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Building a-list


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Building a-list

  1. 1. Demetrio Maguigad, New Media Manager, Community Media Workshop
  2. 2.  Who’s In the Room? The News Overview
  3. 3.  Pay Attention to the News Think About Where Your Story Will Appear Use Our Media Guide Identify Your Top Contacts at Large Outlets Pitch and Update As You Go Save and Share Your List Read Blogs By Media Watchers Keeping It Updated
  4. 4.  Pitching By Phone Ten Steps to Better News Coverage Is It News? Well Maybe… Creating a Media Plan Curated Topic Lists by the Workshop
  5. 5.  Goals Audience & Message Media Targets
  6. 6. Getting On Air, Online & Into Print
  7. 7.  Open a browser and go to Input this code: bermudez57382 Enter your name, email and create password
  8. 8.  Searching Creating a Custom List Exporting to PDF and CSV
  9. 9.  Have a Plan Create and Manage Your Lists Use Our Media Guide Q&A
  10. 10. Demetrio MaguigadNew Media Manager, Community Media Workshopwww.communitymediaworklshop.orgdemetrio@newstips.org312-369-7499Follow me on Twitter @npcommunicator