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SSBS, LLC. "Creating a Brand Name and Logo to Market Your Business"


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When starting a business or nonprofit organization, the creation of a good brand name and logo are crucial elements to the potential success of a business. During this interactive workshop we will empower you by discussing the essential strategies that will help you select a quality brand name and logo for your business.

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SSBS, LLC. "Creating a Brand Name and Logo to Market Your Business"

  1. 1. Brand Name/ Logo •Include your Story! •Brand Name and Logo Consistency •Simplicity •Distinctiveness •Likability •Internet Ready
  2. 2. WHAT’S YOUR STORY? •Why are you starting this business? •What drives you? •What are you passionate about? •Your story will spark conversations.
  3. 3. KEEP LOGO IN MIND •First Impressions •Ensure Consistency •Visual Memory
  4. 4. SIMPLICITY •Keep It Simple! •Avoid being over creative with words. •Keep in mind pronunciation. •Example
  5. 5. Often pronounced as: uh-deed-aas Correct pronunciation: aah-dee-das Often pronounced as: Porsh Correct pronunciation: Por-shaa Often pronounced as: Suh-co-nee Correct pronunciation: Sock-uh-nee
  6. 6. DISTINCTIVENESS •Stand out in crowd! •Research competitor names to ensure your brand name stands out.
  7. 7. LIKABILITY •Often overlooked step •Conduct small surveys •Ask family and friends
  8. 8. INTERNET READY •Very important! •Website •Social Media •Email Address
  9. 9. WEBSITE •Simple web address •Keep search engines in mind •Do not be afraid to use acronyms when appropriate •Example of what not to do
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA •FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram etc. •Conduct research on each site to ensure there are no duplicate pages
  11. 11. EMAIL ADDRESS •Keep simple •Think like a customer •Customers will use email to communicate with your business.
  12. 12. THANK YOU! For Additional Questions go to
  13. 13. CONTACT US! Check out our website… SSBSLLC.COM Like us on FaceBook smartstrategicbusinesssoultions Follow us Twitter