To evaluate how successfully you achieved your intentions


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To evaluate how successfully you achieved your intentions

  1. 1. A Level Media Communication and Production Unit 6 6.4To evaluate how successfully you achieved your intentionDemi Lowe Mrs. MolyneuxSuitability for target audienceThe intended audience for my documentary are 15-18 year old boys who live in London,who are from multicultural backgrounds and mixed social classes. After completing mydocumentary and screening it to 6 members of my audience I gave them a questionnaire, tocomplete and from these results I had discovered the use of expert opinion as well as theteenage presenter, cutaways and the direct mode of address made the audience feel as ifthey were included as the presenter/VO was directly speaking to them. After viewing mydocumentary the audience also said that all the conventions that I had used, as well asmaking them feel included gave them a sense of realism and compared well to realproducts. All of the people who took my questionnaire said that this issue does appeal tothem as in this day and age; it is a very commonly argued issue. When I asked them to ratethe cutaways, interviews, mode of address and music from 1-4 (4 being the worst) the best-rated convention was mode of address and the interviews. Also the majority of the peoplesaid that either my editing (effects) and/or my shot types were the best technical quality.For my documentary I was aiming for it to appeal to 15-18 year olds. People within this agerange took the questionnaire, and every person’s response was that it was appealing tothem.Respondent one: “I think this documentary does appeal to young people, because themajority of young people smoke weed, whether they are pressured into it or off their ownaccord”.My target audience found it appealing that the documentary was straightforward and that itwas helpful to them.Other elements of my documentary, which the audience found appealing, are that theyfound the cutaways very relevant and engaging to them. As well as the interviews as theythought it was very factual and interesting and educating. They also liked that a maleteenager, who also gave a sense of realism to them, as it is much easier for them to relateto, did the presenter/interviewer/VO. They also thought that the use of archive footage wasappealing them as the people in the videos shown were actually teenagers, as well as thisthey thought that the use of other adverts (talk to FRANK) was one of the things that theyliked about it.
  2. 2. A Level Media Communication and Production Unit 6 6.4To evaluate how successfully you achieved your intentionDemi Lowe Mrs. MolyneuxCutawaysOne example of a cutaway, which I feel was suitable for my target audience, was the newsarticle, which was speaking about the effects Cannabis has on a person who is under 18.This is an appealing cutaway, as it will give people a sense ofrealism, which will make them take this issue a lot seriously.Having a cutaway which is a real newspaper article will also givethem a sense of realism as they would then know that this isfacts not just opinion. This will help them believe this more as itis very factual.As well as this cutaway, I think that the one which shows theRelease website was veryeffective because it showsthe audience that this place is actually a professional/realplace and may give them the opportunity to go toRelease website themselves. This is an effective cutawaybecause it gives the audience a chance to find out moreabout this issue and if they or anyone around them is apart of this issue already then they can go on the Releasewebsite to find the information they need to helpthemselves.A cutaway like this one, I think is very effective asit proves/shows the teenagers that thisdocumentary is directly for them and no one else,as everyone included in the documentary, apartfrom the expert opinion is a teenager.
  3. 3. A Level Media Communication and Production Unit 6 6.4To evaluate how successfully you achieved your intentionDemi Lowe Mrs. MolyneuxArchive footageThe archive footage I have used is a good example of how I have appealed to my targetaudience, for instance, the YouTube clip I used of a bunch of teenagers smoking orannouncing themselves as smokers. This was an effective clip as it was as if it was giving theaudience a reality check, this gives them a sense of realism, which is good, as it becomesmore of a real issue. The effect of using a Talk toFrank advert in my documentary was veryappealing to my target audience as it is a comicaladvert and my target audience are also a lotmore likely to recognise it from it being shownon the TV and it is also a trusted, establishedcompany.InterviewsMy main interview was a successful interview because it was very appealing, it was as if itwas just a casual conversation, which links to an informal mode of address. It wasn’t toostiff or professional, this was done because there wasn’t any specific costume or props thatthey needed to have, it was a freer interview, which is good as that’s the sort of lifestyle mytarget audience have. As well as that the interview still had a professional sense to it as itwas filmed in an experts office, which will make it easier for the audience to believe thethings that are being said because it is coming from an expert.
