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  • If you’ve developed a series of documents, posts or videos, rather then publishing them all at once, consider publishing them over a period of time (once a day or week).Ensure the site is easy to navigate for your users and consider using Categories to organize content.
  • Search engines like Goolge look at your title and title tags that are used to display in search results.
  • Session12 seo

    1. 1. Search: Organic & Paid
    2. 2. Organic Search• Use appropriate Keywords, Tags, Meta Dataand Descriptions to help Searchbotsunderstand your content• Keep your sites and content organized to helpSearchbots index your sites and content.• Create content consistently and often• Be social, link and share your content.Searchbots love seeing sites and contentnetworked together.
    3. 3. Keywords, Tags, Meta Data,Descriptions• Always use the best descriptive, appropriateand relevant tags and keywords to a post orpage• Add “alternative” titles, tags and descriptionsto photos and other multimedia contentembedded on a page.• Always write description for metadata tags onyour pages.
    4. 4. Keep your sites and content organized• Plan out your website or blog and considerthe hierarchy of the content to be displayed.• Ensure the site is easy to navigate for yourusers and consider using Categories toorganize content.• Create two site maps, an interactive and visualone for your users and an XML based sitemapto help search engines index your website
    5. 5. Create content consistently and often• Develop a content strategy that is in-line withyour overall strategy to plan your contentdevelopment and delivery.• Include rich content such as photos andvideos that will add value to your content andensure results will appear in other popularsearch categories (Google Image and Videosearch).
    6. 6. Create content consistently and often(continued)• Create concise, unique and accurate pagetitles that are appropriate for your content.• Keep in mind the audience not just searchengines. Make it easy for them to find andconsume your content.
    7. 7. Be social, link and share content• Share your posts, photos and videos on various socialnetworks.• Encourage audiences to link and share your websiteand content. If you have established relationships withbloggers and other creators and conversationalists askthem to add your site or blog to their blog roll.• Create out-bound links on your own website or poststo encourage a mutual link and established relationshipwith other sites, especially to site that are relative toyour content, industry or field.