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  1. 1. sweetsweet Eating healthily but struggling to shed weight? You could be caught in a hidden sugar trap... Meet the latest food fad taking Hollywood by storm – the Whole30 plan. This 30-day program doesn’t just promise weight loss, but an improved mood, too! Sure, you have to cut out grains, sugar, dairy, alcohol and processed foods, but fruits, vegies and protein are still up for grabs – and it’s only for 30 days. The eating plan is said to boost energy, encourage sleep and ward off anxiety – as well as drop the kilos. “We’re not asking you to eat like this for the rest of you life,” says UK nutritionist Melissa Hartwig. Want more info? Head to Meanwhile, over in diet world... W e all know that eating too much of the sweet stuff is bad for you. But if you’ve ditched the desserts and fizzy drinks but the scales still aren’t shifting, you could be filling up on the hidden sugar lurking in so- called “healthy” foods. With French scientists recently discovering that sugar can be even more addictive than cocaine, there’s no time like the present to kick the sweet habit for good. Coleslaw If you buy pre-made slaw, chances are it’s packed with sugar. In fact, half a cup of coleslaw can contain up to 22g of the stuff! Instead of the supermarket special, make it yourself using Greek yoghurt instead of mayonnaise and a splash of red wine instead of sugar. Add lemon juice, garlic and Dijon mustard for a zingy dressing. Condiments While telling you to give up sauce on your snags would be un-Australian of us, you should think twice before drowning your food in it. A tablespoon of barbecue sauce packs in around 11g of sugar, while the same amount of tomato sauce can contain close to 4g. Flavoured yoghurt Berry yoghurt may look like it’s chock-full of fruit, but the amount of hidden sugar is staggering. An average 200g serving of flavoured yoghurt can contain up to a whopping 23g of sugar. The solution? Go for natural or plain yoghurt and add a little fresh fruit. Pasta Sauce We all love a big bowl of pasta smothered in sauce, and while the pre-made versions are packed with tomatoes and vegies, they’re also bubbling with sugar, with half a cup containing anywhere from 5g to 10g. Create your own sauce instead with fresh tomato, onion and garlic – and go heavy on the vegetables! Muesli Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but half a cup of muesli typically contains around 11g of sugar. What’s worse, some brands contain more sugar than sweet cereals. The main culprit is dried fruit – five dates, for example, packs nearly 20g of sugar. Yikes! Anything “Fat-Free” The label may suggest it’s sin-free, but that generally means it’s stuffed with sugar to deliver the flavour that’s lost when the fat is removed. In fact, in two tablespoons of a fat-free salad dressing, you could find up to 8g of sugar. Make your own dressing of olive oil and lemon juice instead. ● Health● Fitness● Lifestyle Feel Fam ous