  4. 4. A Level Media Communication and Production Unit 6 6.4To evaluate how successfully you achieved your intentionDemi Lowe Mrs. MolyneuxMode of addressThe mode of address for my documentary is direct and informal, as well as being seriousand informative. The reasons behind me making my documentary this mode of addresseswere that my topic was a quite serious topic, as it a legal debate which I was discussing so Iwanted the mood of my documentary to be quite serious. My mode of address was verysuitable for my documentary and my target audience, I think because the person I used todo my voice over was a 17 year old boy and when he was speaking he was using colloquiallanguage. My title sequence represented my mode of address well as during that sequenceit had only displayed teenagers, with my logo the typography of the logo was graffiti writingwhich is very informal. My title sequence also contained archive footage of Laith Hakeemsmoking weed, Laith is a well known icon to teenagers as he is in his late teenage years aswell.From looking at the responses I got from my audience, it showed that they had reallyenjoyed the presenter. If I had to do it again, I would have made the presenter be an actualhost instead of just a narrator.Aesthetic qualityLocationsAn example of a well-used location could be Basak’s office at Release, where the interviewhad taken place. Her office was a perfect office for my documentary because it had a lot ofbooks/posters which were relevant to the topic we were discussing, as well as this the officewasn’t a really formal office, although it was quite an informal area it still had a professionallook to it which was perfect for portraying the seriousness of the topic which was beingdiscussed. Teacher feedback had suggested that it might have been better if theinterview/presenter had been outside the location prior to the interview in order tointroduce the interview to the documentary.TitlesI think the titles I used is an example of effective titles, this is because the colours werebright and the writing was bold which would be a lot more appealing to the target audience,as well as this the white background to that title I made was made to look like smoke whichis very relevant to my topic. The typography of my titles were a graffiti, which is good asthat would be something my target audience, this writing is simple, easy to read, bright andbold which in fact, matches the style of my documentary. The people who took myquestionnaire had said that my titles were very “eye-catching, interesting and attractive.”Mise en scene
  5. 5. A Level Media Communication and Production Unit 6 6.4To evaluate how successfully you achieved your intentionDemi Lowe Mrs. MolyneuxThe mise en scene for my main interview was very good because it had all things, whichwere relevant for my topic, for instance on the wall in the corner of her office there was aposter which was about Cannabis. As well as this there was a big bookshelf full of books ondrugs and the effects of those particular drugs. This made the mise en scene for mydocumentary good, as it was very relevant. Also there wasn’t any clutter in the shot oranything behind Basak or Oliver to distract the audience’s attention. Also in my voxpopsthere were no extra people in the shot or people walking by, it was just the member of thepublic who I was interviewing, this was good because it meant that all attention would beon the public whom I was interviewing and the things that they were saying. Having mymain interview filmed in an expert’s office is perfect as it makes the information easier tobelieve.Respondent two: “I think the location and mise en scene represented the documentarywell because it was in a formal location, making the viewers believe the informationwhich is being told because it is coming from an expert.”Technical QualitySoundI think the sound quality throughout my documentary wasn’t as up to standard as I hadhoped it would be, this is because during the voice over, there is various times where thesound levels differ throughout the documentary. However, a point in my documentarywhere I think the sound was the best was during the voxpops, I think the voxpops soundwas very effective as there was no non-diagetic sound there and the sound levelsthroughout each voxpop remained the same. During the main interview the sound qualitywasn’t bad, however there were some spots in the interview where there was a lot of non-diagetic sound, some of the other drug researchers who were in the building were coughingand sneezing. During the interview you could also hear the elevator door opening andclosing which was a negative factor in my documentary.LightingI think the most effective point where the lighting was best was during the interview, as myinterviewer couldn’t be there on the day, we had to film his half in a different location whichmeant that everything had to be symmetrical, the interviewers half of the interview waseffective because the lighting matched very well to the lighting which was in the Releaseoffice.Shot types and editingAn example of when I had used effective shot types and edited effectively was for my maininterview, the editing in the interview was good because it didn’t have any black spots orjump cuts. This was effective because the editing makes the interview look as if there wereno mistakes or errors even with the cutaways which I added into it.Final changes I would make
  6. 6. A Level Media Communication and Production Unit 6 6.4To evaluate how successfully you achieved your intentionDemi Lowe Mrs. MolyneuxThere are a lot of changes I would make to my documentary, from looking back at thequestionnaires I had given out and the responses I had received, theimprovements/suggestions I was given were to:• Improve sound quality• The shots that jump• Sign on at the beginning was very low quality sound• Adding music and credits at the end.• Length of cutawaysThese suggestions were very commonly shown through out the questionnaires, they saidthat the sound of the voice over, interviews and the voxpops were all at different volumes.The beginning of my documentary (the sign on) was very low in volume then once you getto the interviews the volume increases rapidly. As well as this, I would ensure that all shotsmove on into the next shot smoothly instead of jumping into it rapidly. They also said that ifI were to add music and credits at the end it would be more effective for them as it wouldgive them a sense of realism and something for them to relate to. The cutaways I used inthis documentary all lasted for quite a long time, with this, an improvement I would makewould be to shorten the duration they’re been shown for. Also I would improve the endingof my documentary, as it ends quite abruptly and some of the shots before that were cutoff, I would make sure the editing was a little more smooth than it is. I could have ended thedocumentary by maybe adding in some music and credits. I would make the conclusion tomy documentary a lot clearer than it is now and also I would make it more attractive.Unit 6: Audience and Client Feedback- Questionnaire and the results/responsesUnit 6: Audience and Client Feedback• Do you think my documentary appeals to young people?“I think this was a documentary that will appeal to young teens as a lot of them do smoke orwho have friends who smoke”“I think this documentary does appeal to young people, because the majority of youngpeople smoke weed, whether they are pressured into it or off their own accord”“Yes as the topic is very relevant and easy to relate to”“Yes, it does as this is an issues with young teens in this day and age”• Give me three things you liked about my documentary?“Effects, interviews and use of expert opinion”“Use of the talk to Frank archive footage, expert opinion, use of a young presenter,cutaways”“Appealing, straightforward, great cutaways”“Straightforward, helpful, good interviews”“Interesting cutaways, expert opinion, good interviews”“Use of other adverts, interviews, use of websites”“Interviews, cutaways, camera angles”• What mode of address do you think my documentary is?
