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  1. 1. Photo:Instagram/samimiro Photos:Instagram/Starino Busted! After a sting operation in May 2013 by reporters disguised as wealthy businessmen looking for a good time in London, a video (left) was published alleging Starino was supplying drugs and women to the rich and famous. Despite this eventually leading to his arrest, courts found Starino did not have a case to answer – he was cleared of all charges when the case went to trial and continues to rub shoulders with the A-list today. “I have the biggest clients in the world,” Starino claims. the vid that sent Starino to court The recovering addict befriends an alleged drug dealer celeb clientele Starino’s not short of famous friends, as his Instagram shows. He regularly hits the party scene, posting special moments with A-listers like Rihanna, Rita Ora, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne. fears for zac in bad company? JUSTIN bieber Pharrell williams JESSiE J RITA ora KYLIE jenner KENDALL jenner KANYE west CHRIS brown ROB kardashian LORDE CARA Delevingne ELLiE GOULDING RIHANNA A fter three stints in rehab, Zac Efron is supposed to be focusing on his sobriety. So it’s understandable his new friendship with alleged drug-dealer-to-the-stars Leon “Starino” Anderson has raised a few eyebrows. Starino accompanied Zac and his new girlfriend Sami Miró on the couple’s holiday to Amsterdam last month, and website Blind Gossip suggests that the 27-year-old actor’s situation could be dire. “We just hope he gets back into rehab before he dies,” alleges the website. “Yes, it’s that bad.” After a sting operation by The Sun newspaper in the UK, Starino, 28, allegedly admitted to propositioning girls and providing hard drugs to Justin Bieber. “[Justin] was hard work. He likes to party and he likes his girls. In the end, it got too much. He wanted me to go everywhere with him and carry class A [drugs] for him and I thought, ‘I ain’t going to jail for no- one’,” Starino is claimed to have said – but these allegations were later dismissed in court. Zac and Justin, 20, aren’t the only stars Starino’s close to. His Instagram reads like a who’s who of young Hollywood, boasting photos with celebs like Rihanna, 26, Cara Delevingne, 22, Chris Brown, 25, 19-year-old Kendall Jenner, and Rita Ora, 23. “I have the biggest clients in the world,” Starino allegedly claimed. “I am their right- hand man.” RUNNING WITH KANYE WORKS WONDERS FOR STARINO’S STATUS. DESPITE HIS PAST DRUG CHARGES, STARINO IS A REGULAR ON THE A-LIST PARTY CIRCUIT. STARINO ALLEGEDLY BRAGGED ABOUT SUPPLYING DRUGS TO HOLLYWOOD’S ELITE. GETTING WILD WITH RAPPERS AND REALITY STARS IS ALL IN A WEEKEND’S WORK.