Birds to Look for in Winter” Curate by stating: “Wow, these are gorgeous winter birds. #7 is especially beautiful” • “Birding In Andalucia” Curate by stating: “Has anyone ever been birding in Andalucía? It’s an amazing destination for birding. Post Monthly • Bird of the month • “Must have birding gear” with a product link to an item from the store • Ask page members to post a photo of their favorite bird • Poll Question: “What type of birder are you? –Hardcore, enthusiastic, or casual ”Are you the type of birder that likes X,Y,or,Z” Post Yearly • Ask page members to post a photo of their favorite bird and explain why they love it • Top Birding Trends to look for in 2017,2018 Name this bird. Take our bird photo quiz today and test your bird knowledge. Post: This little camera is changing the way we bird. Photo should link to Birding magazine article: nov-2016.
  37. 37. MOBILE WEBSITE MOBILE 37 Responsive design is the core of mobile marketing and should be the first consideration before launching other mobile campaigns. The ABA should make sure its website can be viewed comfortably for all kinds of devices with different sized screens. • At the current time the website does not implement responsive design. • If the ABA does not re-design design their website responsively, then they should re- design their mobile only site. (See left image) • The content of navigation bar for mobile website is limited and should contain the most important content. • Currently only the membership and the events button are shown within the blue bar. (See right image)
  38. 38. MOBILE DISPLAY MOBILE 38 Recommendation: ABA should use make use of display ads to create impressions for their mobile website. They should choose to use premium or blind networks because they are less expensive. • Most mobile display companies have access to the same inventory. • The major vendors are Buzzcity, AdMob, Millinial Media, Jumptap etc. • Mobile banner sizing is a consideration because of different screen sizes. • A good landing page should help to increase the conversion rate. • There must be ‘calls to action’ placed above the fold that the users don’t have to scroll or zoom to use.
  39. 39. QR CODE MOBILE 39 Recommendation: ABA should adopt a QR code strategy • QR Code is a convenient way to engage with customers. Using the code is easy and in most cases it only requires downloading a app to be able to scan it with a mobile phone. • QR codes do not require typing in the URL and it makes it easier for the company to track customers. • QR codes are easy to place on a significant number of pages. ABA must make it clear what benefit scanning the code will provide the customer. (see right image) • Aba can place QR code on several products, including their magazine, news, event billboards and the product they sell. • Using incentives for scanning the code, such as offers, coupons, etc., can increase engagement.
  40. 40. APP MOBILE 40 As customers return to the ABA site and begin to bond with the brand, search-based activities lose traction in favor of Native Mobile Apps. These apps offer a higher degree of usability and customization. • Apps are available offline and can make use of phone features like location services, camera, etc. • ABA can include articles of publications, events function and membership content on the app. • Phone function such as notifications can remind users to do things even if they are offline. • Other advantages include access to the phones camera and GPS, native map functionality, and background location awareness. difference/
  41. 41. SMS MARKETING MOBILE 41 Opt out Rate notification Keyword To website Promotions • Pre marketing: Make sure that the text messages are targeted to the right group of people. The success rate of sending the texts should be over 90%. Pay attention to the timeliness for the release messages and guarantee that the backstage platform is safe and solid. • Should select different campaigns for different segments with different offers and services. The campaigns should be optimized to maximize the conversion rate. • After sending the texts: monitor the behavior of all the users and analyze the KPI’s and help to make further marketing activities more actionable.
  42. 42. GAMING MOBILE 42 • 61% of people use their mobile phone for games. Games can reach more people than the website and apps. • Attract young birders. • This bird guessing game can be used on a smart phone, a tablet or even a wearable device. • Gaming strategies can increase brand awareness and are educational and fun. There is no age limit and the creation of competition among the users creates a virtual users’ society.