  7. 7. A Level Media Communication and Production Unit 6 6.4To evaluate how successfully you achieved your intentionDemi Lowe Mrs. Molyneux“Direct, talking directly to us makes us feel involved and gives us a sense of realism”“Direct as the documentary is talking to us as teenagers”• Rank the following conventions 1-being the most effective and 4- being theleast (Cutaways, Interviews, Mode of address, music)“1- Cutaways, 2-Interviews, 3-Mode of address, 4- Music”“1-Mode of address, 2- Interview, 3-Cutaways, 4-Music”“1-Cutaways, 2-Mode of address, 3-Interviews, 4-Music”• Which of the following technical finish is the best quality? (Sound, Lighting,Shot Types, Editing)“Editing (effects)”“Editing (effects)”“Lighting”“Shot Types”“Shot Types”“Editing (effects)”• Do you think my interview was represented well with location/mise enscene?“Yes”“Yes, well located, very relevant mise en scene”“Yes”• Do you have any suggestions on how I could improve my documentary?“Improve the sound quality and some of the shots jump a little, overall it is a gooddocumentary”“Sound quality”“Have more music”“Some sound was too quiet”“Add credits to the end”“Better sound quality”“Add credits and music”“Make the cutaway duration shorter”
  8. 8. A Level Media Communication and Production Unit 6 6.4To evaluate how successfully you achieved your intentionDemi Lowe Mrs. MolyneuxIs this topic interesting and why?YesWho do you think would benefit most from this documentary?I think that young people would benefit 4t more from this documentary because they arethe ones that smoke nowadays, they need to be educated about the affect that it has onyoung people.What other people could I have used for an interview?You could have interviewed someone that works with young people on a daily basis to findout their views about Cannabis and young people.Do you think my documentary is reaching out to the right target audience?I think it appeals to young people because of the presenter and the people in the voxpopsbecause they are all young people. The questions that are asked are also aimed moretoward young people than anything else.Compared to real life documentaries, what do you think of this one?I think this documentary is just a short version of a real life documentary this is because itincludes all the conventions of a normal documentary, its just shorter.Classmates and teacher feedbackTarget AudienceGive examples of how this is appealing and relevant to the intended audience.Respondent 1“Nice opening sequence, lots of young people in the world. Interviewer and voice-over isrelevant”Respondent 2“Urban font/text, young presenter, young people in the voxpops, information is not knownby young people about drugs”Respondent 3“Many young people smoke weed so it is relevant, having young people do voxpops, expertopinion, informative”Respondent 4“Its about young people doing drugs/smoking weed, it’s appealing to us because she uses ayoung presenter and smoking weed is the new in thing for young people”Respondent 5“I think its target audience is young people because the presenter is young and they aretalking about young people and weed.”WeaknessesRespondent 1“Could have an interview with a long term user and the effect it has had on them.”
  9. 9. A Level Media Communication and Production Unit 6 6.4To evaluate how successfully you achieved your intentionDemi Lowe Mrs. MolyneuxCreativityGive examples of how this documentary is creative, original, and exciting in presenting thisinformation.Respondent 1 –“Good factual information, interesting follow-up to the recent article”Respondent 2 –“Cutaways, archive footage, young presenter, urban text/font.”Respondent 3 –“It features archive footage of young people smoking so this makes the target audiencerelate to it. Having a young presenter.”Respondent 4 –“The presenter is young, she got an interview with an actual expert opinion”Respondent 5 -“This idea is creative because I haven’t seen a documentary out there that is about weedand the effect it has on young people”Technical Quality and FinishWhat do you think of the technical quality and finish of the work?Respondent 1 –“Voice over needs cutting (Oliver in intro), good cross cutting in interviews”Respondent 2 –“Respondent 3 -Respondent 4 -Respondent 5 -