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  1. 1. married’ were getting Heartbroken Lea reveals The actress struggles to cope with the death of her boyfriend – and their wedding dream I t was 10pm on July 13 when Lea Michele’s world fell apart. After trying unsuccessfully to reach her co-star boyfriend Cory Monteith, she received the phone call that would change her life forever – Cory was dead. “Lea completely lost her mind [after hearing of Cory’s tragic overdose],” a source tells Us Weekly. “She went crazy, screaming and crying until 3am.” After almost two years of dating, insiders say the pair were more in love than ever, and planning their wedding. “They were about to be married,” Lea’s grandfather Albert Sarfati tells Star magazine. A friend says Lea had “no doubt in her mind that Cory was her soulmate,” and While Lea relaxed in Mexico with jewellery designer BFF Jennifer Cohen on what insiders believe may have been her hens’ party, Cory was spotted in the seedier parts of Vancouver. Despite his recent stint in rehab, celebrity news site TMZ reports he “knocked back beers” with friends when they stopped off at motorcycle store The Shop. CORY’s LAST party With their love stronger than ever, friends say Lea and Cory were planning to walk down the aisle. Off to rehab March 31: Cory checks into a private rehab centre for non-specific “substance addiction”. “He graciously asks for your respect and privacy as he takes the necessary steps towards recovery,” his concerned rep said at the time. Stag do timeline of tragedy was looking forward to their future together. “She had her whole life planned with Cory,” the pal tells celebrity news site Hollywood Life. “Lea was positive they were going to get married and have kids together.” Amid reports their wedding was as close as two weeks away, Cory headed to Vancouver to spend time with his friends for what some suggest may have been a bucks’ party. Meanwhile, Lea enjoyed a girls’ trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico – rumoured to have been part of her hens’ celebration – and was even sporting a sparkler on her ring finger. On July 10, just three days before the actor’s untimely death, Lea was posting pics of herself and friends relaxing around the pool, looking happy and relaxed – unaware of the tragedy about to shock the world. After receiving the devastating news, Lea flew to Vancouver. “Since Cory’s passing, Lea has been grieving alongside his family and making appropriate arrangements with them,” says her rep. “They are supporting each other as they endure this profound loss together.” At the time of going to press, the 26-year- old hadn’t been seen since Cory’s death, with those closest to Lea saying she is “devastated beyond belief”. “She is absolutely hysterical and completely inconsolable,” a source reports. The heartbroken actress has even been calling Cory’s voicemail just to hear his voice. “It is as heart-wrenching as it sounds,” adds the insider. ‘Cory & I Click, save and share from every page using the app. It’s free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Hens’ party Recovery in Mexico May 5: Lea tweets that the couple are heading to Mexico in order to “rest up mind body and soul”. A few weeks later, they look loved-up at the 12th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in LA. Happy reunion April 26: After completing a 30-day stint in the facility, a happy and healthy-looking Cory flies to Canada with Lea. The pair are all smiles at a Vancouver Canucks hockey game. Hometown boy July 6: On his last trip to Vancouver, Cory checks into the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel rather than staying with his family. Spending his days and nights hanging out with friends, he also takes time to chat and pose for photos with fans. Two days before his death, the actor seems fine when he meets up with his manager Elena Kirschner at East Of Main café. Shock death July 12: Cory has dinner with friends and parties at The Roxy nightclub before heading back to his room around 2am. His body is found at noon the next day after he fails to check out. A tragic love story Cory&Lea so in tune... Use the free Netpage app to scan this page for a clip of Cory and Lea singing together in Glee continued over the page ➡ FAMOUS NEWS