  43. 43. OBJECTIVE DATA ANALYTICS Once the ABA’s mission and goals have been established and they have selected which platforms to use for their campaigns, they are then faced with the challenge of defining KPI’s. The object is to select enough metrics to effectively measure their marketing efforts. These can be measured in a number of different ways, including: • Determining the steps that customers took before making a decision to convert. • Determining which calls to action generate the largest number of customers. • Determining the number of new visitors as opposed to repeat visitors. • Segmenting which platforms generate the most traffic and which generate the least traffic. • Measuring the profitability of overall marketing efforts. • Calculating the retention rate and overall value of customers. are-perceived-to-be-the-most-effective-and-difficult- 66370/attachment/ascend2-effective-difficult-digital-marketing-tactics- mar2016/ marketing-metrics-you-need-to-be-measuring/#17a26b76355f Effective and Difficult Marketing Tactics 43
  44. 44. ANALYSIS DATA ANALYTICS ABA requires a marketing mix that will help them to effectively reach their target market . Currently they are only utilizing some of the resources that are available to them. They should have in place metrics that help them understand how the platforms that they are using measure up against themselves. Gathering data in a manner that allows for analysts to see the bigger picture includes: • The use of specific KPI’s to facilitate their understanding of customer behaviors and sentiments . • Refining metrics to enable the increased understanding of how and why customers exit the conversion process. • Making adjustments that allow for the integration of marketing channels. • To look at trends and patterns over different time periods and investigate anomalies. marketers-reallocating-budgets-to-digital-27493/attachment/soda- digital-marketing-budget-growth-mar2013/ Analytics_Quirk-Textbook-5.pdf 44
  45. 45. METRICS DATA ANALYTICS The ABA’s digital marketing campaign should place an emphasis on its social media and mobile channels. Also display ads should be refined in order to increase CTR. The ABA should be able to use these tactics to lower marketing costs, increase brand awareness, and to increase conversions their site and also for affiliated endeavors such as the sale of optics and gear. Specific success metrics should be used to reinforce these goals, including: • Bounce Rate and the length of the time that visitors stay on the website. • Cost per conversion so that marketing dollars can be allocated in a efficient manner. • Donor retention rate including number of donations per household and gift amount. • Levels of engagement for social media campaigns and sentiment analysis. • Number of mobile downloads and installations. • CTR to the landing pages and what link or ad caused them to click. 45 Percentage Increase in Revenue Because of Analytics marketing-metrics-analytics-in-2015/
  46. 46. TESTING DATA ANALYTICS In terms of testing the ABA should use a mixture of A/B and multivariate testing. For example, the ABA has seen a decrease in the number of new memberships, a situation that could be attributed to a number of different factors. To determine the cause, ABA could perform testing using different versions of the same interface, or they could try multiple variations on a single interface. Other aspects of marketing efforts include: • The ability to be able to find out more about customer sentiments and intentions. • Defining new segments and testing each segment using different metrics. • Testing the timing for the delivery of campaign messages to make sure that they are delivered at optimal times. • The creation of micro campaigns to test niche keywords and inventive display ads. • Modifying the allocation of budget to include different types of marketing efforts. Methods for Improving Conversion Rates rate-optimisation-cro-and-why-do-you-need-it/111 46
  47. 47. REFERENCES 47 Bibliography “Birding hobby soars in popularity across North America”, < /1978047/birding-hobby-soars-in-popularity-across-north-america/> “Birding in the United States”: A Demographic and Economic Analysis, last modified December 2013, <> “Find Website Traffic Statistics”, <> “Guided Birding Tours”: an examination of the market, important tour parameters, and participant demographics, <> “Market Analysis of Bird-Based Tourism”: , last modified 07/16/2015, <> “SeoSiteCheckup ”, <> “Trends: Birding Ranks 15th Most Popular Recreational Activity”, Last modified May 19, 2013, <> “What is World Migratory Bird Day?”, Last modified May 10, 2016, <>
  48. 48. A. KEYWORDS OF BIRDERS APPENDIX Most Correlate Keywords Birding Bird Watching bird identification birder birding news bird list 1# bird list yogurt maker flower identification energy fair united water christmas bird count 2# christmas bird atlas pasta jointer mcdermid suez water birding 3# christmas bird count wheat intolerance animal track ifls scott honda christmas bird 4# silk yarn bread baking transplanting alliance bible church just kidding around exchange programs 5# aconitum roasting gladiolus bulbs glacier creek liebich winter solstice 6# incinerating wheat allergy symptoms beetle identification hydronic heat art on the green ibird 7# merlin bird chard recipes highland cattle catkins marge simpson rule 34 dryas 8# ibird how to roast butter dish trailbreaker diamond court silk yarn 9# exchange programs gluten content jointers n60 compsych provider led track lighting 10# lace knitting caster sugar garlic bulbs sun golden woodings title nine sports 48
  49. 49. B. KEYWORDS BY ADWORDS APPENDIX Keywords Google Popularity Google Search Volume birds 1220000 639,000,000 birds pictures 49500 77,100,000 bird sounds 40500 65,500,000 bird calls 27100 85,900,000 pictures of birds 27100 1,110,000,000 bird song 22200 82,300,000 bird identification 18100 56,700,000 british birds 14800 65,000,000 birdwatching 14800 7,180,000 birding 12100 15,000,000 bird identifier 9900 6,200,000 birds of north america 9900 24,600,000 bird identification apps 8100 496,000 audubon birds 5400 3,280,000 backyard birds 4400 12,500,000 identify birds 3600 62,400,000 bird finder 1600 20,800,000 49
  50. 50. C. UX FEEDBACK SURVEY APPENDIX The feedback survey was performed entirely online using participants from a third party usability website. All of the participants were from the United States. Questions posed to survey panel of 10 random users 1. How do the text, font, colors and background contrast contribute to the readability of the page? 2. What aspects of the website helped you best understand its purpose and mission? 3. When finding an item (such as books, coffee and tourist gear) adding it to the cart and then checking out (without actually buying anything), what did you like about the process and what slowed you down? 4. Is the contact us information easy to find and complete (with hours/days of operation)? 5. Is the search box easy to find and on the top of every page, and does it return relevant results? 6. Is the important content towards the top of the page, or do you have to scroll down to access it? Source: aa272 50
  51. 51. KEYWORDS FOR AD GROUPS APPENDIX 51 Campaign 1 Focus: Attract Young Birders and New Members • How to start birding • How to begin birding • Birding for beginners • What is birding • Enjoy bird watching • Watch birds in natural habitat • Discover bird watching • How to identify birds • How to become a bird watcher • How to become a birder • Bird watching as a hobby • Start new hobby bird watching • How to start bird watching in backyard • Advice for new bird watchers • Advice to start birding • Tips on how to start birding • Bird watching tips and tricks Campaign 2 Focus: Attract Enthusiastic Birders for New Membership and Retain Current Members • Equipment to photograph birds • Large group birding tours • Birding tours of North America • Binoculars for bird watching • Camera for bird photographs • Birding gear recommendations • Bird watching gear • Group bird watching • Group birding tours • Explore bird events • Large birding events • Large birding festivals • Birding association membership benefit Campaign 3 Focus: Attract Hard Core Birders for New Membership and Retain Current Members Older than 55 years of age • Equipment to photograph birds • Birding tours of North America • Best binoculars for bird watching • Best camera for bird photographs • Gear for expert birders • Bird watching gear • Advanced birding optics • Birding books for experts • North American birding tours • Small group bird excursions • Birding expert advice • Avid birder advice • Birding gear reviews • Photographs of rare birds • Exclusive rare bird spotting • Birding association membership benefit
  52. 52. APPENDIX 52
  53. 53. Current Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest Analysis FACEBOOK • 17,065 likes • 592 photos posted by other people • 4 photo albums: Timeline Photos, Cover Photos, Profile Photos, Mobile Uploads • No “Bird” titled or keyword specific photo albums • 394 reviews 4.7 Rating • 3 videos • Only 4 Past Events created • “Flight Calls Signup” tab is empty • Frequency: 3-7 Posts weekly YOUTUBE • No recent videos posted • Most recent video was Jan 6, 2014 PINTEREST • No Pinterest Account APPENDIX 53
  54. 54. APPENDIX 54
  55. 55. APPENDIX Causal Forecast 55