  2. 2. His double life Cory kept his demons hidden. Former girlfriend Mallory Matoush (below) tells Us Weekly he was a “happy guy” whose only vice was the occasional drink. “Cory kept me in the dark about his drug use. He told me about his teenage days and his past problems but he never used anything in front of me, ever,” she insists. Sources say visiting his native Vancouver caused Cory to fall back into old habits. “Clubs would send cars to get him to come in and once he arrived, there were always people who could hook him up,” an insider tells Perez Hilton. “His former dealers would always know when he was in town and would make fun of him for stopping taking drugs, which made him do it again to appear cool in their eyes.” Lea and Cory’s relationship started like a fairytale, with an instant spark when they were cast on Glee in 2009. “She just kind of had a different energy than everyone else there,” Corygushedduringarecentinterview. Lea was equally smitten. “I don’t even remember a time when he wasn’t my boyfriend,” she told Marie Claire in 2012. “I feel really, really settled... I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.” But instead of her dream wedding, Lea is now planning a memorial service for the man she loves. “Cory’s mum is not involved at all in the planning – it’s all Lea,” reports news site TMZ. Experts say the grieving star is likely to need therapy to overcome her loss. “It’s very important Lea learns how not to blame herself for the tragic loss of Cory,” addiction specialist Steven Orenstein tells Hollywood Life. Those who knew the couple say they were even more in love than they seemed. “He said she made him a better person,” All The Wrong Reasons director Gia Milani tells People mag. Lea’s friends say the 31-year- old was her whole world. “She’s a total romantic, and she believed they were going to be together forever,” reveals a source. “She was so sure it was all going according to plan.” And Cory was just as enamoured with his bride-to-be. “He would always say how lucky he was to have Lea,” adds the insider. “They both just adored each other and were planning for a long and happy life together. It’s so hard to believe it’s over.” After meeting on the set of Glee back in 2009, Lea and Cory quickly became best friends. The future of glee Emergency meetings have reportedly been called to figure out how Glee will handle the departure of Cory’s character Finn Hudson, with some insiders saying a musical memorial episode could be on the cards. But however producers choose to proceed, it’s likely the fifth season’s September 19 premiere will be pushed back a month. higher and go farther. He makes me feel like I can do anything.” After standing by Cory when he went into rehab in March – telling People mag at the time, “I love and support Cory and will stand by him through this. I am grateful and proud he made this decision” – sources say Lea had no idea Cory had relapsed just three months later. The star was open about his struggle with drugs as a teen, confessing to Parade magazine in 2011 that he did “anything and everything, as much as possible” when he was younger. “I’m lucky on so many counts – I’m lucky to be alive,” he said. But despite his determination to stay sober, in the end Cory’s addiction won out. The autopsy report confirmed he died of a lethal combination of alcohol and heroin. “There is no evidence to suggest Mr Monteith’s death was anything other than a most tragic accident,” the coroner’s report states. On July 16, his family held a cremation for Cory in Vancouver, following a private viewing The final performance In an eerie case of life imitating art, Cory plays a drug addict in his last movie McCanick. Director Josh C Waller tells the Los Angeles Times, “[Cory] said he wanted to tap into things from his youth that he hadn’t been able to use as an actor yet.” The way they were farewell gig... Use the free Netpage app to scan this page for the trailer to Cory’s final film McCanick attended by his mum Ann, brother Shaun and Lea – the love of his life. “She is just ruined right now,” says the source. “She is running out of tears.” tweet sorrowHollywood was in shock as news of Cory’s untimely passing spread, with many of its biggest names taking to Twitter to express their grief. “He came to LA knowing nothing. Lea helped guide him,” a source tells Us Weekly. By the end of 2011, friendship had turned to love, and the duo started dating – much to the delight of fans. “I don’t even remember a time when he wasn’t my boyfriend,” Lea told Marie Claire magazine last year. “No-one knows me better than Cory. No-one knows what it’s been like to go through this more than he does. Feeling like you have that net underneath you allows you to jump “She believed they were going to be together forever,” says a pal. Clip, save and share from every page using the app. It’s free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play A tragiclovestory Cory&Lea Photo:MalloryMatoush FAMOUS/15/  FAMOUS NEWS